Friday, August 3, 2012

4.6 - Your Guardian

Walt and Nicolas arrive home not long after Pearl calls for them. She’s already checked on the twins, happy that her father’s murderer never went near them, but as soon as she sees Walt her tears begin, and she falls into him.

“Your dad-”
“He’s gone.” She manages after a moment, trying to control her tears. “He... I got here too late.”
“It wasn’t your fault.”
She wants to say she knows, but she can’t. She felt something was wrong, she should have gotten here sooner. She has the strength to save her family, but what’s it worth when all she does is arrive late? She couldn’t save her brother, and she couldn’t save her father.

Walt goes up to get the twins ready for bed while Pearl moves to comfort Nicolas. 
He says something that breaks her heart: “It’s my fault Grandpa’s dead, isn’t it.”

“No! Baby don’t ever even think that! What happened to your grandfather was not your fault.”
He looks up at her, tears streaming from his glowing grey eyes. “I can hear your thoughts. I know what that man said to you. He said he was here for me, so it has to be my fault.”
It disturbs her that Nicolas can read her mind at such a young age, but she tries to push that away for the moment, taking his by the shoulders. “Nicolas look at me, none of this is your fault and I don’t ever want you to think that again. This... war, started long before you were born, almost before your father and I were born! Your mom and dad gave you to me because I could protect you, and I will. You’re just the excuse they used for this attack, but you are not the reason behind your grandpa’s death. I promise you.”

He doesn’t really believe her, but her words calm him down enough to stop crying.

Dorian gave up sculpting the day his wife died, claiming she’d been his muse and Nicolas’ bedroom was supposed to be his birthday gift to his only grandchild. Nicolas is happy to have the room to remember his grandpa by, even if the extra bed means he’ll probably have to share it with Reed one day. 

Pearl’s pregnancy progresses, and she begins to show. The back pains are almost unbearable, but she can’t stay off her feet long with so many children in the house.

After all, the twins are still young, and they need to learn all they can quickly.

After the attack on her family, Pearl was finally able to convince the local PD to hire some officers from the mainland, possibly even some who have experience dealing with vampires. 
One of the new hirees is a woman by the name of Camille Therrien. 

Once Pearl returns from her maternity leave she’ll be working with Camille as partners. She’s excited. Camille is less so once she decides her new partner is a bubbly, air headed blonde. How is this woman a cop?

“Hiya!” Pearl greats with a smile. “My name is Pearl Sari. Welcome to Autumn Falls! It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Sari...?” It takes Camille a moment to make the connection. “Woah, wait. Aren’t you the girl who beat up a vampire with her bare hands? I didn’t realize that was you.”
Pearl shrugs. “I’m tougher than I look. I hope I can say the same for you.”
It’s a jab Camille can respect. She might grow to like this girl.

Determined to give Nicolas as normal a childhood as possible, Peal takes him to the beach where he meets Colette Jones. Daughter of Cinnamon, his grandmother’s old business partner and friend.

He and Colette got along well enough, but he still prefers to be at home with his “cousins” as he calls them. 

Pearl is happy the kids all have a good relationship with each other. Makes her job as their guardian so much easier. 

Especially with her own babies on their way.

Yep. You heard me right. Babies. Twins actually:  Daphine.

And Jade, a green eyed little fae like her mother. "Hello little fairy." Pearl smiles at her baby. "Won't your great grandpa be excited to see you."


Aaaand 5/5! But I'm not goanna lie. Jade and Daphine might just be the prettiest toddlers my game has ever had. Haven't aged them yet through CAS but daaaamn I'm conflicted! This might just be a tough heir vote. 

Camille Therrien is actually Camille Avendale, from Heaven's totally awesome Avendale Legacy. If you haven't checked it out yet you totally should! (But bring the tissues) 


  1. Naw, sadness. Stupid vampires. That poor vamp child *snuggles him to death* I can't wait to see the babies!

    1. Nicolas will take all the snuggles you offer. And I'm not even kidding, I love the babies. They are sooooo cute!

  2. I don't trust Nicolas.

    That is all.

    (WHY do you keep getting twins?! Do you use the fertility treatment? Seriously, you have an unnaturally high rate of multiples if you don't. /jealous)

    1. RIver had fertility treatment, so I really wasn't too surprised that she had twins, although I'd been hoping for a single birth. I have no idea why Pearl had twins... I removed the radios from the house during her pregnancy, never let her or anyone else use the TV, and neither she nor Walt had fertility treatment. I suppose they just got twins because they're both twins (He has a twin sister named Corrine, if you don't remember. She and Rio dated briefly and attended prom together before his kidnapping).

    2. I think that if you are a twin, your chances of having twins go up. Not sure, but I think so. Anyway, I'm still jealous! :P

    3. TAKE MY TWINS! ALL OF THEM! Seriously though. I'd rather have singles.

  3. Aw, Nicolas ;_;
    Now I can't wait to see the babies either!

    1. Dammit. I played again just now and STILL forgot to look at them aged up.

  4. Poor Nicolas *hugs him* I feel so sad for him taking the blame for his grandfather's death onto himself, I hope Pearl can convince him that it's the fault of the ones who chose to kill Dorian/have him killed and whatever excuse/reason they give they are still the ones responsible not him

    1. He isn't fully convinced, but there will certainly be a lull in the action for a while, and that might just convince him that no one's after him anymore. And its a lot easier to just be a kid when you aren't afraid for your life.

  5. D: I sense some more asskicking in the immediate future...

    1. Not immediate, no. But eventually.

  6. More babies! I feel bad for Nicholas. Being able to read other people's thoughts really can't be easy. At the same time, he IS part of the Dracule family so I suppose we'll have to see nature vs nurture and see if he uses his powers for evil.

    And yay for Camille. Can't wait to see what she will be up to.

    1. Junielle was also part of the Dracule family and the evil things she did was out of fear, not malice. She put herself in a lot of danger to spare as many lives as she could, and her father turned RIo into a vampire, not her.

      But Nicolas will not be his mother. He can read peoples mind, yes, doesn't mean he understands other people at all.

  7. Ooh - Camille!

    I love the photo booth shots in the background of the last picture. So damn adorable. <3

    I can't wait to see Daphine and Jade grow. I mean, c'mon; their genetics are frakkin' perfect. They're gonna be beautiful.

    And this is for last chapter, but RIP Dorian. :,(

    1. I didn't even realize until I took the photo that I still have that picture up... can't take it down now. Maybe I'll move it to Nicolas and Reed's room or something.


    *hugs Nicolas*

    I'm really excited to see Camille and Pearl working together.

    1. I love Nicolas so much <3. It's a lot of fun to play with his personality and thoughts.