Monday, September 10, 2012

4.20 - Give me What I Want

Nicolas becomes a young man, and a full fledged vampire. His parents asked him to come to the mainland and learn how to use his abilities, but he refused. He’s spent his whole life staying away from his family, why would he go to them now?

He’s on his way to city hall to look at job openings when a vampiric blur rushes past him.

Was that...? No. It can’t be Danika. 

... Can it?

Still, he follows her to a tiny little cottage near his own, and after a half hour of pretending she can’t hear his knocking she emerges.

“I’m not doing anything wrong.” She says immediately, trying to defend herself. “I got out last week on my birthday and its not like I could go back to working for your family with Master Dracule behind bars. I’m not hurting anyone here, and you have no reason to follow me around or watch me. I’m just... trying to start fresh.”

He isn’t sure if he can believe her, but why shouldn’t he? Danika was in jail for years, if she hadn’t been deemed safe she wouldn’t have been released, and what right did he have to make her feel uncomfortable? Even when she was going after him it had just been orders, she’d never actually harmed him. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

“Good luck on that new start.” He tells her with a smile, sincerely. “Be careful though. Not everyone here is as forgiving as I am.”

She smiles, shaking his out stretched hand. “I understand that, trust me. Your mom fought pretty hard to keep me behind bars.” 

Pearl isn’t his mom, but he doesn’t correct her.

That damn dishwasher is always breaking down.

Normally they’d call a repair man, but its the middle of the night and Walt doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone with a late night repair. He can probably fix it himself. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Even Watcher can’t figure out how he screwed it up that bad.

But he did screw up, and once the fire has been extinguished and he’s hopped into the shower, Walt takes a moment to realize just how bad things could have become. He could have died! From now on he has to think before he does things. 

He has a wife and six kids to think about. One of them still just a toddler.

Nico gets a call one day from Danika. She was offered a job at the local newspaper, but only if she gets an interview from Nico. On the mainland the Dracules are big news, and everyone knows about him now that his grandfather is in jail. He’s become a minor celebrity both locally and abroad, and it would really help her career if he’d agree to meet with her. Nico knows he doesn’t owe her anything, but it also won’t hurt him so why not?

Bakku’s Pool Lounge has some bad memories for Nico, but he figures that’s why Danika wanted to meet him here. 

At first the questions are innocent enough. Why did his mother send him to live with a human family, how was it like growing up different, when did he learn about being a Dracule, and finally the questions about his kidnapping and escape. Thats the story everyone’s interested in, after all.

He answered them the best he could, never lying or exaggerating on the truth, even when it was clear Danika was hoping he would. (“You were bullied in school? Did they ever try attacking you? Threatening you? Wanna name any names?” “The girl I liked laughed and walked away. I wasn’t bullied, just left out. No names, no threats.”) 

Sensing she’s losing him, Danika decides to ask the “fun” question. “So what everyone really wants to know... are you dating anyone?”

THAT catches him off guard. “Uuuh... No. I mean, not really? I mean, there’s someone but we’re not really together together, you know?”

“Why not? Is she not into you or something?”

At this point Nico’s just scrambling for an answer without giving anything important away. “No she’s into me. I just... I mean, let’s just say her family isn’t really okay with her dating me.”

The lounge is starting to fill up so they decide to head upstairs to the VIP area for drinks, and to finish up the last few questions Danika has written down in her notebook.

Out of the corner of her eye Danika spots a member of the paparazzi. And she gets an idea for an even better story.

She slinks closer to Nico, smiling at him flirtingly. Her mind control may not work on him, but even now she can read his mind, and knows how to use it to get what she wants.

“Your girlfriend’s an idiot if she’s letting family get between her and you. If you were mine I’d never make the mistake of letting you go. You’re practically our Prince, Nico. You deserve nothing less than the best.”

As soon as the elevator begins to move Danika slams her hand on the emergency stop button, trapping them between floors.

Nico looks at her curiously. “What are you doing?”

She puts up a finger to silence him. “I know about Coral, and I know how it would just kill her to have that gets out before she graduates. You know how cruel kids can be these days. So I’m offering you a trade. You’re famous, I’m not. All those paparazzi saw us enter here together, and if I don’t get something to write about before those doors re-open you’ll regret it. Now fuck me, and make it look good. There’s a camera in here.”

He could tear her apart, make her bleed, maybe even just give her a few scars for her threats, but all those would just land him in even more trouble. So instead he gives her what she wants.

And he makes it good. Very good.

“Oh Nicolas~” She purrs, fingers clenched in his hair. “Don’t you dare stop.”

He doesn’t, holding her close as she shakes against him. If looks could kill she’d be dead, instead the knowledge that he hates her but is doing it anyway just turns her on. Gives her the power rush she’s always wanted. That’s really what makes the night worth it in the end.

Nico gets home long past midnight. Pearl and Walt knew he’d be going out and the threats are gone, so no one’s waiting for him. He almost wishes there were, then he could have someone to yell at him. The story will be all over the gossip columns by morning, they might even have some pictures. 

He just hopes Coral will let him give his side of the story.


There is a 90% chance next chapter will be 5.1 despite Jade still being 7 days from YA. Why? Because my game is being a b**** and if I can't fix it then I'm just manually aging and moving my Gen 5 to Moonlight Falls. 

So yes, that entire woo-hoo scene was inside an actual elevator. It was easier than I expected it to be, but still a major headache Curse my need to make scenes EXACTLY like they are in my head, instead of moving that scene somewhere easier to photograph ><. 

Those poses aren't available for download either. An amazing new creator who wishes to be referred to as "The Mysterious Benefactor" made them special for me, but has given me permission to share them with other writers if anyone wants them. 


  1. Oh Nico. *sigh* I mean, I knew this was coming from our PM - but still.

    And Coral. Poor, poor Coral. : /

    1. Poor, poor Coral indeed : ( She's going to be pretty heart broken over this, not even going to lie. But hey, at least she can hate him.

  2. Poor Nico! :( He needs a hug. Coral should give him a hug for me. Is it weird that I feel sorrier for Nico than for Coral?

    1. Trust me, I feel sorrier for Nico too. I mean, while he did get to screw a hot chick, the girl he loves is probably going to hate him, regardless of his reasoning for it. And that's assuming she even believes him.

  3. Poor Coral, that is going to break her heart so badly

  4. Ummm.... I am confused. I would never meet someone I hate, then alone fuck them in an elevator.

    1. He strongly disliked her at first, then decided she needed a second chance, wanted to help with that second chance, and then started actually hating her when she blackmailed him.