Thursday, August 9, 2012

4.9 - Ruining the Game

Nicolas is consistently the first one home, the first one to finish his homework, and the first one to play dress-up. 

Reed follows shortly after.

“Ignore him and he’ll go away.” Coral instructs her friend as Nicolas tries to get their attention. 

“It’s so hard to do algebra when you’re growling in my ear.” Colette whines. 

Nicolas takes pity and glances at her page. “The answer is z = 5. Did that chapter last semester.”

 Colette blushes as Nicolas walks away to annoy someone else. “He’s kinda cute, isn’t he?”

Coral’s face says it all. “Eeeeeeew. He's, like, your cousin! That's gross!"

"So? Who cares? And isn’t he so sweet?” 

Coral isn’t sure she wants to be friends with Colette anymore.

In such a busy house Watcher sometimes forgets about the babies. What are they up to tonight?

... Right. Moving on.

Pearl and Camille have weekends off, and spend Saturday at the local cafe together. It’s nice having friends with similar interests sometimes.

Pearl even warms up and tells her about Rio. 

“They took your twin brother?” Camille repeats in disbelief. “That’s awful! No wonder you hate them so much. Why would they have done that?”

“My mother was the thief queen.” She explains. “The Dracules saw her as competition, and when she refused to join their alliance they retaliated. But I know he’s still alive, or at least he was for a while. And that makes it easier to deal with. But they keep hurting my family again and again, and I won’t let them continue.”

Camille’s own mother was killed by the Dracules. She has no memories of the woman, and was raised by her step father, a rich but distant rockstar who preferred to give her gifts and nannies than affection. She promises to help Pearl keep her family safe.

If she tried, Coral might be able to tap into her father’s fae abilities. But the sparkles from her fairy wand are actually just built in glitter and lights.

It’s kinda cool. 

Coral thinks Nicolas looks more like a thief than a prince. He’s totally ruining her game of castle!

“Well... I like my bandana.” He insists. “Can’t I still be a prince of something?”

She shrugs. “Well, I guess we need a prince of thieves. Oh! We can make a game of it! You can steal me away and then Reed can be the prince sent to rescue me! It’ll be fun!”

“Yeah. Sounds like fun.” The rest of Coral’s idea goes in one ear and out the other. All Nicolas heard was the idea of becoming the Prince of Thieves. There’s an intriguing idea, and not one he’d considered up until now. 

If Pearl could read her nephew’s thoughts she’d have a heart attack. But she can't, so instead she comes home from her day out with Camille and spends the rest of the night researching any mention of the Dracules in the police data base. Not surprisingly, there are dozens of reports, every single one for a murder. Why was her brother’s case so different? Did Nicolas’ mother really help spare him? Perhaps not every member of the Dracule family is evil. Perhaps- Her musings get cut off by a ping from her instant messenger. 

It’s from her boss. 

I know it’s late but you need to come in as soon as you can. We just received a very interesting invitation addressed to you. It's from the Dracule family.


Colette is friggin adorable! I was considering letting her be Nicolas' future baby mama but then I realized that she was related for him through her dad. Efrain McKinley was River's half brother, one of Pablo's boys. Colette is also Cinnamon's daughter. 

Coral always gives me the best facial expressions.


  1. I always thought Nicolas looked more like a pirate than a thief. Oh well, close enough! Colette is really cute but yeah incest = no bueno.

    1. Sorry you feel that way about incest. : P Characters are writing themselves into a corner, and I'm going with it.

  2. Sorry you feel that way about incest? O_o Lol. Um... Who doesn't? Incest is, as heaven says, no bueno, no matter which way you look at it. Cousins? That's a little close for comfort, imo.

    Just my two cents.

    ANYWAY, cute chapter. I love how you handle your kid scenes. They're all so adorable. =)

    1. I've been trying to work on characterizing my... characters more. Letting them really tell themselves instead of me doing it.

      Plus I love them. AREN'T THEY CUTE?

  3. Pearl is so pretty. ^^

    I feel bad for her... what with the next generation having rolled what they rolled. >.>

    1. Yeah, no matter what way I write this there's going to be heartbreak for Pearl with that roll.

  4. Nicolas definitely looks like a pirate but hey, pirates are basically thieves who operate on the sea.

    Can't wait to see what this message for Pearl is!

    1. I think its the get up that made me think thief. Mostly cause I'm a huge fan of Tamora Pierce's Tortall series... I miss those books. They were so good. And the thief king was kick ass awesome <3.