Thursday, September 6, 2012

4.17 - The Bold, and the Willing

 “Do you recognize them?” The man asks as the young couple appears in the clearing. They came from nothing, just a memory of two long dead teenagers. They speak with each other, the girl obviously flirting and laughing to everything the boy says, but Jade can hear nothing. It’s as if the scene in front of her has been muted. 

The green haired boy is completely alien to her, but the red-head feels familiar. Jade stares at her for a long time, noticing they share the same colouring but finally comes to no conclusion. “I don’t know them. Are they important?”

The male voice almost growls. “They’re your ancestors, quite a ways back but they obviously still have a strong presence in your genes. The boy isn’t important, just another of my brother’s descendants and honestly my least favourite by far.”

“And the girl?” 

“Cashmere of the werecats. She was the last of her kind, the only of her mother’s 25 children to inherit her power. And she gave it all up to be with a man who would only leave her and break her heart.”

Jade doesn’t want to look at them anymore. “Send them away. I don’t want to finish this lesson... whatever it is.”

Morphius sends them away. “I need you to pay attention, Jade. This is important.”

He’s been in her dreams since she was a child, almost since the day she first discovered she could see without her eyes. He’d introduced himself as her uncle, and had appeared in her dreams every night since. Even now his lessons made no sense. “

“Why is it so important? They’re just ghosts, uncle. I can’t learn anything from the dead.”

He sighs, used to her attitude by now. “We learn everything from the dead. Cashmere was charged with the power of all her ancestors, she was told not to throw it away and that’s exactly what she did. Now what can you learn from this?”

“Love is stupid?”

His temper snaps. “Dammit, Jade! Be serious! You need her powers! And I can give them to you! But only if you behave like an adult and take. This. Seriously!

Morphius gets angry often, and although she’s sure he would never hurt her its still intimidating. “I never said I even wanted her powers. I don’t! Why can’t I just live with what I already have?”

“You never can just take a lesson and learn from it can you? Fine, if you want to be weak be my guest. I’m only doing this as a favour for my brother anyway, I don’t really care what happens to you.”

She knows he’s lying about not caring, but it still cuts. “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to disappoint you-”

“Stop.” He orders before sighing and motioning over his shoulder at the largest boulder in the inner circle. “If you truly want to stay the way you are, I will set you free from my lessons. But first I want you to see what you have missed while you’ve been unconscious.”

She does as he orders, and closes her eyes once she’s near the stone. She won’t need her eyes for this, just her sight. “I wish to see Nico.”

“He’s doing well.” Morphius tells her, as the stone leads her sight to where Nico sits with his grandfather. “He isn’t being hurt, and is allowed a fair bit of freedom. He hasn’t been allowed to see you or Coral, but he knows you’re still asleep, and it scares him.”

Jade doesn’t pay attention to that, her sight is set on the Dracule leader. “Why is he bleeding?”

“Coral.” Morphius answers simply, his voice carrying almost a hint of smugness. “The great master forgot humans can fight back, and fight she did when he tried to have his way with her.”

“Is she alright?” Jade gasps, almost losing her focus before the stone redirects her.

“She’ll live.” Morphius assures her. “But only thanks to Nico’s mother. She managed to calm her father down enough to save her life.”

Jade reaches out for her friend, but her concentration has broken, and her sight slips back into the dream world. Instead she wipes away a tear she didn’t realize she had. “I think I understand your lesson.”

“Do tell.”

“Its in the way you spoke of Cashmere. Your words said she threw her gift away, but your voice says you approved. The lesson is that powers are nothing without a need to use them. Cashmere had no need for them, thats why she gave them to you for safe keeping. I do need them, but you want to make sure I’m ready.”

“You ARE ready.” He states. “I need to make sure you’re willing. These abilities are hard to control, even for a full blooded fae, and you are not a full blooded fae. If you aren’t careful you could very well die, and if you don’t concentrate you could very well waste away.”

“This can kill me?”

“Everything can kill you.” He reminds her. “This just does it more painfully. Are you still willing to accept them?”

She sighs, shoulders drooping. “You already know my answer.”

She wakes from her long slumber at last, her arms and back stiff and sore from the hard bed, and the amount of time spent on it. How long at it really been? A day? Two? Even longer?

It the sobbing that really makes her swallow the soreness and sit up. 

“Jade!” Coral breathes, voice almost breaking before she can steady herself. “You’re awake! Thank the Watcher!”

Coral pulls her into a hug, and Jade holds her tight, trying not to feel guilty when Coral winces in pain. “What happened to you?”

“He tried to seduce me, but he couldn’t control my mind thanks to Nico’s training.” Coral tells her, a satisfied smile on her face. “So he tried to force me physically and I broke his nose. It felt really really good.”

“But... your face.”

“It’s worse than it looks.” Coral admits. “But I’m alright. He hasn’t come back for me since then, even though the guards have threatened to hurt me themselves. I think someone in the house is protecting us though, since every time a guard threatens me he gets replaced by someone else.”

“Well, if we do have a helper I hope he shows up again soon, because I’m busting us out of here.” Jade announces, brushing past Coral and glaring at the wall. It’s standing between her and home, and that just won’t do.

It takes only a second before she feels her sight skip to the other side, and only a moment later her body follows.

She finds the trap door a few moments later and nearly scares Coral to death. “Well? You coming or what?”


I dunno who popped out Neptune and Morpheus, but daaamn girl. Love dem immortal boys.

I'm hoping to finish this generation before I hit 4.25. Because if I don't give myself a deadline these characters will just drag the story on and on... they really don't want to grow up.


  1. Morpheus is very interesting! I believe in ancient Greek/Roman mythology Posiedon/Neptune shared a father with Zeus/Jupiter but I can't remember who it was.

    I do love Jade though. She is fabulous and I hope she beats all their enemies up thoroughly!

    1. I mentioned this back in the Sabo legacy, but I know a lot of people didn't read it so I'll repeat it here, Neptune isn't "the sea god Neptune". He's the father of sprites (basically, he created the species from thought and looks after them), the creator of oceans, and is largely the favourite of fae. He took the name Neptune because thats what his son would call him because he thought it fit, but Ancient Roman Sims created the fictional god. My Neptune would have come before the myths.

      I named Morphius after the god of dreams because dammit I have a theme now and I'm continuing it! I know it probably wasn't the best of ideas, but I like it.

      Jade really is kick ass, but she's still just a kid.

    2. Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades were all three sons of the Titan god, Cronus, son of Gaia (aka Mother Earth). Though, as Cece pointed out, not the same gods.

  2. I really am interested in learning more of Jade's power. It seems to be similar to astral projection or possibly the same thing. I'd love to know more about it.

    Nico sure seems awfully cozy up there with his grandfather. I'm betting the helper taking the guards away is Junielle. I still have a kind of soft spot for her, for some reason, even after everything.

    1. It is basically astral projection, but with a few tweaks and tricks. ^^

      Nico knows that if he does anything to displease his grandfather, Jeffery won't have a reason to keep the girls alive. Heck, the fact that Jade was still alive after however many days asleep shows that there was at least someone feeding them. Jeffery only needs Nico in his home, and after Nico was there Jeffery had every reason to kill Nico's ties to his old life.

      Junielle is no longer the perfect daughter Jeffery wanted, but I think she's finally understanding how to take care of herself and her own.

  3. Woo, for a minute there I thought you were going to have that lecherous Jeffrey rape Coral, phew!