Thursday, August 30, 2012

4.14 - Smile for Me


This chapter contains plot themes most, if not all, people have strong feelings against. This is not considered a political statement or debate opener either for or against incest and I ask that you respectfully decline turning it into such. If you find that it bothers you to a great deal, please do not comment regarding the relationship. If it bothers you on a level more than that, please feel free to resume reading after this subplot has been properly concluded. A notice will be posted at the top of the entry at this time to welcome you back, mostly likely near the end of Generation 5, or start of generation 6.


Coral loves to paint. Always has, likely always will. Thanks to her little skill in painting, she doesn’t even mind or notice when her parents keep everyone home, or are letting the kids play at the park. She spends most of her spare time in her room.

She doesn’t even really notice her birthday passing. 

Nico notices, and figures its about time she knew about his mind reading. He even goes as far as to complain about how close he was to accidentally tipping Danika off about the trap. “If she’d managed to learn about the trap... Dammit, Coral. I wish I were stronger. I need to learn to defend myself, and how to protect you guys. Pearl says they might go after you guys next, and I’d never forgive myself if that happened.”

“Oh please.” Coral laughs. “I’ll be alright. Pearl takes care of us, and you did great the other day. Everyone says so. If you’re so worried about your abilities than just practice with me. We can hang out a bit every day, you teach me to close my mind, and while I try to keep you out you’ll be able to practice getting in. It’s perfect.”

“But you’re not a vampire.” He points out. “You can’t.”

“Telepathy isn’t just a vampire thing, Nico. Everyone has the potential for it, but being a vampire automatically unlocks it. I just need training and I’ll be able to protect myself. I know Pearl can do it, her grandfather trained her, and you can train me.”

He decides they don’t have anything to lose. Right off the bat though, he can tell Coral sucks at this. Plus he’s been reading her mind since they were children, its practically second nature already to read her. “You’re considering vegetarianism? Really? Why?”

“Oh Watcher, I was trying to hide that. I just... meat’s gross. I don’t know how you can drink Plasma juice all the time. It’s nasty!”

... That’s hurtful. “Okay, let’s try this again...”

Coral tells Walt all about her and Nico training together.

And Walt tells Pearl. She’s so thankful her kids are confident and mature enough to take care of themselves. Hopefully they’ll be strong enough to not fail like she did when she tried to save her brother.

Reed’s a teen too, by the way. He and Daphine go out bug hunting together. 

Jade’s getting older, and although Pearl was a teenager before her abilities began to appear, she decides it’s time Jade knew what to look for. 

“So... we’re magic?”

“No sweety, we’re fae. You and I can do things Coral, Reed and Daphine can’t. When you’re older and have your own children you’ll have to train them as well, but for now all you have to worry about is keeping an eye on yourself, and telling me as soon as anything strange begins happening to you.”

Jade’s beginning to understand how Nico feels. Does this make her a freak too?

Pearl’s never been a restless sleeper, usually sleeping straight through the night until her alarm rings to wake her up for work. Tonight isn’t a normal night, and she finds herself waking often, restless, and feeling nauseous.

Finally the nausea hits a peak and she finds herself running to the bathroom to be sick. Her dinner wasn’t bad, and she hasn’t been feeling under the weather, so it can be only one thing... she’s pregnant... Great.

Walt breaks the news to his girls, and both seem utterly indifferent to it. What’s one more? They have the room for it. 

Walt takes one look at his girls and hopes for a third. He loves his daughters.

The other children are told once they get home from the beach. 

Nico and Reed are both hoping for another boy to make the house equal, but Coral is just annoyed. She’s happy that her sister is taking care of her, but now that she’s older she can see just how bizarre her family situation is. She isn’t Pearl’s child, she’s Pearl’s little sister and she’s beginning to feel like an unwanted guest with every word in Pearl’s rant about the upcoming bundle of joy.

Even her afternoons with Nico fail to cheer her up. Nico of course sees her sadness and tries to make her smile.

“In your mind... I see the face of Dilton Avendale-McKinley. He’s wearing a handsome tuxedo and holding out a pink corsage for you on prom night.”

Coral’s almost impressed, she’d forgotten about that scene herself. “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that was a happy memory, Nico. Dilton asked me to dance, and then found out how young I was and ditched me for Maranda! The jerk didn’t even give me my first kiss! I mean... boys suck.”

“Girls suck just as much.” Nico responds, looking over at Coral. “I asked Maranda out and she just laughed and kept walking.”

Coral stands up, and pulls Nico up after her, pulling him into a hug. “Bah, screw them all. We can be lonely and single together, mkay?”

“Single doesn’t mean we have to be lonely.” He points out. “And you’re young, you still have a long time before you even think about having a first kiss. I’ve been kissed and it doesn’t mean anything.”

“I know.” She sighs. “I still just wish I could scratch it off my bucket list.”

Nico really can’t understand why this means so much to her, but he’ll do anything to cheer her up.

So he kisses her. Just a peck, but he figures it counts.

“There.” He states, body tense. “First kiss. No big deal, no need to feel sad over it anymore. I care about you, and so does our Aunt Pearl. So can you smile for me now?

If his body is tense, hers is relaxed, almost as if she’s going to fall from the slightest gush of wind. She's smiling. “Okay, you win. I'll smile.” His eyes are clear, not glazed so she knows he isn’t reading her mind, and that gives her the freedom to wonder just what the heck that kiss meant, if anything at all.

That same night Pearl begins to show, and quickly changes into some new maternity wear. Her old dress still fits, but it holds bad memories of her father’s death... and her mother’s. But her life won’t end like her mother’s did. She’s so much younger than her mother ever was, she’s healthy, and for now at least she’s safe.

Walt walks up to her, eyes full of worry. He knows full well how her mother died. “Maybe you should go lie down while I make sure everyone’s had dinner and-”

“I’ll lie down when you come and join me.” Pearl teases, shushing her husband with a finger to his lips. For the first time in a while she’s truly happy and relaxed. Danika has been dealt with, and her boss’s sources assure her Jeffery Dracule is busy dealing with an uprising from his Bridgeport council. He has bigger fish to fry than her, and all her children are enjoying their individual training to keep themselves safe. She’s going to have another baby, and her husband is loyal and loving. What more could a girl possibly ask for?

Little Jade sees both these couples, watching their every move closely, although she isn’t facing either of them. A wall stands between herself and her older relatives. Her cousin and her aunt as they giggle and blush before parting ways. Nico is happy he cheered Coral up, Coral is acting like a child. 

Jade can see her parents as well, even though they’re upstairs by now. She’s young, but she understands them more or less. She’s figured by now that this is what her mother meant by her abilities manifesting themselves, but she’ll keep quiet for now. She wants to take things at her own speed.


Jade's writing herself, and she makes it so easy. She's sweet, but also feisty and loves pranking. She's going to be a good heir, and although I haven't done the set up yet, I'm going to be moving Gen 5 to Moonlight Falls. Just because these kids are immediately related to about 40% of the town, including everyone their own age. Story progression has failed me.

Also, that pose in the second last photo was made by my very good friend, FukothePixie. She's awesome, and adorable, and loves trying new things. That was her first attempt at pose making (although she has made animations) and honestly I think she's amazing. She's going to be helping me a lot in upcoming chapters with poses and decorations for sets and as soon as she has a blog set up I will be linking to her. 


  1. Is it bad that I found it funny that vampire Nico was out sunbathing with Coral? I got a good little chuckle out of it.

    Also, I do hope that the Pearl being younger than River isn't some foreshadowing of events to come. Coral reminds me a lot (looks wise) of Serena. Maybe it's just the hair.

    1. Oh hey I did use the same hair xD. I try to keep from letting two main characters have the same hair but sometimes I forget which ones I've used, and which ones I haven't.

      Honestly I think Nico's just trying to get as much sunlight as he can while he's still young enough. Err'body loves sun tanning... don't they?

      As of this EXACT moment in time, I have every intention of letting Pearl and her baby return home healthy and safely, and be... not dead.

  2. Coral and Nico <3 Even if it's not conventional by human standards, by sim standards they make a cute couple. (And for the record, when I've ribbed you about incest in the past I *was* only joking :P )

    Can't believe Pearl's pregnant again! O_O I love how you've hinted at Jade's power already, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with her when she becomes heir :)

    1. Thank you! The moment I sneaked a peak at Coral and Nico as YA I knew the story I wanted to tell, and they will be adorable some of the time. The rest of the time you might want to kill them, but that's all I'm saying. : )

      Jade's goanna be a fun heir, and while she might not be my favourite, she's definitely in the running for the top 3. I LOVE her, and I hope I do justice to her personality.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jade's going to be like as a teen and older. Will you make her a fairy if you get Supernatural?

    1. SOMEONE remind me to actually talk about what their heritage is, and why it isn't fading like Neptune's blood does in his descendants.

      But in case I don't actually do it in the story (Writing it down on my wall right now) I'll put down this summary for anyone who stops by to see it:

      Who remember's Briar's first wife, Cashmere? No one, okay well she was a fae who looked almost exactly like her duaghter Melody. Cashmere was a full blooded were-cat, meaning she had fae abilities like teleporting, but could also turn into a cat whenever the mood stuck her. I wasn't able to show any of this in my last legacy because of the curse of lag. All were-cats have green eyes, and are notorious tricksters. They like getting what they want, and will do anything to make it there's. Sort of why so many of them become thieves. Every green-eyed child is born a full were-cat, but most won't be able to transform without training. However many of them are also born with other skills that they can tap into without any training.

      Melody never really used any of her abilities, but who knows. Serena's was her tinkering, she had a skill at seeing things in nothing and making it reality. River was silent as a ghost and could sneak into places without ever being caught. Pearl is strong, and Jade... well I'll get to her later.

      Also, according to my wall I owe you guys a picture of fairy-d up Neptune. Sweet!

    2. I like that you posted this. It really explains a lot more than what I was getting just from the story itself and helps me understand. Thanks!

    3. Now if someone could just get me to repeat this is in the story that would be great.

  4. I'm all excited to see Jade grow up! She's an adorable little sweetie and I already love her to pieces lol. Can't wait to see Moonlight Falls either; Supernatural sounds so fun. :)

    1. Jade's age up to teen is next chapter. I can't wait to see her myself since I turned off my game right before her and Daphine's birthday.

      Luckily I won't be moving the family until Jade herself reaches YA so I'll have plenty of time to clean up the town, fix venues I want, add cheap housing, find routing errors, and anything else that needs fixing.