Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4.8 - Rely on Yourself

Sometimes Walt comes home to find Pearl in the nursery just watching their daughters. And it never fails, every time he hugs her she’s shaking.

“What if they come for the girls next? They could come in through the balcony while we’re downstairs, take them both and we’d never see them again. Or what about the boys being all alone downstairs? They could disappear while we’re sleeping!”

“That won’t happen.” Walt promises. “We’ve already talked to your uncle Hunter, and even Niles’ girlfriend Monica. As long as we don’t invite them into the home they can’t enter, and the kids understand the importance of staying smart. They don’t talk to strangers and we have the whole town watching out for them. Heck, Camille lives right across the street!”

“You’re right.” She sighs. “But I just... I can’t help but worry.”
“I know.” He smiles. “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t worry.”

 He takes her outside onto the balcony, pulling her close as they watch the stars. Smiling to himself as he feels her slowly relax.

Stargazing always relaxes her, makes her realize they aren’t alone (well, at least not alone on the planet. The presence of aliens is still pending on wether or not Watcher gets a new computer for Seasons). 

Pearl heads to bed but Daphine’s awake so Walt walks with her for a while, trying to lull her back to sleep. She’s a cutie pie, that’s for sure, and inherited his own mutation hair. His eyes too. Both of his daughter are perfect and although he was calm towards Pearl, he’s also worried about the Dracules targeting them. What would he do if anyone ever threatened his daughters? Could he put up any sort of fight? Probably not, and that hurts him.

With the twins his own age, Nicolas really has become less antisocial, but sometimes he needs his space to breathe. It’s hard for him to keep from accidentally reading minds, but Pearl says that’s a bad thing to do so he really has been trying to control it. 

Sometimes the twins are cruel, whispering behind his back about his weird glowey skin and the fact that he drinks plasma from boxes during lunch. It hurts him, but if the positions were switched he’d probably be just as cruel as them. He’s a freak after all.

Pearl’s look changes more often than she brushes her hair. Today she changed both her hair and clothes.

She came to the graveyard to pay her respects to her parents, she didn’t expect to see a familiar face here doing the same.

“I didn’t know you were coming to visit.” She says with a smile, walking towards him.
He sighs, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably. “This wasn’t... planned. But still, I am glad to see you, young one.” 

“I tried to contact you about his death.” She explains, referring to her father. “But I wasn’t sure how to. Father was always the one to call, and he never really explained it.”

“I heard your call, and your distress when you found him.” Neptune growls. “I apologize for not appearing when you needed me, but I saw your fight. Dorian did well in training you. It puts many of my fears to rest. You don’t need me.”

“Don’t be silly! Of course we need you, Grandpa. My daughter was born fae, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to meet you! I need you here, to keep us safe. Won’t you stay this time? At least for a while?”

His face falls, and for the first time in her memory, he calls her by her name. “Pearl I should not even be here now. I’m not the only old one on this earth, and the others... they cannot control me, but they do not approve. This war between yourself and the Dracules should have faded after your brother’s kidnapping. Instead I worsened it by helping him move his son to your care. The more I interfere, the worse things become.”
“What are you saying?” She asks, confused. 
“If I ever return to this realm, and I’m not sure I will, I will be able to see you but you will not be able to see me. It is time I stop interfering in the affairs of mortals.”

She can feel the tears in her eyes. “Grandpa please... you can’t do this. Not now. We need you. I need you. Won’t you reconsider?”

All she gets in response is the sight of him leaving, unable to meet her gaze. 

When she gets home she’s careful to keep from meeting Walt’s gaze, so he doesn’t notice her tears as she passes by him. “There you are love, how was your day?”
“Fine.” She smiles, fighting to keep her voice even. “Boring even. How are the kids?”
“All fine. The older ones are upstairs working on homework together, and Jade is refusing to take her bath. Can you grab her?”
“Of course.”

She picks up her baby with a sad sigh, cradling the innocent little girl carefully. When she was young her father knew what she was, and thought she didn’t need any training. If he’d trained her early she might have been able to stop her brother from being taken. She won’t push Jade hard, but she’ll make sure the little girl can take care of herself.
Neptune’s abandoned them, but Pearl’s determined not to show any weakness. They don’t need him. They can take care of themselves.


Neptune is... he's not a coward. There are other things happening that his family doesn't know about, and  I'm not sure if/when he will ever come back. Maybe once Supernatural comes out to explain the appearance of new kinds of fairies and werewolves/witches/friggin zombies/etc.

Gosh I love these kids.


  1. How sad. =( Poor Pearl. Her father and mother died, leaving her alone to care for her brother, sister, and nephew, and now her grandfather, the almighty God of the Sea, has abandoned her too? Cruel world.

    The odds of her winning the battle with the Dracules seem to have turned sharply against her. That's quite a load to bear, and she doesn't have anyone to share it with, not yet anyway.

    Neptune does seem like a bit of a coward, but I'm sure there is stuff we don't know yet. He's not really how I pictured he would be. I always thought of Poseidon/Neptune as this really emotional, turbulent God, raging waves one minute and calm tides the next. Like the ocean itself, to me he always seemed dangerous, unpredictable, and mysterious. I would love to read more about your Neptune in the future, and I really do hope he does make a reappearance some day. I just find it interesting how different we picture the same mythological figure. =)

    1. I keep wanting to do a snippet of Neptune's life in the other realm, or at least show his interaction with the other "gods". I have a few personalities set down, and I know what I want Gaia to look like. Perhaps I'll have a scene with them to explain the fairies from Supernatural.

      To me Neptune is selfish and proud. He fucks up a LOT (Fighting with Aquarius, "poisoning" Vienna, breaking up Paris and Ginger) but always refuses to admit he messed up. But at this point he's finally realizing how much his mess ups effect those he cares for. And he's trying to do the right thing by not interfering, but he's still being selfish by not staying to fix his mistakes before he leaves.

      Pearl might not be as alone as you think she is.

  2. Finally caught up on your legacy! Read all the way from the Starr legacy lol. You are an amazing writer and you should definitely keep it up. :)

    I want Seasons too but like you, I need a new computer. And so far I like Jade best since she's such a little cutie.

    1. Omg! You even read the Starrs? Can I just say that I LOVE YOU. Sooooo much!

      I really do love Jade's look, but I can't really finalize what I want for her personality. Reed's the silent "why am I surrounded by nuts", Coral is the neurotic artist, Daphine is the overly sweet and caring one and Nico struggles with his vampiric side. Jade... I dunno. I have a few different ideas for her. But how do you become a master thief with a cop mother? I may just have to let her write herself.

      I'll be going on vacation on the 17th, but I'm hoping to have enough updates buffed up to automatically update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So far I have two chapters already ready for posting, but that doesn't even cover me to the first day of my vacation! Ah well. I'll do what I can.

  3. I feel bad for Pearl and Walt. It has to be awful not feeling safe in your own home. She and Walt have done pretty well so far. The kids are awesome. Nicolas seems rather intelligent for his age. I thought it was neat how he realized that if he was Coral or Reed, he would tease himself, too. I hope he realizes he isn't a freak though. He's pretty awesome.

    I guess I wouldn't consider Neptune a coward. He's trying to help by not meddling, which isn't really cowardice. It stinks for Pearl, since she could use the help, but I can see his point. I mean, maybe he's a little flaky, but still...I do hope we get to see him decked out as a fairy king when Supernatural comes, haha.

    1. Nicolas isn't a genius, but he understands more than the average kid should. In some things however he's very... naive. But that comes later.

      I will definitely have to dress up Neptune in fairy wings and a frilly flower skirt first chance I get!

  4. The alien comment made me laugh. You HAVE to get Seasons. Somehow.

    Also, I agree. I think Pearl looks fantastic. I'm sad about Neptune leaving but Pearl can take care of herself. And, as Walt said, Camille is right across the street!

    1. I think I might keep Pearl with that look (or at very least that hair and colour scheme) and try to just change her other outfits.

      Camille will be playing a bigger roll in a bit. Love that little spitfire <3.