Thursday, October 11, 2012

5.18 - Everything's Going to Change Now

Gem’s been drinking plasma juice since he was a child, but when he tried drinking some this morning it started to make him feel sick. Marise shows him how to make pancakes and he actually likes them! Maybe being a human won’t be so terrible...

Weekends are nice. The kids can just play around and make a mess without having to worry about school or homework. 

Coral is finally smiling again, happy to at least have these two in her life. There’s a good chance her body will heal itself, let her have children again one day. And even if it turns out she never has another child she’s coming to terms with that. 

Nicolas still worries about her though. He can sense the sadness she’s always pushing back, the regrets and loneliness that make her cry whens he thinks he isn’t home. She’s still painting but not as much as usual, according to her its because they don’t need the money.

According to him its because he hasn’t given her enough reason to smile lately.

White has always been Coral’s favourite colour, and she absolutely adores flowers. After they found out she couldn’t have another child Nicolas tried being with her always but work got crazy when he finally cut himself from his mother’s business. They were all expecting some kind of war or fight but instead Junielle and Rio simply sent Nico a card to congratulate him on his latest business venture and invite him to visit for his younger brother’s birthday party.

“We really should make an effort to go.” Coral tells him and Nico takes her hands. 

He just rolls his eyes. “But I don’t want to! Knowing my parents they’ll just try to pass him off on us to raise and I’d rather not turn into Pearl if you know what I mean. Our kids are almost full grown and I think I’ll like having you all to myself for at least a bit.”

Gem would like to be out right now hanging out with friends but Trinity quickly reminds him he has no friends. Gator’s party is today but Gem decides to skip. All that’s left to do is check e-mails and one catches his eye. Its a forwarded message from his school councellor, advertising a scholarship for a post secondary pre-med school. 

In order to win the scholarship, Gem would need to write a 2000 word essay about the toughest moment of his life. 

He’s got this.

“So you want to be a doctor now? What brought this on? I sort of thought you’d follow me into the family business.”

Gem almost rolls his eyes. “Human dads expect their sons to follow into the family business in order to pass over control once they’re old and wish to retire. But as we’ve already established I’m going to be rotting six feet under long before you even get your first wrinkles so what would be the point? And I only tried out for that scholarship to keep my options open. There’s no way I’ll actually win.”

They have a pool, y’know. 

The kids love playing in it, and the girls love making fun of Maven’s inflatable shirt (He’s scared of drowning).

Trinity’s turning into a teenager tomorrow. The twins aren’t too happy with that.

She tries convincing them that everything will be fine once they’re teenagers too, but there’s no going back to what they have now once hormones and mood swings have been introduced to them. Everything’s going to change now.

Trinity becoming a teenager forces Jade to face her midlife crisis. She wants a new outfit.

Gem gives his baby sister one last hug. Once she’s a teenager there’s no telling when she’ll let him baby her again.

She may have asked for a small, private party but with her family there’s no way things could get any smaller than this.

She becomes a teenager. 

Music’s something she’s always had a minor interest in, and her parents give her a brand new guitar for a birthday gift.

Quickly it becomes clear she’s a natural, and in love. Coral and Nico both breath a sigh of relief. Music is a good outlet. Maybe this means she’s be an easy teenager to live with. Thank the Watcher!


One chapter left before Gen 6 I believe. Basically just the twins’ birthdays. 

Since this was such a short chapter I feel the need to give you an apology photo. Nico’s finally become the Emperor of Evil (just like his grandfather!). Unlike his grandfather, Nico’s harem only has one girl in it. And she could very easily beat the living tar out of him if he ever made a joke about another girl. Here I had Nico resting in the rocking chair when Coral came up and starting practicing her guitar in her sleepwear... what a tease.


  1. Tease indeed! lol

    I am glad to see Nico and Coral settling in. That was so sweet, Nico bringing her white flowers!

    I like the bit about Gem applying for that scholarship, what a great way to put all his bad experience to positive use! I think he'd make a great doctor.

    Wow, Trinity grew up really pretty! I can't wait to see how the twins turns out! :)

    1. I'm just glad Trinity didn't get the same chin as Coral. That damn chin's been in the family since River! *Eye twitch*

      I sure do hope Gem gets that scholarship : ) Even though that'll mean he might have to go away for school.

  2. I totally skipped over the entire medical school dilemma in my legacy. I honestly couldn't figure out a way to make it happen, so I'm excited to see how you handle that whole situation. I mean, in game, Sims just go straight from being a paramedic to becoming a medical intern, which is really quite strange when you think about it. I hope you don't send Gem away though! I'd miss him. =(

    Trinity is just lovely! Where did you get her hair, if you don't mind my asking? It looks awesome on her.

    Congrats on being halfway through another legacy! You put me to shame. =P

    1. Trinity's hair is a Skysim's hair retextured, this one actually:

      I'm actually aiming for 12 generations this time to get back on track after leaving the Sabos after only Gen 8. So next gen will be the half way point, but thank you! I'm really having fun with this line of characters.

  3. Trinity is gorgeous! New favorite lol.

    1. Trinity isn't quite my favourite (Gem <3) but she really is amazing.

  4. I adore Trinity, she looks so awesome as a teen

    1. I absolutely adore her face. She doesn't look too close to either of her parents so I was honestly very surprised by how she turned out.

  5. Trinity's a beautiful teen and has a good head on her shoulders too, she'll go far. Gem has had some time to let things simmer, now he needs to get his act together. The med school idea makes sense, particularly for his unique changeover to human that seems to be happening faster now. The best doctors are those who have personal interest invested due to their own or loved ones illnesses. :)

    1. Yeah I think Gem's goanna make a good doctor and I'm super excited for his generation. One more chapter! *Squeels*

  6. So glad to have finally caught up with your story! Sure hope Trinity can get Gem straightened out before he ages up!

    1. Poor little Trinity, she's goanna be stuck watching her family forever, eh?