Thursday, September 13, 2012

5.1 - One of Us

You know what sucks? Being stuck in a new town with people you’ve never met before, knowing full well that each and everyone one of them is a total freak but you can’t leave cause you’re a freak too, and moving away from its “magic aura” will probably leave you in a comatose state until you die of old age.

Yeah. That sucks. And right now it’s Jade’s life.

Sure it wasn’t all bad. After all, the new house her “Grandfather” had arranged for her to live in was pretty okay. He’d explained that it was one of the original homes in the city, but had been fixed up so it would be safe for her. Not that it mattered. Let a floor fall on her, its not like it would kill her.

But perhaps safety was a good thing. It wasn’t like she was all alone after all. Coral was still very much mortal, and while little Gem was a vampire he was still young enough that a rotting wall could prove dangerous. And no one wants a baby pancake for breakfast.

Nico was here too, but sometimes Jade wishes he weren’t. He’d offered to go with her when Neptune and Morpheus had first brought up the idea of moving away when she wouldn’t wake up for the second time. At first Jade had felt comforted, happy that she wouldn’t be alone but it quickly became clear that Nico only wanted to go with her to get away from the way things had gone in Autumn Falls. Coral had tagged along after to take care of Gem. It’s not like Nico could be trusted to take care of a baby, even if he was the father.

Even with his constant brooding, Nico’s attempt at a new beginning had worked. He’d put a toe back into being a Dracule for a single favour, and now he was sucked in for good, taking care of the Moonlight Falls branch of the “family business”.

And Coral had her art. Under a new name of course. Her name wasn’t... good anymore. Coral Sari had become famous thanks to a spurned vampire girl with a big mouth. Jade wondered if that was the real reason her aunt had wanted to leave, but she was still Coral to her family. In the art world she was Calypso.... but that wasn’t important, just an interesting tidbit.

Coral and Nico were both better here, if not quite happier. Only Jade was miserable and she couldn’t stop herself. Morpheus had cursed her with these “gifts” and then just disappeared, no longer appearing in her dreams. Neptune had reappeared only once to wake her up from an unending sleep, restoring her mind to her body and then cursing her out for never seeking more help. He’d banished her here and her mother hadn’t even put up a fight to keep her safe. She hadn’t even been able to spend her birthday with her family, instead aging up on the train to her new “home”.

Stupid fae, stupid magic, stupid everything! It was all their fault she was a freak now!

But then again, anger never solved anything. Nothing could solve this problem, she was stuck like this until she was old. Feeling everything, seeing everything. She’d had to be in the middle of Nico and Coral’s fight from the start, without ever even being in the same room. Had to feel her father’s anger and her mother’s humiliation over what went on in the news every day. Had to watch Nico as he reverted back into himself all over again, only speaking to others when he absolutely had to. She’d even had to feel little Gem’s confusion every time his father would pass him to Coral instead of spending time with him. And that was completely ignoring Coral’s heart break every time she looked at the little boy, all the times Jade had to watch her fall asleep in tears.

But what were her own thoughts on the matter? Her own feelings? Sometimes she wasn’t sure she had any... that was another part of the curse.

They’d been here a whole day before Jade saw anyone, but as soon as he spotted her the man darted back inside his house. She wasn’t surprised really, or hurt. The locals probably disliked her just as much as she disliked them.

There was one thing that made her happy. Really happy. Moonlight Falls may have felt devoid of sims, but it was absolutely brimming with life in the forms of bugs and animals.  Jade was particularly fond of all the butterflies.

There was a small shop right by her new home, the door unlocked but the place completely deserted. They had a few curious things there but otherwise Jade couldn’t be bothered. Everything here was too strange for her first day. She couldn’t deal with all this.

Sometimes Coral wondered if tagging along to Moonlight Falls had been her brightest idea, but the alternative of staying in Autumn Falls wasn’t even a real option. Sure here she was the family’s maid and babysitter, but back in Autumn Falls she’d had to deal with the way people looked at her, sometimes right through her. She wasn’t sure what was worse, the looks of pity or the looks of disgust. Nico claimed he’d tried to protect her from all that, but what had been the point? Danika had told everyone anyway when he wouldn’t go through with her demands anymore.

Gem had been the result of Danika’s final demand. A measly 5000 simoleons and Nico could have him and Danika would keep his secret. Sometimes Coral wasn’t sure what hurt her more, the fact that Nico hadn’t paid, or that he hadn’t even cared the first time she came home in tears. He never looked at his own son anymore, hell, he never even looked at her anymore! But then again, that last one was just as much her doing.

After all, after he broke her heart she made sure to break his.

Jade’s second visit to the alchemy shop results in a new friend, the elderly shop owner. She looks human enough so Jade tries to relax and play nice.

Jade’s horrible with names, but the shop owner seems nice enough. She even lets her play with some of the equipment, showing her how to keep from hurting herself.

After that its somewhat easier to make friends. Jade doesn’t even freak out when she meets Markus Grimm, an out and proud man-witch.

... Although to be honest, Jade’s probably only talking to him because he’s the best looking man in the city. Possibly even the only good looking man.

She doesn’t get HIS attention though until she mentions her budding interest in alchemy.

“Thats fantastic!” He smiles. “Everyone here uses elixers, but only that old bat makes them so her prices tend to be insane. It would be great to have some new blood in the industry, goodness knows we need it.”

“Well I’m still just getting started.” She says quickly, hoping to stop him before he gets too excited. “I don’t even know if I’m any good, really. I’ve only managed to make two elixers.”

“That’s a great start.” He smiles. “And of course you’ll do great. You’re one of us, after all.”


Markus Grimm was originally Chauncey Grimm the writer... but Chauncey was fug so I made him attractive! It took FOREVER, but I think the end result was worth it. Probably going to make over some of the other sims as well as I see them. 

All will be explained as the story progresses, but if something confused you say so anyway. Just so I make sure its on my list of "EXPLAIN, CECE, EXPLAIN." (TGWTG reference...) 

Nico is not as shitty a dad as he seemed in this chapter. I swear. He's on a learning curve.

The Saris new house is a WIP Old French Farmhouse made by Buckley. It isn't up anywhere yet, but I'm special so I got it early >: D.


  1. Woah, presto chango....

    How about I am confused.... by everything??? Feel Free to punch me :)

    1. *Punches*

      You make me sad, sometimes. : P I dunno if you're just missing things or if this means I'm a shitty writer. But basically everything in this chapter alludes make to what happened during the skip. Within the next few chapters everything should be laid out plainly (Either through one of the three opening up to someone, or Coral and Nico ending up in another screaming match).

  2. Man-witch. That makes me giggle. :)
    Ahhh Jade is freaking gorgeous. She deserves a sexy man in her life.

    1. I cannot take credit for the term "man-witch." One of the devs said it during the first Supernaturals broadcast and it got stuck in my head. xD

      I am SO happy with how Jade came out! Almost every single heir so far has replaced the last one as my favourite, and she isn't stopping the trend. But she may even beat out Louna as my ultimate favourite!

  3. Gem is cute! But wait, who is the mother? Is that to be revealed later?

    1. "Gem had been the result of Danika’s final demand. A measly 5000 simoleons and Nico could have him and Danika would keep his secret."

      Basically Gem was the result of an oopsie pregnancy between Danika and Nico. She didn't want to raise the kid so she tried to blackmail Nico one last time and he said forget it. How Gem is in his care now will be talked about later. But it does have something to do with why he's working in the family business.

  4. Hmm, I think I've pieced together the approximate shape of what caused the three of them to move to Moonlight Falls, except for the bit about Jade's unconsciousness.

    1. Yeah I didn't even get to start on Jade's story before my game went to hell, so I'll be doing a loooot of explaining on that front. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but in the long run don't worry about it. It's only important in explaining why she came to Moonlight Falls, not somewhere else.

      Glad the rest seems to be making sense! The plot itself shouldn't be so confusing, but since I had to skip actually showing it I didn't want to explain everything through the narrator. I want the characters to tell their own stories.

  5. Ok, I'm good on everything but why Jade keeps blacking out. That's still slightly confusing and blurry. But she's gorgeous so I can live with that lol.

    1. Like I said to Ali, I never even got to get to Jade's illness in the Gen 4 storyline, so I'll be explaining it soon. Perhaps not next chapter but soon. (Next chapter is me trying to decide where the hell I'm going with Coral and Nico).

      Gosh I love my characters.

  6. You're such a good story-writer. It really enhances the pics a lot. I'm eager to see how this generation goes!

    1. Thanks so much! You really just made my day with that compliment.

  7. I think you handled the jump well. I was able to understand most of it fine, and I just started reading from two updates ago, too, after deciding I wasn't going to try and read all of the old ones I missed before reading the new stuff. ^^; There are some holes, of course, but I think that makes it more intriguing, so now there are things to look forward to finding out the details of what happened, kind of like a mystery.

    1. xD Two updates ago would actually be the best place to start from, since its the end of the previous arc and the beginning of the next. What happened isn't really a mystery. Just bad memories. But things get spelled out soon. Coral and Nico's fallout is explained next chapter and the one after, Jade's unconsciousness should be the chapter following.

      If you wanted to read the Dracule vs Sari plot you'd have to go back as far as 3.12 - Nothing to Worry About.

  8. Ooh - Markus Grimm. *drools*

    Maybe it's our PM exchanges, but I didn't find this chapter confusing in the least. It was very well written, with a bit of the plot left open for future chapters. Well done, Cece. :)

    1. Thanks Giga! That means a lot to me.

      But yeah, pretty sure this chapter only made sense since you already know the full story from our PMs xD.

  9. I'm a wee bit lost but A) I've been away from the writing for awhile and B) I have more chapters to jump straight in to without needing to wait for them. I have full confidence that it will work out with me understanding just fine.

  10. I'm catching up late on this legacy, and if I hadn't read your notes in the previous chapters that you were having issues and thinking of relocating, I'd have been confused on the sudden move too. Mostly I think the only real confusion is with Jade and why she's so angry about everything and why Morpheus hasn't been back, etc. etc. ... the rest made sense to me! I totally knew where Gem came from the minute I saw that hair, haha! Very very cute!