Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5.17 - Always Worth the Punishment

Markus buys the twins their first broomsticks.

Maven appreciates the training wheels. Flying is kind of scary.

Marise’s second try at the jellybean bush results in a pretty startling side effect.

Luckily the yellow glow fades before she gets home, but Maven can’t believe her when she spills the beans to him. How could she be so bloody reckless? What if she’d died? What if the glow had been permanent? Honestly, Marise...

On one adventure, Marise brings back a pet turtle. Gem falls in love and spends much of his time downstairs playing with little “Finger-eater” (Maven named it). 

Trinity’s so happy Finger-eater is here. Gem was starting to ignore her when she tried talking to him and the turtle’s appearance had made her brother smile for the first time since he’d last spoken with Fawn. 

He even starts going outside again, and Trinity takes advantage of the situation by asking him to play catch with her. 

Gem’s glad his little sister is around to push him. She may be a pain in the ass, but she’s his pain in the ass. He still feels betrayed and sad from learning he was human, and then the entire fiasco with Sophie, Gator and Fawn. None of them have so much as tried talking to him since then, but he hasn’t exactly made an effort either.

“Gem, can we talk?”

Gator managed to wait almost the entire weekend before the guilt became utterly unbearable. Gem wishes he’d waited longer, he isn’t sure he’s ready for this confrontation.

“What the hell do you want?” Okay, a bit ruder than he’d meant it to be but he's still mad.

“I fucked up.” Gator begins, hands clasped as if in prayer. “I know I shouldn’t have slept with your girlfriend but I did, and I can’t take it back even though I wish I could. Crazy bitch or no, I should have respected what you had with her and just lived with it. I don’t know if I did it because I wanted her or because I was jealous of all the time you spent with her but I guess deep down I wanted you two to break up. And now you are and I feel disgusting. I can’t sleep, I don’t want to eat, I’ll do whatever you want but please talk to me again Gem. You were my best friend and I don’t want to lose you.”

Gem doesn’t know what to say. Gator was his best friend since childhood, they’ve been almost inseparable since they met and were always there for each other when times were tough. Gator helped Gem get used to having so many other babies in the house, and Gem helped Gator through his parents’ divorce. 

“Are you and Sophie...” 

He doesn’t need to end the question, Gator already know what he’s asking and nods in answer. “I couldn’t just leave her like that. I know I should have, but honestly she’s scary. I don’t know what she’d do to me if I tried dumping her.”

Gem never felt threatened when he and Sophie were dating, but he supposes Sophie’s changed a lot since they were together. “It’s sort of hard to forgive you for stealing my girlfriend when you’re still dating her.”

Gator isn’t quite sure what to say to that. “Well, my birthday party is tomorrow... will you be there?”

Gem shrugs, turning back towards his house. “I'll try my best.”

Trinity wants to know if he’s actually considering attending the party. 

“Fuck no, kid. Sophie’ll probably be there and no way am I ready for that shit storm yet.”

His little sister gasps in shock. “Gemmy! You said a bad word!”

Gem forgets his sister is still just a little girl. Maven and Marise don’t forget though, and never fail to include her in most of the games.

The games she’s left out of are the games she’s chosen to stay out of. Like the night Marise finally perfects her animation spell.

It begins simply enough. Swearing Trinity to silence, and then politely asking Maven to check under Marise’s bed for monsters because she totally heard something last night and Maven is so much braver and stronger than her.

He doesn’t see anything, but as he’s standing back up a dark hand reaches out from under the bed to grab his foot.

He bolts it for mom’s room and spends the night with her. 

Marise gets in trouble but having the room to herself for even a single night makes it all worth it.

Jade has a birthday and gets middle aged. She’s almost certain her wrinkles are all Marise’s fault.

Well, that or the bees. 

5 a.m. bee swarm attacks... not a great start to middle aged life.

Jade ends up having to go to the doctor for medical aid after the attack. So Marise can go outside without punishment to play with Trinity.

Will she get in trouble once her mom gets back home to find out she ignored her punishment? Probably. Will it still be worth it? Hell yeah. Marise doesn’t do anything unless she knows the prize will be worth the punishment. Thats the only way to live.


All the characters this generation are so much fun, even Maven (although I won't be characterizing him much until his teen years). I'm excited to have the kids around and I have a few plot ideas for them. Only Trinity's is really finalized though, so I don't actually know what will be happening with the twins. All I know is that they're both going to be a lot stronger than either of their parents expected.


  1. I have actually heard it is hard to die by eating jelly beans, it takes something like 200+ jelly beans!

    Marise is precocious! Poor Maven, I bet he gets back at her someday, and he'll do a good job of it. You always got to watch out for the quiet ones, lol.

    I am glad that Gator came over to apologize. Hopefully his friendship with Gem can be repaired. Gem is better off without Sophie anyway!

    Fun chapter! :D I look forward to the next one!

    1. Maven could probably come up with a terrifying revenge ploy, but I don't know if he has the guts to go against Marise.

      I feel bad for Gator. He and Sophie are dating but she's kissed two other guys already, and I've NEVER seen that happen to teens before! His life basically sucks hard right now. No wonder he misses Gem.

  2. I don't know who cracks me up more, Marise or Trinity. Marise is a little spitfire, I love it! I'm sure she's the cause of at least one or two of Jade's wrinkles.

    I really hope Gem and Gator can make up, but I can understand why Gem is leery.

    Finger-eater is a great turtle name.

    1. As a teen Marise will either get out of control and need a serious intervention, or get herself in huge trouble and require help. Not sure which.

      Finger-eater was the name of my first turtle when I was a kid. I don't remember him since I was just a baby but I remember the name.

  3. I love Trinity, but Marise is great fun!

    I'm not sure I want Gem and Gator to make up, at least not while Gator is still dating Sophie...

    1. In regards to Gator and Sophie I'm going to be letting SP handle THAT all on its own.

  4. Gem's as cute as his father (or cuter). Him and Trinity have me totally in love! Not to mention the twins. They're adorable too, just not quite as entertaining yet. I guess it's cuz I'm so wrapped in Gem's drama. Poor baby. Lol are you ever gonna give him a break?

    1. Of course I'll give him a break. Eventually. Probably. Maybe.

      I promise to try.

  5. I hope Gem does go to Gator's birthday party and they make it up. In my dreams, Sophie leaves Gator, and then Gem and Gator become best friends again and life is just lovely. I love them both too much for them to be separated! :(

    1. I have an idea for what might really make Gem forgive Gator, but you guys won't like it.

      Eh. Friends fight. Best friends forgive.

  6. Finger-eater. Haha, that's awesome.

    Glad Gator apologized, but still. What a jerk. Trinity is adorable, and I like Marise a lot too. Can't wait for the next chapter! =)

    1. Marise is a little troll, but she holds a special place in my heart. So does Maven. I don't want to let any of them go : (

  7. I think Marise is going to grow up to be a really wild witch - I hope we'll get to hear about her from time to time. Maven will probably settle down and get married and have a nice sedate life despite his magic use, he seems so mild mannered haha.

    Glad to see things coming around for Gator and Gem at the very least. =)

    1. Well Marise and Maven still need to go through the teen stage before I send them off to live their own lives, but I think both will be pretty happy no matter what happens to them.