Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5.13 - I Can Fly!

The twins birthday arrives. Watcher realizes no one taught them how to walk.

The age up well. Marise:

And Maven.

Markus hasn’t answered his phone, and Jade had no idea if he’s even going to come today but the twins insist on waiting for him in the front yard anyway. They’re really excited to finally meet him.

Maven bets their dad is like some ancient time-jumping warrior. Thats why he wasn’t there when they were kids because he was too busy jumping back in time to fighting dragons in ancient days!

Marise thinks her brother is an idiot. Their dad isn’t a warrior. He’s just some bookworm according to their mom. So obviously he got trapped in the library and some brave sim found him and brought him back to life so he could meet his kids. Duh.

According to Markus, he was actually stuck in a terribly dull family funeral for his mother who he hadn’t seen in years anyway. He hadn’t wanted to go but he had to. 

With every word coming out of Markus’ mouth, he loses points in Marise’s eyes. He could have at lied and given them something a bit cooler to tell their friends. Now they’ll never had friends at school!

Markus knows he isn’t the coolest person in the world, and he has no idea how to act around children. He actually thinks Marise might enjoy playing chess with him, and with Maven sitting nearby with a book he tries explaining what they are. Magic has run in his family for generations, tracing back all the way to the Grimm brothers of old (Although his family has always been led by the eldest female since Markus can remember. First his grandmother, then his mother, and now his older sister). 

Maybe one day Marise and Maven can meet their aunts and cousins. Once they’re older and can use magic, since right now they’re basically just humans.

The twins both keep quiet, knowing their father is wrong about magic. Maybe he isn’t as wise as they thought he was. After all, they both have quite strong memories of being able to make their toys disappear and re-appear when they were just toddlers!

Jade keeps quiet about her own observations as well, just watching as Markus tries interacting with his kids. She can tell he’s trying, but the awkwardness between them all just cuts at her. Maybe asking him to be a part of their lives was a bad idea.

She sends the kids off to go play, and they don’t argue. Happy to be free. 

Markus stands up as well, but he doesn’t leave, standing silently as Jade tries to think of what to say. “They uh... they seem to like you.”

“They hate me.” He sighs. “I don’t know how you do it, Jade. When they look at you there’s nothing but love in their eyes. When they look at me I can practically feel their confusion and I don’t know how to act! I want to be here for you all, but I feel like I don’t belong. You deserve the best, and I fear I’m not nearly good enough to be the father they need.”

She holds her tears back, taking a deep breath to steady herself. “I wasn’t the best mother either when they were born. I put my work before them, and it wasn’t until Marise managed to get her head stuck in the potty that I realized I needed to smarten up. I’m no where near perfect, but I try and that’s what they want. No one’s born being the perfect parent, Markus.”

He sigh and hugs her, his touch sending familiar shivers through her body. “I’m not going to give up, Jade. I’ll win them over some how, and I promise to never just disappear again.”

She doesn’t know if she believes him, but she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Prom night arrives and Gem heads over to Sophie’s house for photos. 

She’s been distant these past few days, but it doesn’t take much for her to tell him why. “Tristan... he was out fishing a few nights ago up by the falls and he uh... he said he saw you star gazing with Fawn Goodfellow. I didn’t want to believe him but I see the way she looks at you, and you’re so friendly to her. It hurts me. If you don’t want to be with me just tell me, don’t deceive me.”

Gem can’t help but feel as if there’s something else to this story. If Sophie really though he were cheating on her she’d murder him. This response is too shy and timid to be real, but he’ll put her worries to rest anyway. 

“You don’t have to worry about her, Sophie. I like Fawn, but only as a friend. We did hang out a few nights ago but I was having a tough time at home and we just happened to bump into each other. She helped cheer me up and I helped her with some writer’s block. I’d have to be a fool to cheat on the girl I love with a wingless fairy after all.”

Wingless Fairy is one of the crueler nicknames that have been made in reference to Fawn. Gem’s never used it before but it does roll off the tongue easily enough.

Sophie smiles happily, content with his answer. “Here.” She says suddenly, holding out a fist to him. “Hold your hands up, I want to give you something to show you I love you too.”

It’s a strange, golden coloured powder that falls into Gem’s hands. And as it touches him, it quickly begins to make his skin glow, running up his arms and towards the rest of his body.

“There.” Sophie announces proudly. “Its a trick I learned from some friends online. Fairy dust can give your gifts to someone you care about. Now you can fly just like me! We’ll make everyone SO jealous.”

Gem can’t help but smile as he feels his body go weightless, the slightest push against the ground launches him into the air, even without wings! 

Everyone wants to fly, and Sophie gave him that. Its at that moment Gem realizes he might just actually love her.

The dance is amazing. Sophie rarely leaves his side the entire night, and they really tear up the dance floor together. Fawn and his other friends are all there (Although Gator left early after the two girls he’s currently dating started talking to each other). Gem isn’t quite what the best part of his night was... either when he and Sophie were crowned prom king and queen, or when Sophie kissed in front of the whole school. Sure she rudely interrupted his conversation with Fawn to do it, but he doesn't mind. Sophie's the girl for him.

Basically, by the time he gets home its as if he doesn’t even need Sophie’s fairy dust to feel like he can fly.


Sophie could totally give Fawn some dust to cheer her up. Will she ever? xD Hell no.

I've got a couple idea for how the twins can grow up but... I dunno. I have my rolls fro Gem's generation and his child's generation and I kinda want to make things a bit more "normal" (Not that this family will ever be normal xD). So I will resist the temptation to have Marise bring Jeffery back from the grave and become an evil necromancer. Even though I really want to.


  1. Aww, but evil Sims are so much more fun to play.
    And I loved the head in the potty joke. XD

    I love Gem, and if he's happy, then I'm happy.

    1. I had to go back to that joke. It was so... how the hell did she even DO that?

      Gem's very happy right now.

  2. Couldn't Fawn's family give her some dust? ;D

    Anyway, I'm happy to see Mark in the twins' lives.

    1. Shhhh don't spoil my inconsistencies : P

      Markus will be out of their lives more often than he'll be in it. But he will definitely try to be a good dad.

  3. I'm glad Gem is happy, though I think he's in for a rough ride with Sophie. She seems like a high maintenance type of girl, lol. :P They do look good together though!

    It would be a bit awkward to try to connect to a Dad you don't know, especially if he is feeling awkward and out of sorts himself! And Marise seems like a strong willed child---

    1. Sophie is without a doubt as high maintenance as they get. She requires constant love and attention since thats what she's used to.

      Even without the necromancer storyline, Marise will be trouble. I promise you that.

  4. Love the twins, and Markus needs to quit being a puss and start being a real Dad ;)

    Gem and Sophie... hm I'm still not sure. I think I like Fawn so much because of the whole "Wingless Fairy" torment and tragedy. I sure hope she gets the real scoop about herself someday!

    1. I personally can't pick a favourite between the girls since they're both just so different. Sophie's self entitled and spoiled, but she's also confident and has the drive to get whatever she wants. Fawn's sweet and caring but doesn't try very hard and is used to being let down and teased or taunted.

  5. Aw, poor Fawn. =( I so badly want her to hook up with Gem, probably for the very reason you don't like. She's always been teased and tormented and let down, and Gem could turn that all around for her. But calling her a "wingless fairy" was so cruel. I wanted to slap him.

    Markus is a loser. You can do better Jade! (The twins are cute though! =)

    1. Gem's just as much of an idiot as his dad, luckily he's pretty.

      We shall see who he ends up with. I really can see him with either girl.

  6. I think I like Marise's version of events best. I'm glad to see Markus starting to form a relationship with the twins. Hopefully he can find his inner Dad...whatever that means.

    Ah, the pitfalls of being pretty. I'd go with Fawn, Gem, but I'm not the Watcher in this story.

    1. Marise' version of events in my favourite as well, no doubt about it.

      Pitfalls of being pretty? No such thing! : P