Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5.12 - Cliche Love Stories

He can’t see her face, but Gem recognizes sis father instantly, and judging by his face and the obvious baby bump the woman can only be his mother.

The woman tries to embrace Nico, but he pulls away quickly, a look of disgust on his face. “Danika, please! This is insane. You’re gone too far this time, I can’t do this anymore!”

He sees her face at last, realizing now why his father had been so distant for so long. Gem looks just like her. “Nico I’m sorry, it’s not like I was planning this. I’m nowhere near ready for a baby, and I’m not going to fight you for custody if you want the brat. Just one last... transaction and you’ll never see me again.”

Nico looks exasperated. “I don’t want him either. I don’t care what you do but I’m done doing this dance with you. Whatever you want us to have is over. Coral’s birthday is tomorrow and I have to be there for her. She’s having a hard enough time with all this as it is.”

“It’s always about your fucking aunt!” Danika growls,and Gem’s heart falls as he slowly pieces things together. “Will you shut up and open your eyes for once in your life? She. Is. Your. Aunt. And I’m young, powerful, HOT. What the hell is wrong with you? Why won’t you look at me the same way you look at her?”

“Watch what you say, Danika. You’re toeing the line.”

She groans in annoyance. “Screw your line, Nico. I’m tired of this.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Oh I’m going to do more than think it.” She says, turning around and smiling at the other patrons before clearing her throat to get their attention. “Everyone listening? Good.

Nico crosses his arms defiantly behind her. “Danika, this isn’t funny. I swear you’ll regret this.

Her voice is loud and clear. “I’m sure you all know my now ex-boyfriend, Nico Sari. Well I’m dumping him right now because he’s been cheating on me with his AUNT, Coral.

The video cuts off there.

Gem doesn’t know what to think. This doesn’t explain what he overheard his dad and stepmom talking about, doesn’t explain why Coral’s a vampire, only raises more questions. 

One question is wether or not anything said was true. Did neither of his parents even care about him? He still doesn’t know why his dad has him, or what happened to his mother but judging by the threat his father gave it wasn’t good. 

Part of him wants to just ask his dad, but then he’d have to acknowledge that he knows Coral and Nico are related. Fuck, how didn’t he see that? Does anyone else know? Jade must! But if so why hasn’t she said anything? How the hell did they get married? Is Trinity really his sister? It would kill her if she found out! He decides to keep everything to himself for now. 

One thing’s for sure. He can’t even look at his dad right now, and there’s no way he’d be able to look at Coral in the eye without saying something stupid and insulting. He takes off when the sun begins to set, heading to the farthest side of town, the waterfall that gives Moonlight Falls its name.

This is the same place Fawn frequents, not that Gem would know.

She recognizes him despite being all the way on the other side of the lake. “Gem! Wait up!”

He would like to be left alone right now, but telling her that would be rude, especially considering the awkwardness at the library when he hadn’t even recognized her. So he stops and waits for her to catch up, trying to hide his annoyance. “Oh hey Fawn... how’s it going? I didn’t realize you came up here.”

“I come here, like, all the time!” She gushes, just happy to see him. “My house is always, like, so busy and I can’t get a moment of silence! So when I want to write or think about a story or, like, life I come out here. It’s really peaceful.”

Not as peaceful as he would have liked, but Gem digresses. It isn’t her fault he’s having a bad day. So instead he focus on carrying on the conversation. “You write? I didn’t know that. What about?”

“It’s just a hobby.” Fawn blushes, caught off guard by his interest. “It’s uh... mostly, like, fiction. You know... love stories and whatever.”

“Anything I can read?”

She’s thankful for the darkness, hoping he can’t see her blush. “Uh n-no! I mean, I’ve only finished one book and it’s just a dumb forbidden love story between some human girl and the vampire next door. I hate it now that it’s done but of course my parents think it’s, like, a masterpiece or something. They’re trying to push me into becoming, like, an Author or something and it’s sort of embarrassing.” 

Gem has no idea what he’d like to do after high school. But if he had a skill like Fawn’s he’d be happy for his parents’ support. Well, Nico’s support, he isn’t too sure what he should call Coral anymore. 

They sit down on the grass together, just far enough to keep from touching but close enough to continue their conversation. 

“So what’re you working on now?” He asks.

She shrugs. “Been thinking of another love story, of course. Stuck between the cliche cool guy falling for the nerd girl, and the even more cliche princess who doesn’t know she’s a princess meeting and falling in love with the brother of the prince she’s supposed to marry.”

Both those ideas are god awful, but Gem doesn’t have the heart to tell her that. “Why not go with something that really pushes at boundaries? Challenges your readers to look at themselves and their own beliefs and opinions?”

“Like what?”

He shrugs, not realizing what he’s hinting at until he says it. “Two people grow up near each other, fall madly in love and then learn they’re related? What do they choose to do about it, and how do the people around them react to that decision?”

“Incest? Hm...” Fawn trails off as she leans back, looking up at the stars in thought. “Your idea is still pretty cliche, but I could work with that. Maybe even make it so they already knew about their blood bond, focus on their individual inner conflict before deciding to go for it, and explain why they want to go through that kind of social hell.”

“It would be a hard story to tell.” Gem mutters, looking at her.

Fawn nods absentmindedly. “It would, but I do love a challenge. This might just be what I need to, like, forget about that other stupid story. Help me stop focusing on the cliche and, like, write something... I dunno, real.”

“If anyone can write it, you can.” Gem smiles, placing his hand down on top of hers without realizing it. 

Fawn notices. And it makes her heart race, all thoughts of writing something real forgotten. Right now she’s just a silly teenager trying to remember the guy sitting next to her is totally off limits and that pursuing him would just lead to social ruin.

But when Gem scoots closer to her and wraps an arm around her back she doesn’t pull away. If anyone saw them right now her life at school would be over. Sophie would eat her alive, but even knowing that Fawn can’t quite force herself to pull away.

When school resumes the next day, Fawn catches Sophie and Gator giving her dirty looks. Did Gem tell them? Did someone else see them watching the stars together? Fawn can’t understand how they know, but they do know, and its clear from their looks that they’re going to help her remember that the nerd girl only gets the cute boy in fiction. This isn’t fiction, it’s real life. And in real life her chances of getting the boy have gone down from maybe to no-way-in-heck.


The first scene with Danika and Nico was meant to be edited and in greyscale buuut... I'ma lazy Watcher. ^^

Fawn's reason to writing is not the same as mine. But I'm having fun with her. I think she might just be my favourite side character. Even more so than Gator (who, thanks to SP, had been linked to EVERY SINGLE female teen in the city except Fawn. Apparently she can see right through him.)


  1. Interesting that he is getting those images, poor thing. Nice to see what happened though.

    1. The rest of the story will eventually be revealed. Including why Nico said Danika tried to kill her son, where Danika is now, and why Nico is back in the family business of crime.

  2. Hmm, poor Gem!

    Of course Danika never mentioned in her "dumping" speech that she had been blackmailing Nico into seeing her...

    1. Of course she didn't say anything. Danika knows the first rule of stirring shit up is to seem like the victim!

  3. I *suppose* that would rock your world a little bit, to find out your parents didn't want you, and that your Dad married his aunt! Poor Gem!

    I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

    As a side note, I looked to see if you had uploaded either Nico or Gem, and I did not see them. I would love to have both of them, if you wouldn't mind uploading them? Thanks! (Also a thank you for uploading Rio, I love Rio!) :D

    1. Yeah I totally forgot to download Jade's generation because Danika was corrupted and I'm scared some of the others might be. But testing has shown that at the very least Nico, Coral and Jade are good so I'll go put them up tonight. Gem will be a few days but I'll put him up early for you. Glad you like them!

    2. Sweet! :D Thanks! I sure appreciate it---I'll go look for them next chance I get!

      Rio makes a very good looking vampire!! I can only imagine how good Nico and Gem look in game---

  4. Poor baby! :( Gem definitely needs something happy in his life, the poor kid. Fawn IS a pretty good thing (hint hint lol). But Sophie's gorgeous and I could see that getting really interesting...

    1. Not going to lie, this love triangle was going to get a lot more complicated, but SP made the decision for me.

  5. Sad that he has to find out through technology and not his father. I do wonder if Nico will ever be confronted or not.

    I'd love to find out more of what is happening with Jade and the twins.

    1. Jade and the twins are next chapter, I SWEAR. Their birthday was supposed to be this chapter, with the stargazing scene up there in the following chapter but I was too busy to go back in game this week so I had to re-organize.

  6. I love it that Gator's the town werewolf-hoe-bag-boy haha! Kinda fitting with his name anyways. ;)

    So - Fawn's reputation will be shot if she gets with Gem - because of Sophie? Maybe I missed something from a previous chapter, I've been spaced out all this past week!

    Cute teenagers, and such typical teen angst haha. Gem, unfortunately, is getting a plate full of real adult drama unfortunately. Poor kid. I hope he doesn't turn hateful like his Mom because of this fairly tragic revelation.

    1. Last chapter Gem and Sophie started dating, so if Sophie found out her boyfriend was seen hanging out with another girl in a secluded park at night... well, you can see how she'd be pissed.

    2. Right, I just wanted to make sure I had it right how this little love triangle was panning out haha!

    3. >: D I had it planned one way... SP pushed me towards another route that I like better. Originally Gem was supposed to skip prom and run into Fawn at the park at random. Then have Sophie pissed at him for ditching her on the most important night of their lives. But I like this better.

  7. I like Fawn, and I'm totally rooting for her over Sophie. Her speech is, like, so annoying though! Like, seriously! ;) (But I think you did a great job with the dialect or whatever it's called, cause I have known A LOT of girls who talk just like that. =) But I do hope she grows out of it... And soon!)

    I have a feeling Fawn is going to get her guy though, cause you did roll for author as your secondary. I'm really looking forward to Gem's generation! =)

    1. She'll grow out of it eventually (otherwise I might go crazy).

      I'm so glad someone caught that! But Sophie could be a writer too. : P She'd just be an even shittier writer than Fawn.