Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4.16 - The Master

Coral calms down eventually, no one can stay mad at Jade when she helps you with your chores. So when Friday comes around Coral and Nico invite Jade to join them at the local pool lounge.

Jade’s eyes land on the Gravitron and she knows what she’ll be playing with for the rest of the night...

Nico and Coral prefer playing pool. They do this every week, and last week Coral won so Nico is first to the table. It had to have been a fluke. 

 10 minutes later its clear it wasn’t a fluke.

 “Seriously Nico, how are you so shitty at this? It isn’t that hard.”

“Oh shush, Coral... I’m concentrating.”

She shuts up. He misses anyway. It’s hard not to laugh.

Jade just rolls her eyes and walks past. “When you kids are done playing I’ll be upstairs trying out the bubble bar.”

Normally the bubble bars are in the adult only section but Jade knows a bribe goes a long way. At least it does normally.

“The Master will be out in a moment to see you, Miss Sari.”

Jade’s taken aback for a moment, a 20 simoleon bill still clenched in her hand. The Master? Does he mean the owner? She looks back up at the bouncer and for the first time notices the strange haze in his eyes. But by then the door has opened and its too late to run.

Her scream echoes all the way to the bottom floor, through two sets of doors to where Nico and Coral are waiting.

He tries to run to Coral grabs him as he passes, holding him back. “Are you crazy?”

“Are you?” He echoes. “Jade’s in trouble! I have to help her!”

“And what if they’re after you?”

Her arms are shaking, but he doesn’t force himself free. “If they’re after me and we run they’ll have no reason to keep Jade safe.”

“Then let me come with you.”

“No!” He orders. “You get out of here, run and grab a police officer or call Pearl. Go get help and I’ll try to stall for time.”

Reluctantly, she lets him go.

Nico’s never seen his grandfather before in his life, but he know who this is right away. 

“Well well well.” Jeffery Dracule smirks. “There’s my boy! I was beginning to wonder if I had the right red head. Cute little thing, isn’t she? I think I’ll keep her for a pet.”

“Let her go you piece of filth!” Whenever he dreamed of this meeting he thought he’d be scared, but all he feels now is anger. He wants to hurt this bastard, and nothing is going to stop him from doing just that. “If you even think of laying a hand on her I’ll tear you apart piece by piece. She’s MY responsibility and I’m not going to let you hurt her.”

Jeffery just shrugs. “Alright, as you wish my boy. No further harm will come to her... After all, it isn’t as if she’s my only hostage.”

Nico knows what he means before he even realizes Coral is behind him. She’s holding back tears, but he can’t go to comfort her. “I’m so sorry Nico-”

“Found her trying to run off.” Says the goon, having a bit too much fun with his wandering hands. “Wouldn’t want her getting into any trouble, would we?”

Nico knows he’s beat. “I’ll go with you. Please... don’t hurt them.”

“Eh.” Jeffery decides. “You already pleaded for the red head. The other one’s mine now.”


If you want something done, do it yourself. 

Next chapter won't be for a while I think (I'm sorry!) because I need to make a loooot of new sets for the scene in my head, and then organize it, and I'm not going to wait for Supernatural to do it (even though I want to) since stupid UPS delayed my delivery.


  1. "For a while" means like two days for you, right? XD I kid, I kid.

    I know I've said this before, but damn it - I'm saying it again. Jeffery is a babe. An evil babe, but a babe nonetheless.

    Also, the kiddos are sure in a pickle this time! If this were any other writer, I'd have faith that everything is going to turn out okay - but it's you... so I'll just hope that almost everyone makes it out unscathed. *my inner-sobbing is on hold for the tragic event*

    Great chapter, Cece.

    1. You have so much faith in my time management skills. : P

      Jeffery really is a babe, I have to agree with you there. But these three are my favs so we'll see if and how they'll get ouy of this one. It most likely won't be unscathed.

  2. With Supernatural out *me looks at calendar* today, I do wonder what you have in store for our lovely Saris. Playable ghost? Werewolves to the rescue? I have no clue what to expect.

    Also, yes, "awhile" for Cece is less than a normal wait between updates for me.

  3. I won't be getting my copy until Thursday or Friday thanks to UPS. It got delayed in Ontario and hasn't left yet.

    All I'm saying is we get a glimpse into an old friend's memories next chapter.

  4. No, no, no, please let them get out ok & beat that nasty vampire up in the process!

    1. I'm certainly hoping Jeffery will get what's coming to him... otherwise he'll never leave my poor story alone!

  5. Ooh this is getting exciting! I can't wait for somebody (Pearl, Niko, Jade) to beat Jeffery DOWN. Lol I can so see Jade knocking him down a few pegs.

    1. What, so Coral can't knock him down? : P

      ... Yeah you're probably right. She couldn't do much damage, but you know she'd at least try.

      I actually wasn't planning on having Jade confront Jeffery but I have this jump kick pose that I suddenly really want to use.

  6. Oh, dear - You evil bum you.... Yes your making me procrastinate from my own story lol

    1. >: D Two birds with one stone? Yes please!