Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4.5 - Threats

Despite not even being close to showing, Pearl goes out and buys a new pregnancy outfit for her and Walt’s day out with Nicolas.

Nicolas would have preferred to stay home, but Walt is childish and really wanted to play in the new kiddie park.

But Nicolas eventually warms up to the playground. 

And both boys love the swings.

When Walt stops for a breather he notices Pearl acting a little odd. “Is everything okay, love?”
“I’m not sure.” She sighs. “I feel... weird. Nervous, almost. Like something bad is going to happen.”
“Do you think maybe that’s part of what your family can do?”
She shrugs. “I think I’m going to call my dad.”

But when she does there’s no answer, and that really makes her worry.

So she rushes home, leaving Walt and Nicolas at the park together.

Her heart stops the moment she sees her father on the floor. She can’t be sure if he’s alive or just unconscious but it doesn’t seem to matter, all her strength is instantly zapped and she almost falls to her knees, her legs suddenly weak.

But that moment of weakness is all the attacker needs to over power her, grabbing her by the arm and pushing her against the wall roughly. 
“Shh shh, darling.” He soothes, holding one hand over her mouth to keep her silent. “No need to alert the neighbors, right? Just point me to where the little boy is and I’ll leave you and the babies be.”

She doesn’t even try speaking, but her expression gives him one very clear message. She’s going to kick his ass. And she’s going to enjoy it.

All it takes to get free is a single knee to the groin. Despite being not quite human, a man’s weakness is the same, and Pearl is less than gentle with her kick, even edging into her fae strength.

As he tries to right himself she reels back and then strikes forward, slamming her fist straight into his jaw, feeling a satisfying crunch under her hand. 

“Who the hell sent you?” She growls, lifting him off his feet by the neck. “Why in the name of the Watcher are you here?”

He can’t answer, her hand cutting off his airway with unnatural and inhuman strength. But he doesn’t need to answer for her to know who sent him. 
“You tell Mr. Dracule that if he ever sends another vampire to my home again I will personally go to him and kill him. Do you understand? He is not to ever come near my family again!”

She feels something in her mind, a pinch before what feels like a hard blow pushes her away, and she falls. Turning in time to see him disappear in a blast of energy.

She looks towards her where her father’s body lay, but its already gone. She’s hurt, but not surprised.

She knows what must have happened while she was fighting. It breaks her heart knowing he had to face grim alone, and that her younger siblings will know never know either of their parents.


And that's why I think I should be allowed to use Coral and Reed for Pearl's five kids. 

3/5 with one on the way. 

Next chapter shouldn't have too much drama if SP is nice to me. But there will be a surprise appearance of a character many of you won't expect (And has not yet been seen in any of my stories : P).


  1. Go Pearl! Poor Dorian though *cries*

    I can't wait to see who the new character is!

    1. The new character isn't really that huge of a deal. I'm just hoping the legacy she hails from will update with her as YA before I introduce her xD.

  2. Well, that sucks.

    Though I saw it coming.

    Hopefully Pearl can save her brother and cure slash kill all the vampires. They be askin' for it.

    1. Yes. Yes they... do... be asking for it. (Dammit English. Why must you constantly fail me this way?)

      Are asking for it? Yes. There we go. Yes, they are asking for it.

  3. How does little, tiny, petite Pearl manage to lift a guy off his feet?! o_o

    I didn't see Dorian's death coming though, at all. But I'm not really sad about it either. I mean, sure, he's dead, but the shock kind of wore off with River. Poor Dorian though. What a way to die.

    Also, I imagine Neptune's going to be quite upset about all this. Hopefully the wrath of the God of the Sea will help Pearl defeat the bad guys. ;)

    1. Pearl's magic consists mostly from strength, while her mother's was in speed and silence. Although I didn't really showcase it as much as I wanted to (I wanted to make a running joke of River sneaking up on everyone except Dorian cause he could sense her coming).

      Neptune won't react the same way you think he would, but his reaction will be shown and explained.

  4. Wow Pearl has a tough side!
    Aww I'm sad for the kids losing Dorian.

    1. It's hard to miss someone you never knew. Coral and Reed might grow up with different ideas of what a "normal" family implies, and have trouble understanding boundaries in what is or isn't allowed but otherwise I think they'll grow up fine. It's not like they were abandoned, they're just being raised by someone who isn't their parent but still cares for them very much.

      Adrenaline: It's a helluva drug (Well, that and magic)

  5. Seeing Pearl take down that lackey was quite satisfying. Mr. Dracule, you have no idea who you are messing with.

    Poor Dorian. That is a rather unpleasant way to die. At least the babies weren't harmed.

    1. The babies should just be happy they're well behaved and quiet. After all, the lackey's orders were to kill everyone in the house, regardless of age and take Nicolas. Pearl's just lucky she got home when she did.