Monday, September 3, 2012

4.15 - He's Hopeless

So... did it mean anything? 

Never more than at this very moment does Coral wish she could read minds, or at least read Nico. He’s been her closest friend since childhood, more of a brother than her own twin, and all of a sudden he just kisses her to cheer her up? Sure it worked but was it a one time thing? Does he like her? Or does he like like her? Can he even like like her? Sim law is pretty vague on whom can marry whom, especially in smaller towns like Autumn Falls were everyone is so closely related anyway, but what if Nico was just being Nico? He’s never made much sense before, so what if he really was just trying to be a friend? 

Boys! Screw them all. But maybe she’ll stop trying to flirt with Dilton just in case. After all, if Nico does like like her than she should respect his feelings, right? It would be so much easier if she could just talk to someone about this.

She could ask Pearl... but she doesn’t want to. What if Pearl reacts badly? What if she confronts Nico about such inappropriate behaviour and it turns out Nico didn’t mean anything by it? 

Nah, Coral will wallow in self doubt and not talk to anyone about it. Besides, Pearl doesn’t need to deal with teen drama. Her baby is due soon, and she’s on maternity leave but she’s still doing public interviews. It’s sort of nice to be able to deal with petty crimes like missing gnomes. And Salvatore is nice enough, even if he is currently in charge of her mother’s old criminal empire.

The baby comes that same night. And Jade and Daphine understandably freak out. 

After only a few hours Walt and Pearl bring home a healthy baby girl, Gloria Sari. And she’s every bit as lovely as they’d wished.

Pearl hasn’t talked to Nile since he and Kitten moved out. He lives apart from his twin sister now, all alone in fact. He’s even broken up with his long time girlfriend Monica. Pearl faintly wonders if that’s because Monica refused to take the cure for him, but she tries not to judge. Nile doesn’t ask about Walt or the kids, doesn’t even mention their younger siblings, and says that he loves the flowers she put on their father’s grave.

She almost feels guilty about the thoughts she had towards Rio when she saw him. Perhaps it wasn’t vampirism that changed him, perhaps it was just time. Both her brothers are so different now.

Things are calm now, but Nico knows it won’t last. So he trains, and he trains, and he trains. His training with Coral is one thing, but he knows it won’t be enough. He’d almost trusted Danika, and she was weak. Next time his grandfather won’t be so careless.

Gloria ages quickly, into a lovely toddler. 

Her older sisters spend Gloria’s birthday playing chess together. Daphine is by no means a genius, but she’s had her heart set on becoming a doctor since she knew what a doctor was. Jade has no interest in chess, but plays against her anyway.

Their mom is always going on about a thing called “karma” so Jade does as much good as she can... that way she can prank just as much, right? Isn’t that how it works?

Eventually the girls age up into teenagers. First, Daphine.

And then Jade.

The whole house is pranked. Daphine is more than used to coming out of the shower with a different hair colour.

She doesn’t tell on Jade, instead she gets payback by smacking her twin sister with a pillow.

It’s taken a while, but for the first time ever Nico cannot read Coral’s mind. He can still sense her emotions, nervousness and a bit of excitement, but has no reason why she’s feeling that way.

When he takes her into his arms to hug her the excitement rises, which should have given him a clue, but instead it goes right over his head. “Coral you’re amazing! I didn’t really think you’d be able to block me but you totally did! I’m so proud of you.”

Her hands are shaking, should she say anything or just let him bring it up? “Is uh... is that the only thing you wanted to say to me?”

He shakes his head. “Nope. That’s it. I should go work on some homework now though.”

Watcher! Dammit. He’s hopeless!

Jade just rolls her eyes, trying but failing to focus on her research. She knows full well what Coral wants, so does everyone else probably. All but Nico. Faintly Jade wonders if all boys are that dense, or if its just the boys she knows. Her dad seems to be able to read her mom well, but he’s had plenty of time to practice. Maybe Jade could help?

The prank was actually meant for Nico.

All it does is make Coral cranky and annoyed. “Can you believe her, Nico? All Jade does is behave like a child and prank EVERYTHING! She’s so bloody annoying!”

She doesn’t mean it, and Nico calms her down eventually. But it still hurts.


I do not apologize for how long it took to get this chapter out.

Because you get to see teen Jade at long last.

I <3 her.


  1. Teen Jade is gorgeous!

    I seriously love the prank interaction. And Coral's face when she's getting hit with water is priceless. :)

    1. It isn't shown but Coral ends up being hit by the majority of Jade's pranks. The showers, she always sits on THAT seat to watch TV and she's the only one to use the sink since she's neurotic. Poor her.

  2. Well I'm glad we got to see Nile again, anyway.

    1. Pearl just randomly ran into him before he ran off to work so I had to show him off! I miss him. And even Kitten is happily married!

  3. I think I seriously need a family tree for this generation. I'm starting to forget who belongs to who!

    Teen Jade really is quite lovely and teen Daphine looks very sweet.

    1. As you wish:

      Daphine is pretty adorable, but she looks so much like her dad, and I find Walt very plain looking. Still, I hope to talk about her at least a bit more before moving to the next generation.

    2. Oooh, much better. Thank you!

  4. Jade is lovely and I adore her attitude to karma!

    1. xD I was much the same when I was a kid and my mom first tried explaining Karma to me. I admit to being a dumb kid, but it just made no sense! At least I understand it now.

  5. Yay, teenage Jade! She's so pretty now, I kinda miss cute little adorable her lol. But she's still a prankster, and I'm looking forward to seeing her powers start up!

    1. I've got a few different ideas for her big power "reveal" (there's something she can do that no one else in this legacy has been able to) but I need to make sure I can actually do that before giving away detailed spoilers xD.

      She was a cute kid, but I'm happy she's growing up. Otherwise I really would never get to gen 5.