Sunday, October 7, 2012

5.16 - Unacceptable

Talking to Fawn didn’t really put any of Gem’s fears to rest, didn’t make everything better but it did calm him down. Life sucks, but it could always be worse and he has to remember that. Last night he’d tried calling Sophie to apologize but her phone had been turned off, so his task for today was to find her and tell her everything that his father had told him.

And in order to do that he got to school a little early, hoping Sophie would be hanging out in the courtyard waiting for the bell.

“What the HELL were you thinking last night?” 

Gem’s more than a little shocked and confused when Gator comes up to him and starts yelling. “Uh... what did I do?”

“You broke Sophie’s heart! She came to my house last night bawling her eyes out because she says you were cheating on her with little little miss no fly zone!”

Oh. That. 

“I wasn’t cheating!” Gem claims, trying to defend himself. “Listen I went through some shit last night and I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I didn’t mean to meet up with Fawn but she was there and she helped me through it. We didn’t do anything and I didn’t cheat. I’d never cheat! I love Sophie and she loves me!”

“She does NOT love you.” Gator spits, his voice caring pure venom. “If she did she wouldn’t have slept with me last night. You fucked up, dude, and you lost her. She clearly wants to be mine now.”

“What did you just say?” Gem’s mind suddenly fills with something he’s never felt before, complete  and utter loathing. He’s never been so angry before in his life, and in his mind he’s already got Gator on the ground, beating his face in. 

But before either boy can make a move they hear a familiar voice cry out in fear.

They turn the corner to find the deed already done. Gator can’t believe his eyes. When he and Sophie had cornered Fawn, Sophie had threatened to humiliate her but Gator had never imagined she’d actually go through with it. 

Gem just feels disgusted.

Sophie looks like she’s on top of the world. Giggling like she’d just heard a funny joke, laughing all the harder when Fawn tries to cover herself from the eyes of the rest of the students. Almost everyone is in the courtyard right now, all of them seeing her standing there in her underwear and she just wants to die.

“I warned you.” Sophie smiles. “I told you I’d make you regret it if you ever went near Gem again, he’s mine and don't you forget it.”

Even if Gator hadn’t told Gem about Sophie’s betrayal, this act alone would have made up his mind. No normal being should be capable of something this cruel and he lets Sophie know exactly what he thinks of her. 

“How could you even think this is acceptable? She’s my friend, you... you bitch! I can’t believe you’d ever do something like this!”

“Gemmy please.” She pleads. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad at me. I thought she was trying to take you away and I just love you so much, I-”

“You don’t love me.” Gem points out. “Gator told me what you two did last night.”

Sophie knows she’s caught now, but she still tries. “He... told you? Gem I swear it didn’t mean anything, it was all a mistake, I was vulnerable and... and he forced...”

Gator can’t believe what he’s hearing, he’s about to step in to defend himself but Gem does it for him. “Oh shut up, Sophie. Gator may be an ass but he would never force you into anything. Just stop before you make things worse.”

He tries to go to Fawn, to comfort her in some way but she cringes away from him, tears still streaming down her face.

“What did I do?”

“You’re you!” She cries, yelling at him. “Just stay the hell away from me, Gem. I never want to see you again in my life! This is all your fault!”

He doesn’t stop her as she runs away. What was he expecting, really? That she’d thank him for coming to her rescue? He hadn’t done anything but make it worse.

Worse for everyone. Sophie was crying, pleading for forgiveness, Gator’s forgiveness, not Gem’s. 

When the bell rang for the start of classes, Gem just walked away. He couldn’t do this right now.

He gets home while its still light out, but long after school’s ended. His dad’s in the living room waiting for him so Gem can safely assume the school already called. 

They called. 

“Bullying? Skipping school? What’s going on with you, Gem? What were you thinking?”

“I didn’t bully anyone, dad.” Gem spits. “I skipped because I couldn’t deal with it anymore, not that I expect you to understand. Just leave me alone! It’s not like you care about me anyway, you only care about Coral and Trinity!”

Nico grounds him on the spot, exhibiting amazing self control by not smacking Gem then and there. Gem almost wishes for the physical strike, its better than the guilt he’s feeling now from the look of disappointment in his father’s eyes.

“Daddy, did you mean to make Gem cry?”

Trinity rarely asks questions because she rarely needs to. But her father’s mind is one she can’t read. It still shocks Nico every time she does ask, because he never knows what to tell her. “No I... don’t know what to do with him.” The school principle had called to report there’d been a case of bullying before school that day and that Gem had been one of the perpetrators but had run off before the teachers could get outside to take control of the situation. It doesn’t sound like something Gem would do, but how well does he really know his son? “Trin, did something happen at school today?”

She nods. “Sophie magicked Fawn Goodfellow’s clothes off in front of the whole school because she was talking to Gem. And then Gem got mad and called Sophie something not very nice and dumped her, and then Fawn yelled at him, and then she ran away, and then Gem ran away, and then Gator helped Sophie to class.”

Nico’s heart falls into the pit of his stomach. “Oh great, I’ve fucked up yet again.”

“You have.” Trinity agrees before turning around. “It’s okay though, I’ll fix it for you.”

Trinity reads mind, Trinity dabbles with secrets and dreams. She’s wise beyond her years and without her father’s idiocy. She keeps quiet most of the time, but today her family needs her, and she knows she’s the only one who can help her brother now. “Do you think what you’re doing is acceptable, Gemmy?”

He doesn’t realize she’s being serious. “What do you mean, kiddo? I’m grounded, remember? I can’t do much other than sit here and pout. And I think I’ll wait until dad’s gone to work to eat dinner.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it, llama-brains.” The swear feels awkward on her tongue, but it gets Gem’s attention. 

“Excuse me? What did you just say?”

“You heard me.” She states, holding her ground. “You’re being a total idiot. Get over yourself and go explain what happened to dad. Then go find Fawn and apologize. And then give me a hug because I told you Sophie was no good. Stop sitting here moping because it isn’t doing any good and you’re acting like a child. If you want to keep on believing you’re a vampire you should act like one. Don’t cry over things you can’t control.”

Great, even his kid sister is more mature than he is. He lays down, closing his eyes so he doesn’t have to look at her. “Just go away, Trin. I don’t want to talk to you right now. You don’t know what i’m going through, so just shut up and leave me alone.”

She doesn’t leave him alone, humming to herself as she does her homework until he gets up in a huff and walks out of the room. He’s just going to take a long bath and ignore everyone but she managed to get him out of bed so she counts this as a success.


To apologize to everyone who might hate Gator or Gem or both of them right now, before I could pose them or send them off to do the interactions I wanted, they autonomously made these reactions to Sophie's cruelty.


  1. Sophie's a royal bitch, even if she is a really pretty one. I'm glad Gem finally figured that out. And at least Gator told him...even if it was low to sleep with your best friend's girlfriend. Honestly I hate everyone but Gem and Sophie and Trinity. <3 They're loved. Can we keep Trinity?

    1. Trinity's really young compared to Gem and I have no plans to send her off anywhere so she'll be around for a while once Gem takes over.

  2. Yeah, this chapter made me like Trinity a lot.

    1. I prefer Gem to Trinity (which is why he's my heir) but I'm really glad she'll be around for a while. She's a fun character to write.

  3. Lots of drama! Poor Gem, Sophie is not very nice, she lies and cheats, so he is well rid of her! Harsh way to find out though!

    Poor Fawn. I hope she changes her mind about Gem.

    Trinity is adorable as always. She's so calm, it's almost scary. It'll be interesting to see what a teen Trinity is like!


    1. Teen Trinity is going to be a lot of fun to write. I have a few ideas for her, but those ideas are going to heavily rely on how the twins turn out as well. Right now she's the adult in her family, but she might not remain one once hormones take over and confuse the logical part of her brain. Poor kid.

  4. Gem is an idiot, Sophie is an evil ***** (insert rude word of choice) I utterly adore Trinity though, she is amazing!

    1. It has already been heavily documented that Gem is indeed an idiot. Obviously Trinity took after her mother more than her father.

      Sophie is certainly evil (she has the trait) but I'm sure she's going to regret that day for a long time to come. She and gator are dating in game but they also do a lot of fighting. I don't see them as being happy together. At least, not as happy as she was with Gem.

  5. As much of a scumbag as Gem and Gator were in this chapter, I still adore them both. Pleeease tell me Gator gets to hang around when Gem takes over!

    1. It will really depend on wether or not Gem chooses to forgive him. I already have Gator's apology scene photographed but Gem doesn't forgive easy.

  6. I'm in love with Trinity. She'll fix your royal screw-up this time, Nico, but she may not always be in the mood to clean up your mess. Gem is lucky to have a sister like her, even if he doesn't realize it.

    This whole chapter was so sad...I hope that Gator and Gem can be friends again if Gem forgives him. I also hope Fawn will talk to Gem again. Sophie...well, she can just buzz off.

    1. I'm sure Gator and Gem will become friends again sooner or later. Betrayal or no, they've been practically brothers since childhood and relationships like that tend to be hard to forget.

      Gem is definitely lucky to have Trinity for a sister. But she's just as lucky to have him for a big brother.

  7. Poor Fawn! =(

    I, too, like Trinity a lot. She's pretty mature for her age and an awesome little sister.

    1. Trinity's the best little sister in the world! : P

      No but seriously, I really like her too. Her relationship with Gem makes me smile since I normally ignore the fact that kids are siblings unless they're twins.

  8. I think Trinity has a lot more of her vampire ancestors in her (She's more Great Grandfather's prodigy than the others). That makes her rock in my eyes. :)

    Gem's endearing. Maybe its my age but I don't see him as an idiot, just young and inexperienced and going through a traumatic time.

    I also like what you did with the Sophie/Gator/Gem triangle. I look forward to seeing how Gem works it out (hopefully) with Fawn.

    1. If he wants to be with Fawn, Gem's going to have to work very very hard at it. Sophie would be easy to land but I really don't think Gem wants to give her a second chance. At least not regarding a real relationship with her again.

      Gem will brighten up as he gets older. You're right, its mostly just inexperience.