Saturday, September 8, 2012

4.19 - Don't be the Bad Guy

“You knew I was going to die.” She accuses the next time he ventures into her dreams. “I’m guessing that’s why you gave me her powers but how did you know? And how did I survive anyway? Uncle Rio says I was dead when he and my mom showed up.”

“I stretched the rules.. I know I shouldn’t have but Neptune would have pulled my spine out through my mouth if I’d known you were going to die and not done anything about it.”

“Still not hearing any explanation for ‘how’.”

“I know everything.” Is his only explanation for how he knew she’d die. “As for how you survived... its in the were cat’s nature. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that cat’s have nine lives. Obviously it isn’t true, but for were cats it may as well be. Injury does nothing to you now... that’s why you needed Cashmere’s abilities.”

“So then why warn me about wasting away? Does this mean I won’t age now? Am I actually immortal?”

He shakes his head softly. “Only Mother can make a human immortal. You will still die someday, from age. But if you are hurt you will survive. Sometime you may wish otherwise, but that’s the gamble you took.”

Jade’s mind is already filled with the fear of being hurt and unable to die. What if she’s crushed by a car? The pain would be unbelievable for hours. What if she were stuck in the bottom of the Ocean with the weight of the water constantly on her? What if something tries eating her alive? Perhaps she wouldn’t have made the same decision if Morpheous had been honest with her up front.

But she made her deal, she accepted the gift and now she’s stuck with it. When her father asks her how she survived she lies and says she doesn’t know. Daphine knows about their ancestry now and throws in the idea that Jade’s gift is self healing. Sure. That lie will work.

Coral has her own problem, but its only physical. When she first hurt Jeffery Dracule he burned her face. The burn has darkened considerably since then, and it won’t heal. She wishes it would, that way she can be just like everyone else and forget it ever happened.

Nico’s healed better than any of them, but perhaps thats because he was never tortured. He was given almost everything he asked for, got to meet his parents for the first time, and even started learning French. With Jeffery behind bars he’s fully relaxed. It will be easy for him to forget anything happened. 

Coral can’t forget, but she also can’t find it in her to hate Nico. He couldn’t have done anything to help her, and she made things worse for herself by fighting back. If not for Nico’s mother she’d be dead right now and she knows it.

Nico and Coral make no more effort to hide their relationship. And while Pearl tries to hide how uncomfortable she is with everything Nico can always tell what she’s thinking.

“Please don’t be mad at us. We just... your thoughts hurt. I won’t tell Coral what you really think, even though she has asked, but can’t you at least pretend? We aren’t hurting anyone.”

She does pretend, but apparently she isn’t as good an actress as she thinks she is, because Nico still gives her looks that make it clear he’s hurt. So Pearl does what she always does when she doesn’t know what to do next. 

She talks to Walt.

He does the opposite of what she wanted. He takes their side. “Nico’s right, hunny. They’re not hurting anyone. Why are you so against them being together?” 

“They’re just kids, Walt! They can’t really understand what they’re doing, the ridicule they’re going to face from society. If Nico thinks people were already cruel can you imagine the way people will look at him if they find out he’s with Coral? And what about poor Coral? She’s already got that scar now, I don’t want even more people to look at her strangely! And what about the children if they ever have any?”

Walt sighs. “I like to think they’re old enough now to know what they’re getting themselves into. They’re young, but you and I were MUCH younger than them when you decided you were going to marry me and we’re still together. And happy. And medicine has come a long way, love. Even if their child were to be born with disabilities the doctors would catch that early on and help.”

“But Walt, it’s just so wr-”

He interrupts her before she an finish the word. “Pearl if you say loving someone is wrong I swear I will walk out of this room right now.”

She shuts up, biting her tongue hard to keep from yelling at him.

He pulls her in for a hug. “Love, if you’re worried about them then sit down and talk to them. But do it carefully, don’t put your opinion in front of them, just make sure they understand what they’re going to face, and then let them make their own decisions. Don’t be the bad guy.”

“It’s hard.” She mutters straight into his shoulder. “I’ve tried so hard to be the best mom I can be to them and then they hit me with this and I just can’t understand! I really am trying, but its so hard.”

He just holds her tight. “You’ll do the right thing, I know it.”

She wishes she had his confidence.

She decides to have their talk the very next day, while Walt takes the rest of the family to the park. 

Pearl begins. “I just want you both to know that no matter what, I’ll always love you, I just want you both to... understand what your decision to be together really means. You’re going to be judged, you’re going to be ridiculed, hated even, and that’s just be people you used to consider friends.”

“What about the people we consider family?” Nicola retorts.

It takes Pearl a moment to realize why he said that. “Nico please, I’m not trying to judge-”

“But you are judging.” He shoots back. “And you’re the only one! Uncle Walt’s happy for us, the girls and Reed are cool with it, the kids at school don’t need to know and neither of us care what strangers think. You’re the only one whose making us feel bad about this.”

Pearl feels as if he just stabbed her, but she won’t back down. “You may not care now, but what about when you’re both older? Trying to find work? Imagine the ridicule your children would go through at school.”

Coral’s heard enough.

“I’m done.” She announces, standing up. “If you need me I’ll be in my room. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Nico gives her some space, waiting until Pearl gets called in for an emergency at work before heading upstairs to Coral’s room. She’s painting, a soft smile on her face and for a moment Nico feels as if there’s no where he’d rather be than right here, watching her be happy.

But then she notices him and puts her brush and paints down, turning towards him. “What are we supposed to do? Even if we tell Pearl that we know what we’re doing she won’t stop until we break up out of sheer frustration.”

“I know.” Nico sighs, having already come to the same conclusion. “I don’t see any other way out of this but to give her what she wants. We need to break up.”

She looks at him in shock. “What?”

“Not for real!’ He laughs. “Just until we’re old enough to move out, go somewhere where no one cares, or at least doesn’t know.”

“But my birthday is so far away.” 

Nico smiles and pulls her in for a hug. “It’s not so far. We can make it. Let’s just... consider this a break. We’ll tell Pearl we understand and have decided to listen to her. We’ll just be friends, and then as soon as we can we’ll just take off.”

Coral doesn’t exactly think its a good way to repay her sister for taking care of them, but she sees no other option. “So until then we’re just friends?” 

This is going to be hard.


I really want to talk about Pearl's response to finding out Coral and Nico are in a relationship but... I dunno. I've never had to deal with someone close to me not approving of one of my life choices. My parents don't care either way that I'm bisexual, no one in my family bat an eye to my boyfriend's skin colour, half the time they say I dress too conservatively, and as far as kink goes I have no plans to tell my family about it, but I don't expect any sort of blow up if they happen to find out. 

It's hard to write this story line having no experience with that kind of family betrayal. Not that I want that experience. I'm perfectly fine with writing this story line straight from the fiction of my mind.

I don't hate Pearl, but she really doesn't know what to do here. And if she's in the wrong or the right. 

Also: I do not know where Coral's face scar went. It was there pre-Supernaturals. And then it went poof. I have it back on here now but I really don't want to retake those photos so... ignore the fact that it was missing please. 


  1. But who says they're having kids? xD

  2. I know I'm late to the convo, but this sort of family disapproval is not that uncommon in 'western' cultures where its frowned on much moreso to have relations with family - and honestly where those boundaries are is vastly different from place to place. Some US states allow first cousins to marry, others do not.

    I also don't think Pearl's reaction is really all that terrible. She DID try and sit down and have a straight talk about it. The kids were a bit too prickly about it in my opinion which may indicate they themselves have some sort of latent misgivings about it but are determined to be together anyways. But moreso, they are very immature yet, and that takes a bigger role than does being reasonable about reactions. ;)

  3. When I was younger my mum, sisters and I went to visit cousins in England. One of my cousins decided he wanted to marry me when he grew up. Turns out it isn't illegal in England (or he said it wasn't). I wasn't interested, because he was my cousin, I only met him three days ago, and boys were icky. Now I am not interested because he's my cousin, I haven't seen him in 13 years, I have a husband, and boys are icky :-P. But if something had mum would have supported me and my dad would have hated me. Same as if I had been a lesbian or a teen mum. *shrugs* can't choose who you love, or your family. The real issue I have here is that they were raised as siblings.

    Awesome chapter, as usual. I'm slowly catching up!!

  4. I love Pearl for being strong enough to talk to them on their own (my comment is a bit late to the story lul), but I think it's great that she has their best interest at heart. Also it has to hurt for her to that their future is so uncertain, I think Nico & Coral need to seriously consider the future and whether they're willing to risk birth defects etc. Pearl might be making them do that.