Sunday, September 16, 2012

5.3 - Say You Love Me

Some elixers are great for staying up the whole night (studying other elixers) or to gain fun after a long night of studying alchemy. Jade tends to need both a lot. 

She recently found a formula for an elixer to turn someone into a mindless zombie. She’d never even known they existed but now this opens up so many new doors... could she make herself human?

She opens up to Markus about her worries, without exactly telling him what happened to make her want to be human. He knows she can project her awareness from her body, he doesn’t know about the time she got stuck. When she ventured too far and her soul left her body completely. The only thing keeping her alive was her fae heritage, but even then it was a miracle Neptune had managed to help her back into her body. 

It’s after that fiasco that Neptune ordered she go somewhere with magic in the air, to give her the strength for her to venture from her body and not get stuck again. Even so, Jade won’t venture too far ever again. She can’t even see what’s happening back home right now.

“Being different is nothing to be ashamed of.” Markus sighs, almost hurt by her insistence to become human. “But if you really want to do this I’ll look in my books, see if there’s anything in there to help.”

Jade decides to thank him in her own special way.

Normally Nico gets home at  reasonable time, 3 pm. Tonight he didn’t get back home until around 11. Long after Gem’s gone to sleep.

Normally Coral pretends Nico works somewhere normal, instead of at the local criminal warehouse, but coming home so late, not even getting to say goodnight to his son just crosses the line for her.

“Do you have ANY idea what time it is? Gem cried for an hour when I told him you wouldn’t be home to read him a story! Did you just forget you had a kid or something? I sure didn’t, I’m the only one that takes care of him after all!” 

Its days like today that make Nico wonder if Coral is crazy. “What the hell? Coral, you know what I do for a living. We had a job go wrong today and I had to stay late to make sure everything and everyone was accounted for. I would have called you guys if I had the chance but I forgot to charge my phone. I’m sorry!”

“Oh likely story! Whatever, Nico. For all I know you were out with some slut or something. And I don’t care! Just don’t let it get in the way of your time with your son! He actually care about you, Watcher knows why, so don’t break yet another heart. It’s really all you’re good at.”

She really does know how to pick at old wounds.

She sighs when he doesn’t fight back. His hurt face actually hurts her and she doesn’t want to look at him anymore. “You know what? Forget this. I’m going to bed.”

She turns to leave but he grabs her arm. “Coral, wait.”

She tries to pull free but with one pull he has her pinned against the wall. His fist comes at her and she braces for the punch, but instead it slams on the wall next to her. She opens her eyes in confusion, a question poised at her lips but he silences it with a kiss.

“I’m sick and tired of all this.” He tells her, kissing her softly as she relaxes, one hand resting against his chest. “I’m not going to stop loving you, and no matter how much you pretend you don’t, I know you love me too.”

“Really?” Coral’s voice sounds almost broken, and for a moment Nico allows himself to have hope again.

He moves his hands to cup her face, a smile on his lips. “Really, Coral. I love you more than you will ever understand. I just wish you could accept it, and tell me you love me too. I fucked up and I know it, but I’ve done everything I can to try and apologize for it. Please, love.”

She pulls away from, moving towards the door before turning sharply and slapping him across the face once. Hard. “You’re full of it, you piece of shit. I don’t care what you think, I don’t love you!”

She tries to push him but he grabs her around the waist, forcing her to fall on top of him as he topples onto the bed. 

She tries to push herself off of him but he stops her, fingers curled in her hair. “You do love me.”

“I don’t.” She growls. “Now let me go.”


He flips them over, pinning her hands over her head with his inhuman strength. His eyes are almost burning and very quickly Coral feels her strength disappear, a blush rising to her cheeks. “N-Nico?”

“I’m not letting you go until you say you love me.”

She manages to pull her hands free, but he keeps her down with his body, his lips trailing down to her neck under her shirt collar. She’d had a few choice words on the tip of her tongue but as soon as his lips reached her neck they all disappeared.

“Say it~.” He whispers, kissing her neck again and again. There’s a piece of him that wants to sink his teeth into her, to drink from her and truly mark her as his but he resists. He’s never drunk from someone before, and he’s not about to force himself onto Coral in that way. He can still control his inner vampire for now. 

It’s her squirming hips and hands in his hair that’s making it hard to convince himself to control the other beast. The one that’s wanted to make love to Coral since he realized he couldn’t live without her.

He gives into that side of him as soon as Coral begs him to take her. She still won’t say the words he wants to hear, but he’ll give her that victory for now. He doesn’t have to hear her say it out loud when he can see it in her eyes, in the way her body moves around him. The way she moans and begs for more.

It isn’t until early morning when they’re done, and she moves towards him as he tries to leave the bed. “Where are you going?”

He sees no reason to lie. “I wasn’t sure if you’d want me in the same room when you woke up.”

She smiles at him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close. “I want you here when I wake up. You're right. I love you.”

A part of him wonders if she’ll change her mind come morning, but for now at least everything is perfect.


I couldn't help it. They're just so friggin cute together! And they really did write this scene. The nekkid kiss at the end was autonomous. 


  1. Yay! I think they make a great couple as well, I am glad to see they are together. :D

    1. It hasn't QUITE been finalized yet (right now they're only romantic interests again), but you can't be blamed for being happy. They're pretty happy too. And I have sooo many adorable photos of them for next chapter just being cute together. It's almost sickening : P

  2. Is it bad of me that I kind of wanted them to keep arguing?

    I wonder how Jade's quest to make herself human again will turn out. Is there no-one who could give her training in her powers so she doesn't find herself unable to get back to her body?

    1. There are more things than just training. The problem is that she has full fae powers, but in a human body. I have something up my sleeve to help her with that.

      xD No worries. Coral and Nico might be happy now, but I'm pretty sure they like arguing just as much as they like making love. They'll always find something to fight about, but it might have to be petty half-arguments until one of 'em fucks up. But even then I'm sorry to say that the worst is behind them.

  3. Darn, I didn't want them to get together again. Is that bad of me? >.> I've never really liked Coral and she'd been such a bitch.

    Poor Jade, I feel bad for her. I can understand why she'd want to be human after experiencing that though.

    1. xD I promise you that something is coming up soon that will change both of them for the better (although you may all hate me for it). I'm glad someone finally called Coral a bitch, that's what I'd been aiming for with her these past few chapters. Nico may have been a moron, but he's never gone out of his way to hurt her like she constantly does to him.

  4. Replies
    1. She really is, isn't she? mrr~ No wonder Nico's so smitten by her. I've got some great looks sims this generation (Okay... every generation).

  5. Aw, yay for Nico! Seriously I could care less about Coral, but Nico's entirely too hot to be sad.

    1. I'm having so much trouble making them be anything other than totally adorable. : ( I swear they're just trying to screw me over or something. I may have to be mean, and I was SO hoping to go another generation without any unusual deaths.

    2. Remember, I never do what you want ^^. I've got an idea in my head and it won't go away until I play it out.

  6. I have to say, Nico was hawt during the fight/sex scenes. Those abs! unf.

    1. I LOVE his muscles <3. He's in the criminal career so I while he's not out jogging, I have him working out dem abs. It makes posing hard cause the muscles cause clipping, but screw it.