Friday, September 7, 2012

4.18 - The Fall

“I don’t know why you’re so worried.” Rio smiles, lounging on the bed in their hidden room. “She said she was on her way.”

“But what if she gets stopped? The house is filled with guards!”

“Three less thanks to us.” He reminds her. “But please, this is my sister we’re talking about, and her kids are in trouble. She’ll be here.”

They both look towards the door at the end of the hall as it bursts open, and a moment later Pearl turns the final corner. “Sorry I’m late. You could have mentioned this place was a maze.”

She’s looking older than the last time they met, but Junielle reminds herself its because Pearl is only human. Of course she’d be middle aged by now. And with the stress of finding three of her charges missing? It’s a miracle she isn’t already grey.

A long horn blares in the distance and instantly Rio is on his feet and headed out the door. He doesn’t even stop to speak with Pearl, so she turns to Junielle instead. “What was that?”

“You must have been spotted.” Junielle answers quietly. “You’re sure the Sim Nation FBI is wiling to help?”

Pearl nods. “They’re just waiting for my call. You sure we can do this?”

Junielle looks at Pearl for a long moment, likely reading her mind before sighing. “We’ve gone too far to back down now, haven’t we? Come, let’s get started.”

The girls stop when they hear the horn blare. “Does that mean they know we’re out?” Coral wonders allowed.

Jade shrugs before motioning towards the spiral staircase in the corner. “I don’t know... but I do know the only way out is up, so let’s keep going. We haven’t seen anyone yet so maybe we’ll get lucky.”

He seems to walk through the wall, appearing in front of them suddenly, stiffling a yawn. “Really? At this hour? Children are so inconsiderate these days.”

Jade steps back, preparing an attack but Jeffery takes one look at her and knocks her backwards with a single push. “Magic? Don't insult me, child.”

Jade’s knocks backwards, her head hitting the brick wall behind her with a sickening crunch. She falls to the ground, not moving.

Coral isn’t sure she’s brave like her family, but she has anger and she holds onto that to give her strength to confront him. 

He almost seems amused by her threats until she lunges out and slaps him.

They’re already dead, so why not go down fighting?

“I’m going to make you regret that.” He growls. “And this time even Junielle won’t be able to save you.”

He grabs her by the throat, pushing her towards the wall and squeezing slowly. He could have smashed her head against the wall like he did the little red-head, but then that would have killed her. And while he wants her to die, he wants it to be slow and painful.

Coral can feel the darkness at the edge of her vision quickly growing, her lungs aching for air... but right before she’s gone too far she feels a force pull him off her. 

Mama bear has arrived, and she’s pissed.

And she isn’t alone. 

Pearl has him on the ground underneath her, holding him down with her unhuman strength. “Jeffery Dracule, you’re under arrest for murder, kidnapping, uttering threats, and basically whatever else we decide to throw at you.”

“Junielle!” He gasps, trying to fight Pearl off. “Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

Junielle almost laughs. “What, after you brainwashed my husband, emotionally abused me and tried to kill my son’s friends? Who do you think the court’s star witness is going to be, father?”

Pearl locks the cuffs around Jeffery’s wrists and then stand up, looking straight into a nightmare. 

“I was so worried.” Nico whispers in between kisses, holding Coral as gently as he can. “Are you hurt? I’m so sorry, I should have fought him, I should have been able to save you.”

“I’m fine.” Coral promises. “Everything’s okay now, I don’t blame you. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Pearl forces herself to look away. She’ll deal with that later. Right now she has bigger things to worry about. Rio won’t look at her, but he went straight to his niece, cradling her limp body carefully and checking her vitals. “She’s alive.” He tells the others, voice carrying a hint of surprise. “But when I first saw her she wasn’t. I don’t... she doesn’t even have any broken bones anymore. Pearl, what exactly is going on here?”

She can’t answer, because even she doesn’t know anymore.


I didn't kill him. I wanted to, but the story wouldn't let me. Story wanted me to kill Jade, but I didn't let it. We don't seem to be getting along right now, can you tell? 

So yes, Junielle and Rio were the ones trying to protect the girls from Jeffery, and Coral is a lot stronger than she thinks she is, but she's still only human. Jade's powers seem kind of pointless now, eh? They're not. : ) I have a method to my madness.

I was going to say next chapter won't be for a while because I need to get through a few days but I played a bit last night and got a lot of progress done so it might not be such a wait. (Then again I should be getting Supernaturals today so that might delay things!)


  1. Woot for finally getting SN! I'm jealous.

    I'm so, so glad that everyone made it out alive (even Jeff - because... he's pretty?). And I'm interested to see what role Jade's powers play in future chapters and the inevitable talk that Pearl, Nico, and Coral are going to have.

    1. I am trying my damn hardest not to make Pearl have the talk with those two cause its going to be sooo uncomfortable for all involved xD. And then I might actually feel bad. But it really is pretty much inevitable after everything that's happened.

      It was harder than you think it was to keep everyone alive. Apparently my story is trying to convince me that its been too long since someone died a horrible death.

  2. Dang, I was hoping Jade was gonna throw Jeffrey through a wall. =P Lol it happened the wrong way! And yay for Supernatural, I'm so jealous. I hafta wait until Sunday at least to get it since I don't get paid till then. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

    1. I dunno about you, but that photo with Pearl kicking him in the gut was about as satisfying as could be for me. I literally stayed there in game for a few minutes with the biggest smile on my face.

      1 pm for me, still no ring from downstairs. ><

  3. Yay, Pearl to the rescue! With Junielle as the mastermind behind it. I'd love to know more about she got past the brainwashing to get Rio to help her but I imagine that's not really part of our story now.

    Also, I'm curious to find out about Jade's (very short) death and what that means. I'm sure that you've got something lined up with the "useless" powers comment but I'm just not sure what it's going to be.

    1. Junielle and Rio are no longer part of the story, I even cut out a scene with them trying to start a relationship with Nico. In ch. 4.11 (An Altercation) I pointed out that while Rio is being controlled by Jeffery, he can still break free for moments. And throughout Nico's story I had mind reading be only an option while you were near the victims. (Example: Why Pearl "woke up" after Junielle had taken Rio).

      I know I didn't explain it much, and that was a fail on my part, but that's basically why Junielle and Rio were in such a bland room. They new the plan, and then had to stay away from Jeffery in order to keep him from finding out about it.

      Jade's death comes next chapter. The fact that she died isn't important. Its the fact that she came back.