Saturday, October 13, 2012

5.19 - Moving Forward

That rock came from space. Maven found it and brought it home. Marise wanted to try and turn it into a monster but he told her it might carry radiation and that scared her off.

His rock. No touchy.

Marise doesn’t care about her stupid brother and his stupid rock. She prefers things with a heart beat. Finger Eater is the only friend she needs.

With only a few days left before graduation, Fawn’s parents pulled her out of school in favour of self study. She was quite sure no one would try and bully her again but her parents didn’t want anything happening to their precious and delicate baby girl. They wouldn’t even let her go to the gym by herself!

Sophie’d been punished for her prank on Fawn, but her father had bought off the principle so no real harm had befallen her. She hadn’t even been suspended!

Her younger brother, Burton Rodgers-Van Gould was just starting highschool this week and was already nervous about being known as Sophie’s younger brother. People absolutely hated her now, and she had no shortage of enemies. Would people judge him prematurely because of who he was related to?

At the very least Gator was past all this teen drama. He’s was a young adult now, and a mighty hot one at that.

Emperor of Evil or no, Nico always makes time for his kids. Slowly, Gem’s begun to forgive him for keeping so many secrets, and Nico’s made a real effort to show his family he cares.

Even then the doubts remain. Coral and the kids aren’t his only family. Pearl died not long ago, Walt shortly after and both Daphine and Reed were happily married and starting their own families. Even little Gloria was a young adult now, with a happy career in politics. 

But that wasn’t the family Nico was thinking of now. His parents had sent him away to keep him safe and he’d resented them for that his whole life. Now as a parent, he can finally understand why they did what they did, and under the same circumstances he might have made the decision to send Gem or Trinity away to grow up safe. It wasn’t their fault he’d been born at a dangerous time, and they’d tried to do the right thing.

The invitation to his younger brother’s party has long since expired, but he could still just visit. Then again, he hasn’t seen them since he was kidnapped. It would be just too awkward to go visit that awful place again.

Jade’s failure at fishing helps lighten the mood.

Her babies are becoming teenagers and she’ll be damned if Markus thinks he can miss this event. She calls him a grand total of six times while he’s at work to remind him. 

Maven’s revenge part 2: He gets to the last slice of Trinity’s birthday cake before Marise does. She talks trash at him but there’ll be more cake before the night is over so she lets it go without plotting her own retaliation.

Markus shows up on time. “Did you really think I’d miss a day such as today, Jade? You insult me.”

“I never know what to believe when it comes to you.” She says honestly as he hugs her. Being so close to him always makes her heart race, but she isn’t sure if she’s ready or willing to give him a second chance just yet so she breaks away and invites him inside for the party.

Again, its just a “small” family affair.

Coral’s busy realizing tomorrow is Gem’s young adult birthday. When did he get so big? Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Marise has her father’s face shape and nose, but her mother’s hair.

Maven’s the opposite with Jade’s face shape and his father’s coloring. Both kids inherit their father’s deep set eyes, giving them the appearance of deep bags without ever having pulled a single all-nighter.

As the party winds down Trinity notices Gem looking uncomfortable. So she asks him to drive her to the park. He got his license only a few nights ago and jumps at the chance to use it.

Once at the park she heads right into the heart of the matter. “You got the scholarship?”

He doesn’t ask how she knows. “I did, the letter came in the mail this morning. They want me to leave the day after my birthday and head down to Hidden Springs University for a week. I don’t know if I want to do this anymore. I don’t think I’m ready.”

“You have to go!” Trinity says quickly, moving her bishop two squares in order to counteract where her brother wants to move his queen. “Gem, if you don’t go we both know you’ll regret it. It’ll do you some good to get out of town for a while, and I’ll take care of mom and dad while you’re gone. They’re old enough to know not to touch the oven while I’m at school.

Gem usually laughs at her jokes, but not this time. “Trin, it’s not them I’m worried about, its you. You’re my baby sister and I don’t want to leave you alone, not when you’re just about to start high school.”

“I can take care of myself.” She smiles before standing up to hug him. “I promise I won’t get into any trouble while you’re gone.”

Her promise puts some of his fears to rest, even though he knows full well trouble has a mind of its own. “You’re right. It’s only for a few days and I really shouldn’t worry about you so much. If you’re alright with me going then I’ll go.” He just hopes he doesn’t end up regretting this decision.


And thus ends Gen 5. Gen 6 will take over next chapter with a sexy YA Gem as my heir, and a bunch of bad decisions on his first day as a young adult. Burton's kinda cute, considering how he COULD have come out. 

Also: Marise and Maven. CAS is obviously trying to troll me because while they still aren't gorgeous, the first time I looked at them (when they were toddlers) I wanted to cry because they looked so ugly.


  1. Funny thing in my game--Gator has a child with Fawn, but marries Sophie. :P

    Marise and Maven actually turned out pretty well! I've seen what Markus looks like, it must be Jade's genes that are helping them out! I love how Maven gets revenge and Marise allows it. lol

    I am so excited for Gem's story! *can't wait* Though the "he hopes he doesn't regret this" line compounded by your statement that he makes a lot of bad decisions right off the bat, makes me nervous for him!

    1. In my mind Gem will eventually have a pretty good life, and things will definitely fall into place for him... but he still has many mistakes left to make before that happens.

  2. Yay, update! I got myself all caught up last night and was really upset when I realised there was no more. Then I wake up this morning and there's an update :-D You make me want to play Moonlight Falls again.

    1. Moonlight Falls has been my favourite EA town thus far. The town itself feels like home, the falls are beautiful, the buildings are great, and the stories of the characters that come with the town are honestly fascinating and I can't get enough!

  3. I'd say that Marise is pretty gorgeous.

    1. Marise is very unique. I wouldn't call her gorgeous but she came out a lot more attractive than I thought she was when I first looked at her through CAS.

  4. Nooooooooooooooooo Trinity! Don't leave her behind, she's adorable! Lol she's my favorite.

    1. Trinity won't be left behind. 6.02 is actually entirely from Trinity's POV as she writes a letter to Gem.

  5. I like how Marise & Maven look, they're not picture perfect gorgeous, but they look interesting without being ugly.

    I'm rather worried about Gem given that you said he's going to start off with a bunch of bad decisions - I hope everything works out for him.

    1. INTERESTING! Yes, that's the perfect word for them! Thank you. That's been bugging me all friggin week.

  6. Trinity's still gorgeous, our Gem's finally growing up (however tumultuous it might be), sad to see my favorite arc thus far drawing to a close but looking forward for the next Gen.

    I think that Jade needs to give Markus his second chance. The man loves her to bits!

    BTW: that's one massive spacerock.

    (I've linked your homepage in my blog to go with any poses you requested. I can take it off if you don't want it there, but I didn't think you'd mind. Hope it brings you even more readers.)


    1. Thanks for linking to me! I really appreciate it.

      I'm sure Jade will eventually give Markus another chance. It's clear she does love him, she's just scared of being hurt again.

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see Gem as a YA! And I'm looking forward to reading about the bad decisions he makes. =)

    Marise and Maven... I like them. They're different than your normal Sims, but I still think they're very, very attractive.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like the twins.

  8. I can't wait until Gem's generation starts! It's going to be so good!

    Actually I like how the twins look. It's very different and interesting. I like interesting faces.

    Permit me to drool over Gator. Since I had to start my Overlords in a new game recently (to make sure the mods worked correctly), of course the townsfolk started over, so Gator's a child in my game now. He's got that stupid backwards hat on. I nearly wept. But I'm almost afraid to put the hair on him, because then I'll want to play with him and I doubt I'll be able to write him as well as you. Besides, it probably doesn't make sense to have the same character in two different legacies. :P

    1. xD Hey I think I've had more guests from other legacies than any other legacy out there! And I know of a few stories that use the same characters (You don't have much choice when people use the same towns, y'know?)

      Gator is sexy enough to be Amaranth's younger boyfriend, or father of one of her kids. : P

    2. Oh CeCe don't say such things. I might actually do it now...

      By the way, I have not checked out the hair yet, but just to make sure. How do I make sure it's installed? Is there a specific folder I put it in, or is just dumping it in the Sims 3 mega folder sufficient?

    3. Make sure you go through all the steps on this link: and then you just plop the files into your packages folder. I only have the "A" files in my game, but you can have both versions in your game without trouble. The only difference between them is the location of the highlights.

  9. just read the last few comments after catching up - Gator and Amaranth in the overlord legacy would be hot, and he'd go for a princess in a castle for sure haha!

    I also like the interesting way the twins turned out, especially Maven, he's very cute. Also glad to hear Trinity gets a POV chapter, cool!

    Gem's going to do ok, he's slow to mature and facing a lot of issues all at once but I can tell he's going to learn a lot from it representing his generation.

    1. Gem's definitely going to learn a lot, and he will eventually mature. Life won't ever really be easy for him (I have plans in motion) but it won't be as scary or heart breaking as some of his ancestors' generations. For one, he doesn't have anyone trying to kill him!