Friday, October 5, 2012

5.14 - Thinking of the Future

Coral wants another baby. Nico doesn’t even consider refusing her. He wants one too this time.

Maven doesn’t like the outdoors as much as the rest of the family but he does venture out occasionally. 

More specifically whenever Trinity asks him to play on their new see-saw with her. Her daddy told her not to use her mind tricks with the twins, because she’d be in trouble if they ever told their mom. But she still uses them occasionally. After all, Maven does need fresh air once in a while!

Marise never needs a push to get fresh air. She lives for being outside. Finding rocks and stones around town and watching all the pretty bugs!

She’s an adventurous little brat, with no sense of self preservation. Her mom’s always warned her about the jellybean bush that grows behind the alchemy store, saying that it could kill a sim in moments but Marise won’t believe it until she sees it.

She pops one in her mouth. Nothing happens. Obviously her mom doesn’t know everything, and that opens up so many new doors.

Night falls quickly in Moonlight Falls, especially on the night of the full moon. The zombies are already out and Marise is no where to be found. Jade’s more than a little worried.

Trinity bets Marise is out with a boy or something. And she is going to be in SO much trouble when she finally gets home. Trinity and Maven have the sense to head indoors and stay indoors once the full moon begins to rise.

Marise gets home very very late. Sneaking in while the zombies are trying to get at Jade’s garden.

Jade is understandably furious. For all she knew her daughter could have been dead or turned into one of those monsters! 

Marise doesn’t know what the big deal is. Zombies are total idiots! They didn’t even look at her!

“I don’t care, young lady. If I tell you to be home before dark you WILL BE HOME BEFORE DARK. You’re grounded until I decide otherwise! No playing and no exploring until you learn to be more responsible! You scared me half to death!”

Marise' only thought is that she should have done it twice to get the job over and done with. She should just count her lucky stars that Jade's powers don't include mind reading.

Marise tells Trinity she's planning revenge, but the little vampire knows the worse Marise can do is scare people. Right now Marise is planning a prank involving a cardboard cut out, some black markers, and a tiny little animation spell. 

While the kids are at school Coral and Nico go on a date.

They haven’t had to hide their relationship since moving to Moonlight Falls, but its still scares Nico to have her kiss him in public. Part of him is still scared someone will find out who they used to be and make a fuss. 

Calm down Nico. Nobody here gives a crap what you and your wife do. Here you’re just another family. 

Coral finally makes some friends. The blonde is Wilhemina Wolff-Durwood. She’s Gator’s older sister and recently married to one of Serena’s Durwood’s sons (Zack, I think). The brunette is Deedee Wynn-Harris. She’s human, and thus the strangest person in town. The only important thing about the Wynn-Harris family is that they have way too many kids.

Nico gets bored and wanders over the the claw game.

He grabs a little toy tank. Awesome! More toys for the upcoming baby.

Coral doesn’t react so well when Nico shows her the toy he won. She got pregnant with Trinity so easily, but they’ve been trying for a second baby so hard with no result! It’s so friggin frustrating!

Whacking gnomes helps make her feel better right up until she smacks herself in the face with the mallet. 

Wrong reaction, Nico. You’re going to be sleeping on the couch for a LONG time for laughing at that.

People don’t always notice Nico was born with the evil trait. He handles himself well, polite and courteous to all, and even takes good care of his employees at the warehouse. But right now his criminal empire has grown past the boundaries of the city, almost but not quite enroaching onto his mother’s territory. 

He doesn’t want to start another war so he’ll let her be top dog, at least in the thief department. There’s so much more he can be doing, and his eye has finally come to rest of the vacant spot of empire of evil. His grandfather is out of the way, and even the Van Gould patriarch won’t stand in his way. Nico won’t let anything happen to his family, and the best way to ensure his children are safe is to scare any potential threats away.

He has time to think all these thoughts thanks to Coral’s sudden infatuation with an arcade game. They don’t get home until almost midnight.

Gem gets a call from Sophie asking him to be her date for her father’s latest high society party. Gem’s own parents are of course invited but they refuse. Gem doesn’t. He’d be happy to accompany her.

Trinity does not approve of Sophie. She’s weird

Sophie’s dad owns the only formal lounge in the city, and every so often he’ll throw private parties for the upper crust members of society. Sophie’s been going to them since she was a baby and has very fond memories of... being bored out of her MIND. 

Gem isn’t too excited for the party, but he’s glad her father approves of him enough to let her bring him.

The party’s a bore. Sophie finds him sitting in a side room away from the mingling adults. She sits down next to him, her face slightly flushed from dancing.

“You’re not having fun.” She points out with a sigh.

He can’t lie. “It’s... not what I was expecting. I like being here with you, but there’s too many people, everyone’s too fake and I just don’t feel comfortable. I kind of want to go home.”

"Oh don't go..." She stands up after he does, moving towards him until he wraps his hands around her hips. “I know you aren’t meant for the high society life, Gem. And that’s alright. I was raised to like these things but we can meet in the middle. I love you.”

Gem would much rather just never go to another one of theses parties ever again, but meeting in the middle is better than what he feared she’d say.


To be honest I always forget Nico has the evil trait since he never really uses it. Not even the idles. Then he'll go and sit down in a rocking chair and puts that face on and I remember "Oh. So that's why you're in the evil career track."

*Love sigh* Gem. Why are you so pretty?


  1. I think I'm suddenly sad the twins aren't going to carry on the line after all - they are so cute! Maybe its because you hinted how you're going to 'get rid of them' when Gem hits YA - eek! I know I know, you said you were trying to be good! Can't they just... you know, live in a house next door and be happy witches in Moonlight Falls? =P

    Sophie's high society isn't going to be a good fit for Gem is it? With his pretty boy looks he should fit in nicely but personality always defines the sim.

    1. At this point in time there's no intention to have them brutally murdered or anything like that. I swear... Maybe.

      With his looks, Gem would be the perfect trophy husband but I don't really see him standing for that. He'd be bored and restless! He's more of a "play in the mud and out in the sun" kind of guy rather than a "sit there and look pretty" kind of guy.

  2. Wait, why are they still together? She wants to be with Gator and I want Gem with Fawn. Or at least someone he doesn't have to pretend to be someone else for. No girl ever really means meet in the middle. It means compromise until you are comfortable with that and then we'll compromise again until you're doing what she wanted in the first place.

    1. That was the point, Heaven. : P And they're still together for lots of reasons. For all we know, Gator doesn't give a rat's ass about Sophie and Fawn's too shy to ever say she likes Gem. Sophie's with Gem cause he's pretty and nice, and I'm sure she does care about him a lot. Gem's with Sophie cause she's been his friend for a long time and, he does care about her.

      They could potentially actually make a marriage work assuming absolutely nothing bad ever happened to either of them.

  3. Still not convinced by Gem & Sophie, they just seem too different in terms of their priorities etc.

    1. They are very different. I'll agree with you there.

  4. I forgot Nico's evil, too.

    So much makes sense now, lol.

    (Also his reaction to his wife bapping herself in the face was priceless.)

    So anyway, jellybean death is random? Or what? I never messed with it. *goes to check sim wiki*

    1. I think the jellybean death is random. Marise keeps rolling wishes to eat more of them but I'm not that insane! Once was enough for me.

  5. Trinity is so pretty! She's going to grow up into a heartbreaker!

    Gem.*sighs* He's so good looking! The trying to fit in/compromise makes for some good story drama fodder!

    Why does Nico remind me of someone else? The way he sits in that chair---

    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nico makes great looking kids.

      When Nico sits down in a rocking chair, he's apparently doing the "evil rock". I can't help but lol every single time.

  6. I never would've guessed Nico was evil. I guess I forgot to look at the traits!

    I'm still paranoid to try the jellybean bush. One wrong jellybean and my story gets dramatically changed. :P

    1. Exactly! I might roll the dice again later on, but for now I'm WAY too scared to try the bush again.

  7. Gem and Sophie. <3 I like them together... Not a fan of Fawn with Gem at all. :P

    I would have never guessed that Nico had the evil trait... He seems too nice for it.

    1. But Fawn's adorable!

      Nico's evil trait stems back to when he was a child, he'd autonomously scare Coral whenever they played together just for the giggles. As a teenager, it made him act out and do what he wanted instead of what Pearl asked him to do. I tend to downplay it a lot since his main trait now is "brooding".

  8. That photo of Nico in the rocking chair is priceless. No fancy throne for the Emperor of Evil, he'll settle for a wooden rocking chair.

    Marise makes a good angry face, too. She looked super PO'ed after her mom scolded her.

    Gem and Sophie are cute but I think I like Fawn better. I don't know why exactly, but I do.

    1. I might get a better rocking chair for Nico's "throne" once he gets there. Just because he's the only one who ever uses that chair in the household anyway xD.

      Marise is a handfull... s'all I'm saying.