Sunday, August 5, 2012

4.7 - Just Plain Silly

Nicolas’ first day at school is uneventful and boring. He finishes his homework in only minutes and then heads to his room to play with his science table.

Pearl knows she shouldn’t worry, but she does anyway. Hopefully once Coral and Reed are older, the appearance of play mates will put a stop to Nicolas’ anti-socialness.

Nicolas doesn’t have long to wait. First Coral ages up.

And then Reed.

Pearl and Walt’s twins also age up, into toddlers. 

And green-eyed Jade.

Instantly Pearl and Walt get to work teaching the babies all they need to know.

Walt has very few memories of his mother, as she left his father not long after he and Corrine were born, and died while he was still just a child. But he knows she had dark red hair, just like his daughter. He just hopes Jade doesn’t inherit her... flightyness.

The kids have been promised a treehouse in the upcoming days and Reed is the most excited for it. “We’ll have to make it no girls allowed, right Nico? Cause girls are smelly.”
“I’m standing right here.” Coral points out, walking out to them. 
“I know, that’s how I know girls are smelly. Duh.”

“You’ll let me play with you guys, won’t you Nico?”
Nicolas shrugs, smiling at her. “Well... I guess.”
“Whipped.” Reed mumbles, repeating what he’d once heard aunt Corrine call their ‘uncle’ Walt.

“You’re just jealous that he likes me better.” Coral teases. 

The local beach is one of the few places the kids won’t start arguing.

Coral and Nicolas play tag. He’s it. He gives her a generous head start.

She’s just a sim, and he’s a vampire. Dusk is already falling and Nicolas knows he can catch her easily. But its funner to let her tire herself out first.

Coral lets out a shriek as Nicolas finally chases after her, panting for breath as he laughs. 
Reed just shakes his head. They’re going to scare away the fish! ... Why couldn’t he have been born into a normal family? 

“Okay, fine, y’got me. Now what? It’s no fun playing tag with-.”

Sometimes Nicolas is overcome by the need to scare the living poop out of the sims around him. This is one of those moments, and Coral’s scream just gives him a sort of fiendish delight he loves.

“Nico why would you even do that?”
“I’m really sorry Coral.” He lies. “I thought it’d be funny.” And it was. For him, at least.

She forgives him.

Coral’s only met her sister, Kitten, one time. But she was a toddler then, and her sister was heavily pregnant.

Kitten isn’t pregnant anymore. She has a little boy now, and is married to Phillip Sari-Weaver. It blows Coral’s mind that babies come out of tummies. How did the baby get in there in the first place? Did their moms eat them or something? And where do boys fit into the equation?

Kitten tries to explain that its impossible to have a baby without a boy or at least someone that you love dearly. Coral finds that ridiculous. Boys are silly, why would she ever want to marry or date one?


I've decided I'm not going to host an heir vote this time around. I fell in love with three characters, and those are the characters I'm sticking with.

The roll:
- Single with Double Help
- # of kids: 4
- Primary: Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary A: Artist
- Secondary B: Criminal (Evil)
- Gen Goal: Perfectionist
- Misc Fun: It's So You

Truth be told this was the second roll I did since I usually roll a separate roll for each kid I expect to be born. And since Jade was technically the second of Pearl's kids to be born it should totally be allowed. Mhhm.

My plan: Jade as heir in the primary career, Coral as help A, Nicolas as help B.


  1. You're going to have one fun next generation. 3 adults plus 4 children? I don't envy you.

    And yeah, I've made up my mind. Nicholas is creepy. 'Nuff said.

    1. He's not creepy! He's just... different. I love him. <3 He's my favourite.

  2. Reya, words cannot describe how much I love you right now.

    1. Any particular reason why? Or is it just because I'm generally amazing in every way?

  3. Man, lucky. I never get the rolls I want. Lol.

    1. Yeah but you always make the simplest of rolls into amazing stories! I luck out a lot in my rolls, but you use real skill to make any roll interesting. I dunno if I could do that without introducing some insane twist that stretches the rules a little TOO far.

  4. That sounds like an enormously fun roll to play! Also, I'm afraid Nicolas is a bit creepy when he's scaring Coral for no reason

    1. Have you ever scared anyone just for the hell of it? If you haven't you're missing out on life...

      I'm pretty excited for Gen 5.

  5. YES. Emperor of Evil and Master Thief in the same household = a family after my own heart. <3

    1. Yep! Maybe I'll grab Altin for a "family" friend. : P