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5.11 - Total Asshat

Sophie almost dumped him right there and then, but no one can resist the puppy dog eyes and she forgave him quickly. After a good night’s sleep Gem feels like he’s walking on clouds. He even manages to beat his parents to Trinity’s room, to be the first to wish her a happy birthday.

Nico appropriates Trinity before Gem can even get to the dining room. Stupid dad.

Trinity’s party is strictly a family affair, but she still enjoys it.

She grows up adorable.

Gem can’t stay for cake. Gator called to meet him at the library. ASAP.

Trinity is pretty heartbroken. She wanted to play with her big brother today.

Coral tries to cheer Trinity up but its no use. She’s too young to understand that Gem would rather hang out with sims his own age, and not privy to the real reason for Gem wanting to take off so quickly.

Gator’s all smiles by the time Gem arrives, already bringing up the gossip blog he found. It took a while, and there weren’t even any names attached to the video but as soon as he saw the young vampires in it he knew it was what his friend had been looking for.

Gem leans forward, eyes landing instantly on a purple haired young woman. “Oh that must be her!” 

Gator tries to pull away from his friend but Gem just keeps leaning forward. “Dude. Personal bubble.”

Gem considers licking Gator’s ear to annoy him but thinks better of it. He’d rather not get punched. “Then click the stupid play button or get out of the way.”

Gator moves his mouse towards the video, but doesn’t get to press play. A little voice interrupts them both. The library is pretty busy, noisier than usual but even then Trinity’s voice cuts to them loud and clear. “Gem? What are you doing? Why’d you leave so fast?”

Caught red handed. 

Gator whispers that he’ll send him the link before pushing the seat back, moving to talk to Fawn and her little brother. Gem walks over to his sister slowly, trying to think up a plausible lie to tell her. “I’m sorry squirt. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I really needed to work on homework with Gator. You’ll know how it is once you start school.”

Trinity’s disgusted. “Please don’t treat me like I’m dumb, Gemmy. You’re not working on homework. I don’t know why you’re here, but its not for school. You promised we’d play today! Why don’t you love me anymore?”

Owned. By a girl fresh out of diapers. Gem doesn’t know how she knows exactly what to say but it worked. He feels like a total asshat. “That’s so not fair and you know it.”

“Then tell me you love me!” She insists.

He sighs and bends down to hug her. “You’re an evil little brat, but I do love you. And I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”

Altogether now: D’aaaaw. 

Fawn wishes she had a brother like that. Or heck, anyone like that!

Gem’s sweet, he’s attractive... and he’s taken. Maybe if she’d stood up to her mother and begged to go to Gem’s birthday party they’d still be friends, maybe she’d be the one going to prom with him instead of stupid Sophie. But instead when she tries to say hi Gem just gives her a strange look and asks if they’ve met. He doesn’t even recognize her now!

The full moon will be here in a few days, so Jade makes sure to take her kids outside when she can. As the moon grows, the twins just get more and more restless. Thankfully they haven’t done anything strange or unexplainable... (Well not in front of her.)

Still, Jade knows her children aren’t fully human, and she wishes Markus were here to help her understand just what it is.

Sometimes, wishes do come true.


Her heart almost stops when she sees him. He’s aged, that much is evident from the deep lines on his face, but otherwise he seems unchanged. Even dressed the same as he was during their last night together. 

Part of her wants to throw herself onto him, kiss him like she’s never kissed anyone before... the rest of her wants to slap him for disappearing on her. So she meets in the middle. “Where the fuck have you been?”

“Avalon... my mother, the family’s matriarch died so I had to be there for the funeral and affairs.” He speaks as if it was just a day at the office, not the death of a close family member. But that might be from him finally catching sight of the little rugrat at Jade’s feet. “Is... is that a baby?”

Jade almost smacks him. “Yes, that’s a baby. Your baby, actually. Didn’t Serena tell you?”

“I thought she was trying to guilt me for not telling you I had to leave...” He trails off, watching Maven on the ground but not moving to pick him up. “He’s a witch, you know.”

Jade sighs. “I figured. His sister probably is as well. They’ve got that same yellow glow when I look at them with my mind.”

“We had twins?” The pain in his eyes almost makes her feel sorry for him, but he wasn’t the one sitting at home raising them. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here, Jade. I wanted to take you with me but... I just wasn’t sure if you...” He trails off again.

“If I what?”

“If you loved me enough to take the trip with me.” 

“You could have asked!” She says in exasperation. “I thought things were going so well between us! You made me happy, I thought I was making you happy, when I found out I was pregnant I was looking forward to being with you! Then having to find out you were gone through Serena? I don’t even LIKE Serena!”

Maven starts crying and Jade suddenly realizes she was yelling. Quickly shutting her mouth she stoops down, picking up her little boy and snuggling him close. She doesn’t need to look at Marcus to sense his sadness. He was fully aware he’d fucked up, but hadn’t expected the blowup to be so terrible. 

In a moment of weakness, Jade sighs. “Listen, their birthday is coming up. It would mean a lot to me if you’d come. I grew up with both of my parents, and I’d like for them to have a relationship with you.”

He doesn’t say anything as she pushes past him to re-enter her home. 


Toddler witches are SO adorable! I didn't get many pictures of it, but every time the twins play with a toy it'll disappear in a puff of black smoke. They have the CUTEST look of sadness on their faces and then the toy will reappear in a green flash. It. Is. Awesome.

Just what's on that video Gator found will be in the next chapter. It was a cell phone video by an Autumn Falls local. Terrible quality, really, but enough to give Gem a crisis.

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5.10 - Richness in Failure

Fawn couldn’t go to Gem’s party, since she was busy at her own. Fairies are supposed to age up outside, under the sky to be one with nature. She’d been so hoping her wings would finally appear now that she was a teenager, but again she was given nothing but disappointment. Her mother, Dahlia tried assuring her not all fairies were given magic, and it didn’t make her a failure but Fawn new otherwise. Her parents were fairies, her siblings were fairies, why wasn’t she? What had she done wrong?

Trinity’s a brilliant little girl. She picks up on the smallest of hints, and has a mind far ahead of her years. She’s the first to inform Coral that Gem is unhappy. Trinity saw him crying and when she hugged him he pretended nothing was wrong.

Coral calms Trinity down, promising that Gem was just worried about school. There’s nothing wrong and she doesn’t have to watch over her older brother.

Gem’s been spending a lot of time on the computer lately, both at home and at school. He finally has a name, Danika, and his father’s words just make the need to see her face even stronger. There has to be another side to this story. No sane woman would want to kill her child!

Comedy interlude: Nico being attacked by bees... made my day <3.

Back to the story: Getting nowhere with his look into his family’s past, Gem decides to focus on teen matters... like prom. According to Sophie its coming up fast!

She’s hoping one of the jocks will ask her out, or even Gator. He may be a mean jerk face, but he’s currently head of the football team!

A jock Gem is not. He’s naturally book smart, but that’s about it. He isn’t artistic like Coral, he isn’t magical like aunt Jade or her twins, and even his dad is strong enough to lift a car. Gem... is just Gem. He’s pretty. That’s his only card.

Sophie wants to play hopscotch (and pose for Watcher). Gem hates hopscotch but agrees to a game to appease her.

Shit. Stepped on the rock.

Stupid game!

Failure in front of the richest girl at school... smooth, Gem, real smooth.

He decides to at least test his chances. Maybe no one’s asked her to go to prom yet. Maybe she’s just being coy! 

(Stop posing Sophie! Seriously... stop. I already took your picture!)

Flowers. Work every time.

“So uh... has anyone asked you to prom yet?” He asks. 

She smiles coyly. “A few... haven’t said yes though. Why do you ask?”

He puts on his most charming smile, purple eyes shining. “I ask because I was hoping you’d go with me.”

Sophie almost swoons. Finally! She was starting to fear he wouldn’t ask her! “You’re the guy I was holding out for Gem, I can’t wait.”

She sighs as he hugs her. Truth be told, her first choice was Gator Wolff, but he’d told her her makeup made her look like she had two black eyes! What an asshat. 

He pulls away slightly, ready to head home now that curfew is approaching. “Hey Sophie?”


“... Is everything okay at home?”

“Of course it is! Why?”

“Well your eyes sort of look like... uh... like you got into a fight.”

Nico’s son? Definitely.


I need to make these chapters longer if I'm ever going to get anything done.

Sophie would make a great celebrity-wanna be... too bad for her I looked at my game and decided I did not want celebrities so I re-rolled Gen Goal.

Gen 6 Roll:
2 kids
Primary: Medical
Secondary: Author
Gen Goal: Hobby/Obsession
Misc Fun: Fashion Diva

Also: Sophie cracks me up. Every time I move the camera towards her I swear she drops everything in her cue and does that fairy idle pose. xD

5.9 - The news

Sophie Rodgers-Von Gould invites Gem over for a play date after school. She lives in a mansion.

She’s a fairy, her adoptive mother is a human, and so is Sophie’s younger brother.

Sophie’s step dad? ... Terrifying.

Jade’s finally making an effort, but she can’t physically handle twins 24/7. So Coral does help out when she can.

Nico always takes over with Trinity. He spends almost all of his spare time with her.

Gem doesn’t remember his dad spending that amount of time with him when he was a toddler...

Coral tucks Marise in to sleep while Jade tries to change Maven’s diaper. Tomorrow, Gem becomes a teenager, and not long after that Trinity will become a child. Coral almost wants to have another baby... almost.

Nico and Coral spend most of the morning planning a big party for Gem, so he’s on babysitting duty.

He likes playing with Trinity. She’s cute.

The party begins, and Gem suddenly realizes he’s the youngest of his group of friends. (Vampire in the background there is Tristan, Sophie’s older half brother... their dad is a little over protective.)

Gator does not approve of Sophie’s sad attempt at cleavage.

Gem blows out his candles.

And grows up hot. Really... really... hot...

Coal can’t believe her baby is so grown up. Soon he’ll be an adult, and married, and then she’ll feel OLD (obviously she still hasn’t gotten used to the concept of vampiric youth...).

Gem spends most of the party dancing with Sophie.


Sophie knows full well that she was adopted. Her mother never kept that fact hidden, and her step father was very careful to treat her no differently than his biological children. But even then, she knows Gem’s situation is different. He’s filled her and Gator in on his suspicions of Coral not being his biological mother, but if she isn’t his mom than who is? And why won’t his parents talk to him about it?

Tristan doesn’t hear what the kids are talking about, he just wonders if his dad would approve of a relationship between his precious princess and Gem Sari. Sure the kid seems to be a descendant of the Dracule family, but the Van Goulds and Dracules were never on exactly friendly terms.

Are these two thinking of romance? Heck no. At least, not yet. Come on Tristan, let them get used to their new body parts before you think of setting them up.

As curfew approaches, the kids head home and the house settles down. Gem offers to help Jade put the toddlers to bed and Coral sits down with Nico. 

“He keeps asking about her.” Nico mutters softly, so only Coral can hear him. “What do I do? What do I say?”

“You can’t tell him about Danika just yet.” Coral smiles, wiping a tear from Nico’s face. The memories still hurt him, but they don’t affect her at all. She was happy when Nico’s mom stopped by with Gem to give them the tragic news. “He isn’t old enough to understand what happened between you and Danika.”

“I don’t think he’ll ever be old enough to know he was an accident.” Nico sighs, focused completely on his wife. “And I KNOW he’ll never be old enough to understand why I have him. How do you tell a kid his mom tried to kill him? I can’t do it, Coral, I just can’t.”


See that hottie up there? Yeah. He's my heir now. I couldn't help it.