Thursday, September 27, 2012

5.10 - Richness in Failure

Fawn couldn’t go to Gem’s party, since she was busy at her own. Fairies are supposed to age up outside, under the sky to be one with nature. She’d been so hoping her wings would finally appear now that she was a teenager, but again she was given nothing but disappointment. Her mother, Dahlia tried assuring her not all fairies were given magic, and it didn’t make her a failure but Fawn new otherwise. Her parents were fairies, her siblings were fairies, why wasn’t she? What had she done wrong?

Trinity’s a brilliant little girl. She picks up on the smallest of hints, and has a mind far ahead of her years. She’s the first to inform Coral that Gem is unhappy. Trinity saw him crying and when she hugged him he pretended nothing was wrong.

Coral calms Trinity down, promising that Gem was just worried about school. There’s nothing wrong and she doesn’t have to watch over her older brother.

Gem’s been spending a lot of time on the computer lately, both at home and at school. He finally has a name, Danika, and his father’s words just make the need to see her face even stronger. There has to be another side to this story. No sane woman would want to kill her child!

Comedy interlude: Nico being attacked by bees... made my day <3.

Back to the story: Getting nowhere with his look into his family’s past, Gem decides to focus on teen matters... like prom. According to Sophie its coming up fast!

She’s hoping one of the jocks will ask her out, or even Gator. He may be a mean jerk face, but he’s currently head of the football team!

A jock Gem is not. He’s naturally book smart, but that’s about it. He isn’t artistic like Coral, he isn’t magical like aunt Jade or her twins, and even his dad is strong enough to lift a car. Gem... is just Gem. He’s pretty. That’s his only card.

Sophie wants to play hopscotch (and pose for Watcher). Gem hates hopscotch but agrees to a game to appease her.

Shit. Stepped on the rock.

Stupid game!

Failure in front of the richest girl at school... smooth, Gem, real smooth.

He decides to at least test his chances. Maybe no one’s asked her to go to prom yet. Maybe she’s just being coy! 

(Stop posing Sophie! Seriously... stop. I already took your picture!)

Flowers. Work every time.

“So uh... has anyone asked you to prom yet?” He asks. 

She smiles coyly. “A few... haven’t said yes though. Why do you ask?”

He puts on his most charming smile, purple eyes shining. “I ask because I was hoping you’d go with me.”

Sophie almost swoons. Finally! She was starting to fear he wouldn’t ask her! “You’re the guy I was holding out for Gem, I can’t wait.”

She sighs as he hugs her. Truth be told, her first choice was Gator Wolff, but he’d told her her makeup made her look like she had two black eyes! What an asshat. 

He pulls away slightly, ready to head home now that curfew is approaching. “Hey Sophie?”


“... Is everything okay at home?”

“Of course it is! Why?”

“Well your eyes sort of look like... uh... like you got into a fight.”

Nico’s son? Definitely.


I need to make these chapters longer if I'm ever going to get anything done.

Sophie would make a great celebrity-wanna be... too bad for her I looked at my game and decided I did not want celebrities so I re-rolled Gen Goal.

Gen 6 Roll:
2 kids
Primary: Medical
Secondary: Author
Gen Goal: Hobby/Obsession
Misc Fun: Fashion Diva

Also: Sophie cracks me up. Every time I move the camera towards her I swear she drops everything in her cue and does that fairy idle pose. xD


  1. I feel bad for poor Fawn. It's never fun feeling left out, especially within ones own family. Not that her mother isn't doing a good job at trying to make her feel the opposite.

    Sophie is hilarious. She really knows how to demand the camera's (your) attention, doesn't she? :P

    1. I had an extra photo for Dahlia's point of view for the whole thing (not realizing how difficult and painful it would be to raise a human, but still not wanting Fawn to know the truth) but it seemed out of character for her.

      Sophie always makes me smile. I'm pretty attached to her.

  2. Sophie, lol. Does she have the snob trait? She seems the type. ;)

    I like Gem's purple eyes. They're pretty. =)

    1. I don't think Sophie had the snob trait... I know one of her traits is evil though, since she's constantly doing the evil hand rub idle.

      <3 Gem's eyes. I would have been happy with either Danika or Nico's eyes, but the purple eyes go will with his purple hair.

  3. Nico and the bees, loved it! That was funny!:D

    Sophie looks like a lot of fun. She and Gem make a cute couple!

    1. She and Gem do make a cute couple, but I'm not convinced they'd be good for each other in the long run. Their feelings for each other are strictly superficial.

  4. I feel so sorry for Fawn, especially since her "mother" keeps lying to her. Sophie & Gem look good together but I'm not sure she actually cares about him

    1. Right now I doubt Sophie and Gem really care about each other on a level deeper than "Sweet. Prom date!" but they're still young. Teens change moods often.

  5. I finally caught up! Whew!

    Gem turned out really well. You always have such lovely Sims. I feel bad for Gem and his issues about his parents and Coral.

    1. I do not ALWAYS have such lovely sims... wait'll Marise ages up xD. She's very... uh... unique...

  6. I'm trying not to feel sorry for Fawn. I have a feeling she's going to be happier the day she finds out she's not really a fairy at all, which will help her not feel like a failure. She's also very pretty!

    Sophie behaves like I imagine a petite, spoiled and rich fairy raised with humans/non-fairies would behave. ;)

    Gem's clueless, which is in itself a very endearing trait.

    1. Fawn's sort of a whiner, but she's stronger willed than most of the characters in my story. She'll be fine so I don't pity her either.

      As soon as Sophie's mom married into the Van Gould family I knew she'd be a spoiled brat. Then she aged up in that dress and... well... she wrote herself!