Thursday, September 20, 2012

5.5 - Ready or Not

Gem isn’t neurotic, but Coral is and she cleans everything. So Gem might have been affected... a little.

Now that he’s in school, Coral has more time to commit to her painting. Or at least she would if not for her being back together with Nico.

“Is that... me?” He asks curiously, walking in on Coral working on a very detailed nude portrait.

“Well, that’s the idea.”

He makes a face, studying the painting curiously. Yeah, he sees it. However... “Don’t you think my uh... you know should be a little bigger?”

It takes all of Coral’s self control not to slap him... or laugh uncontrollably. 

“You are so full of it.” She laughs.

He grins. “I’ve got three hours before the carpool arrives. You could be full of ‘it’ until then.”

Okay, perfect opportunity to knock him down a peg. “Right. because you always last three hours. How about I give you ten minutes? That sounds about right.”

His face falls. “That’s hurtful.”

She makes it up to him, and he loves her for it.

Gem gets one of the smaller rooms upstairs next to Jade. It’s a bit of an eyesore but he loves it.

Gem certainly is a strange little boy. 

He even checks for monsters under his bed every single night. Watcher almost wonders what would happen if he ever actually found something.

He has some friends at school, and they make him feel more or less normal. After all, at least Gem can eat lunch like a normal person. Gator jumps onto all fours and basically smushes his face into his plate until everything’s made it into his mouth. It’s gross, but its just because he’s a werewolf.

Gator’s older brother is pretty cool, but he’s the only one. Gem always has to take off before his friend’s parents get home from work. They hate vampires.

Even in a town of freaks and weirdos, Gem manages to feel like an outsider. He wonders if his dad ever felt like this.

Nico regularly gets home from work now in the early morning hours. Coral hasn’t complained to him about it, since he leaves at eight after having dinner with her and Gem.

Unfortunately, that means that while Coral wakes up from nausea, Nico’s too worn out to even hear anything.

She knows full well what this is, but part of her doesn’t want to even think about it. Sure she’s about the right age to be starting a family, but not with Nico. They’re on good terms now, he’d take care of her, but what if someone found out about their relation? The sims here are more accepting than most, but Coral remembers the glares of everyone back home, and those were her family

Heck, Walt’s own sister spit on her when the news got out she was dating Nico. Those were the people who were supposed to support you no matter what, and they’d hated them for their decision to be together. Pearl’s words come back to Coral like a haunted whisper, reminding her that her own child would go through cruel ridicule if kids at school found out his or her parents were so closely related. And the doctor! What if something was wrong with her child? Would he be able to tell if she and Nico were related? Would he tell anyone?

Coral has no connections to the criminal world, and she doubts any illegal abortionists owe Nico any favours, so ready for motherhood or not, she’s having this child.

Gem rushes by in the morning, only moments before school should be starting. Coral almost freaks out knowing he hasn’t eaten. “Gem, breakfast!”

“No time!” He argues, hair still wet from his shower. “I’ll eat at school! Love you, mom.”

Dear Watcher... he just called her mom. Somehow this makes her feel worse about everything.

Still, hearing someone call her mom finally opens up her maternal side. Maybe everything will work out, maybe Nico will be excited for another baby. She can do this, she has to. Nobody needs to know she and Nico are related... Jade and Nico are related, and Coral was dating him which is why they all moved here together. That was their original story, and no one needs to know the real one.


What? My story. 

Also: Risky woo-hoo is a pain in the ASS when you forget you have it on, hear the lullaby, and then have to figure out a way to put it into the story cause you can't bring yourself to go through with your original story now. 

Yeah this is getting boring. Drama comes back next chapter. I mean, its not like jail can hold an ancient vampire overlord. Please.


  1. I'll never understand why you use risky woo-hoo. This is the third or fourth generation in a row it's come back to haunt you. =P

    1. Third generation in a row xD. I've had it on since the start but if I hear the lullaby I just cancelled the pregnancy right away. But then River got pregnant and I couldn't bring myself to do it because I WANTED to see her babies, and then Pearl got pregnant and I needed something to fill time so I kept hers, and... and... and now i just felt bad since I had absolutely no plans for Coral to have any kids, and it make me feel sad.

  2. I'm glad Coral is getting at least one kid, I bet the kid turns out cute--since both parents are good looking! I play with Risky on as well, it adds that surprise fun! :P

    Gem--is still a doll! :D

    1. When I last checked, her chance of twins was at 43% with a day left, sooo she might be getting more than one, even though I was only aiming for one.

      I wuv Gem. He got the best of both parents.

  3. D'awww - Gem is adorable. And I love Gator already. Haha.

    Can't wait to see/read about the kiddo!

    1. I was originally hoping to do some sort of love triangle between Gem, Fawn and Sophie but the girls are flat out ignoring the poor kid... so Gator's his new bff! And. He. Is. ADORABLE.

  4. I play with Risky Woohoo on too. To me, its part of the fun of not knowing when my sims might do something completely on their own without my realizing it. I love it. However... with the rules of the random legacy, I am going to watch it a lot more carefully and possibly turn it off if I get just one or two kids again. It was easy with my first gen, they were already fighting after the baby was born so there wasn't much chance of them autonomously woohooing when I have the 'like' gate set pretty high in romance scale.

    Gem is such a cutie, I look forward to his story too!

    1. I think from now on I'll just keep risky woo-hoo on but at a lower rate. So if it does happen after all the rolled kids are born I'll just have to roll with it.