Sunday, September 23, 2012

5.7 - Live Life Without You

Nico and Coral have a healthy little girl. A vampire Nico names Trinity.

She was born through emergency c-section, passed over to Jade not long after while Nico went with Coral. It had been a long night for everyone, especially when Gem woke up asking for his parents. But in the early morning hours Nico meets her in the nursery. 

“Well? How is she?” She’s almost scared to ask. 

“Stable.” He says, voice shaking ever so slightly. “They think she’ll pull through just fine but only because Jeffery wasn’t trying to kill her. He turned her! What the hell was he thinking? Turning her would have killed Trinity, but if he’d just wanted to do that in the first place why didn’t he try bleeding her dry?”

“It doesn’t matter what he was planning.” Jade soothes. “He’s gone now, and there’s no coming back from death. Now get some sleep before Coral is discharged. You’re going to need to be there for her and help her get used to all this.” 

He looks down at his daughter, smiling as she reaches up towards him. “But Trinity needs to be fed and-”

“I’ll take care of her! Just get some sleep, please.”

The morning sun is already out by the time Trinity falls asleep again and Jade can finally head to her room. She pauses momentarily in front of her mirror, sighing as she touches her slight bump. She’d been on her way inside to tell Coral, to ask her for advice but then everything had gone to hell. Ah well, she’ll tell them later.

The strangest thing Nico’s woken up to so far: A now vamp’d up Coral humming along to the music coming from the living room. She was handling this almost too well, he’s expected fighting or yelling, instead she’d kissed him hello when he’d gone to pick her up, and asked about their daughter.

He wants to feel happy now that they have the chance to be together forever, but the dark stain on her neck just makes the guilt worsen. He should have been home to protect her, should have known his grandfather wouldn’t leave them be. Junielle had called in the morning to tell them he’d broken out and Nico had had more than a few choice words for her. 

Coral notices the look on his face and takes him hands in hers. “What’s wrong?”

“I feel bad.” He admits. “You shouldn’t be a vampire. I should have been able to protect you from this. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize.” She smiles, yellow eyes glowing. “I would have asked you to turn me sooner or later. For our daughter’s sake. I want to be here for her and for Gem and for you.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to deny you.” He breathes in relief. “And I’m glad you’re still here. When I thought you were going to die...”

She smiles at him. “I’m alright. I’m not dead. You don’t have to worry anymore.”

The nursery is right next to their bedroom, so when Trinity starts wailing for attention they both head over there. Coral’s still weak from the surgery and transformation so she sits down while Nico coos over the baby. 

“She’s beautiful.” Coral smiles, satisfied at last that her baby is real and not some toy Nico and Joy put in the crib to pacify her when she refused to go to bed without seeing her. 

Once Trinity is fed Nico puts her down, embracing Coral as she stands up to meet him. “We make a beautiful family.” She says.

He nods. “We really do, love, we really do.”

She isn’t quite looking at him, but Nico can tell she’s trying to read his mind. “This is all so strange, Nico. Will I ever get used to everything?”

“It’ll take time.” He tells her truthfully. “But I promise I’ll be with you every step of the way.” 

She touched. “I’m glad. But I think you should introduce me to plasma juice now because my mouth is getting dry.”

“One more second!” He smiles, finally getting up the courage to do something he was planning on doing the morning Coral told him she was pregnant.

Yes that was being hidden in his underwear apparently. Don’t think about it too hard.

She says yes. It’ll take a bit of creativity in regards to the law, but its not like anyone is going to care enough to double check their identities. Moonlight Falls is a world all on its own, untouched by the laws that govern the rest of Sim Nation.

With Coral back on her feet, Jade finally has time to breath and decides to use it to call Markus and tell him about the baby.

Turns out he isn’t home.

“He’s gone back to Avalon? But Mrs Durwood- okay, I understand that it was a family emergency, but do you know when he’ll come back?”

Serena doesn’t know.

“Alright.” Jade sighs, accepting defeat. “But if he contacts you or anything can you just tell him I’m pregnant? Thank you.”

Nico knows the tears are coming.

But Jade surprises him. The tears are in her eyes but she won’t let them fall. 

“You okay?” He asks, a hand on her belly.

She shrugs. “Its not the end of the world.”

“You guys were so sweet together.” Nico continues. “How are you so calm?”

Jade sighs and pulls away. “Markus was just a guy, Nico. He was always just a guy. Sure he was here for me when I needed him, and I’ll never forget how he helped me but I don’t need him anymore. If he calls and wants to be a part of my life I won’t say no, and I will miss him terribly if he never returns, but I can live my life without him.” 

I’m not like you when Coral broke your heart. But of course she doesn’t say that. It would be mean.

Trinity is so well behaved, rarely fussing or crying, and adores spending time with her parents. Coral’s happy for the rocking chair in the nursery, it makes spending time with her baby easy.

Gator told his parents he’s out at Fawn Goodwill’s home, so as long as his mom doesn’t decide to pick him up he’s golden. Hanging out with Gem is awesome since the younger boy helps him with his homework. Elementary school is hard, man.

Gator wants to see the new baby but Gem convinces him she’s boring. She’s practically a larvae or something. All she does is eat, poop, and cry. And she’s only his half-sister anyway. 

Both boys are becoming teens soon, and so are the girls. Fawn is cute, but Sophie’s mom married into the wealthy Van-Gould family. They decide to rock-paper-scissors for first pick. 

Gator wins. Gem obviously didn’t inherit his father’s skill in mind reading.


Gator's very quickly making me fall in love. 

Also: DAMMIT GIGA. I'd been planning to turn Coral into a vampire as a result of Jeffery biting her, and then you had to go and guess it. Stop being so damn good at that xD.


  1. I like how strong Jade is. She doesn't need Markus at all and she will be fine without him. Though what family emergency requires him to travel without at least calling first?

    I'm concerned for Coral. She seems so weak; always sitting and resting. I would think that just being turned to a vampire would give her strength, not sap it. It makes me wonder what else might possibly be going on. Maybe Jeffrey did something none of them anticipated or are aware of or even know is possible.

    1. The reason for why Markus left without calling will be explained later. Once he shows up again.

      Well he did turn her in less than a day, so that's something new : P.

  2. Awwww Gem and Gator <3 cuteness.

    But holey shit balls. If you killed Coral..... it would possibly been the end of you...hahahaha.
    But I agree with what H said up there!

    1. Yeah, I was originally planning on killing Coral once she and Nico were happy, but then I just... ugh, I couldn't do it. I probably would've hated myself more than you guys would've hated me. SHE'S TOO CUTE.

  3. Coral, Nico, Gem, and Trinity can all be one big vampire family! It's like a domestic comedy waiting to happen.

    In all seriousness, I really liked this chapter. It feels like everything is looking up for this generation.

    1. Coral, Nico and the kids are adorable together! I love that family.

      Yeah, things are looking up for the clan and will remain happy for a little while to come... but I've got drama coming up again soon.

  4. Awww, they make a lovely family!

    I'm curious as to why Markus had to leave---

    Great chapter! :D

    1. Thanks, Nirar. ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Aw, darn, I was hoping you'd kill Coral. I dislike her.

    Poor Jade, having to go through that alone now, but proud of her for being able to handle thus far. And shame on Markus for leaving... Though I'm curious as to why.

    1. xD Sorry, your comment made me laugh. I'm afraid I currently have no plans to kill Coral.

  6. Aw, I'm glad Nico's happy! He's still too hot to be sad. Still not a huge fan of Coral, but maybe as a vampire she'll be nicer.

    Noooooooooooooooo! Markus come back! D:

    1. As a vampire she'll be different, and I can assure you she'll at least be a good mother. But I doubt the story of "Nico and Coral" is over quite yet.

  7. Gator's so cute! He and Gem make great friends, I like it!

    I look forward to seeing what Trinity looks like. Your female vampires I've seen so far have all been really cool looking.

    1. Well Trinity was born in game, not designed but from what I've seen so far she's very cute. I'm excited to see her grow up, honestly.

  8. Holy crap! I guessed something correctly?! WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?

    I love Gator too. He's so darn cute and I love his hair. I had to throw that in there. Because.

    I'm so glad that Coral and Nico are finally FINALLY able to be happy - assuming nothing else pops up. :/

    And poor Jade; although I'm really excited to see her baby.

  9. I love the name Trinity. :)

    Glad you didn't kill Coral, she and Nico are cute together (again)!