Sunday, October 28, 2012

6.8 - Marry You

Fawn moves into the house and quickly makes herself at home. Gem can't believe how many plants she brought with her! But they make her happy, and really light up the room so he doesn’t really mind too much.

Fawn finally gets her wish to never go to sleep alone.

Considering Gem’s residency has him working almost 12 hours a day now he’s thrilled to have her home waiting for him at the end of every day.

Trinity kills time before her birthday by teaching her son to walk.

And before you know it, she’s become a young adult, fully a vampire and now more powerful than she ever imagined she could be. She’s also friggin adorable.

The backyard is set up for the wedding.

Dahlia Goodfellow made her daughter’s wedding dress from scratch. It has an opening in the back for where a fairy’s wings would go but Fawn doesn’t even notice these little details anymore. 

The wedding itself is also very much in fairy style, being outside and surrounded by plants and life, but that was more Gem’s idea so show how her family was joining his.

The first guests arrive.

Burton thinks his fiancee looks gorgeous. She’s going home with him tonight, right?

“Of course!” Trinity confirms. “But remember, right now isn’t about us, it’s about my brother.”

He smiles at her. “It’s hard not to make everything about us when you’re so beautiful, love.”

Trinity melts just a little bit.

Gator was invited to the wedding, but Sophie comes in his place while he stays home babysitting their daughters. Their newborn little girl and Topaz. “You know... Gem’s daughter. The one he had with me, not you.”

Oh that’s cute. Sophie’s trying to get a reaction.

“I’m so sad you didn’t bring her! Gem was so hoping to introduce me to his daughter soon, so she’d know she had two mothers as well as two fathers. We really should have set up a playdate with her and RIchard. Oh well, maybe when she’s older we can spend weekends with her. Who knows, maybe she’ll even like us better and want to come live with us. I’d like that.

“Of course you’d like to raise your husband’s baby.” Sophie shoots back. “You’re just a human so popping out babies and raising them is all you’d ever be good for. I mean, you don’t even have a career!”

Gem gets there before Fawn can slap her, standing between the girls. “There you are, love. Your mom just arrived, shall we get this party started? I’ve been waiting for this day since the first time we met.” 

He hasn’t, but judging by the smile on Fawn’s face that’s exactly what she needed to hear right now.

The ceremony begins, and Fawn quickly forgets her argument with Sophie. No matter what the bitch says or threatens, Fawn did technically “win” in the end. So she’s just talking out of jealousy.

Gem says his vows, and how he couldn’t imagine life without her.

Fawn says her vows, and how he’s been her inspiration since childhood. She loves him now, and will love him for always.

And with that, they’re legally married.

Sealing it with a kiss is mostly just symbolic and normally Fawn blushes as public displays of affection, but not today. Gem is her husband now and she wants everyone to know it.

Jade is the first to come up and congratulate the new couple.

And give them their wedding gift. 

“There’s something there for both of you.” Jade smiles. “Don’t open it until after the party though, alright?”

Fawn’s touched by the wedding gift, and fights the temptation to tear it open immediately. “Thank you, Ms. Sari!”

Luckily the party goes on, and the gift gets pushed to the back of the young couple’s mind.

The cake: What the party guests are actually excited for.

While the guests eat, the newlyweds have their first dance.

Maven just realized he’s going to be living with newlyweds. They’re going to be sickeningly annoying!

As the guests head back outside to join in on the dancing Trinity takes Burton aside. “I think I’d like to marry you before we move out.”

“Alright.” Burton sighs, failing to hide his disappointment. “We can plan a party in a few days, I think. RIchard could be the ring bearer and-”

“I don’t want a party.” Trinity clarifies. “I want to get married now.”

They exchange rings in the nursery, with their son as the only witness.

“I promise to love you and hold you for as long as I live.” Burton promises.

“I promise to love you and hold you for as long as we both shall live.” Trinity fixes in her own vow. She hopes he’ll allow her to turn him into a vampire. But if he doesn’t than she’ll happily give up her vampirism.

Burton says she can turn him as soon as they get home. He’d love to spend eternity with her.

Gator finally shows up, better late than never.

Just in time too, cause Sophie’s acting up again.

Gator sends her home to watch the babies and then congratulates his best friend on finally getting hitched.

Gem’s just happy Gator could make it to the party.

“Things have been pretty hectic at home.” Gator explains. “Topaz was a little angel, but Fox... oh man, I swear all she does is scream and cry. She’s so totally my daughter. My brother came over to visit last night and claimed it was pay back for all the times I’d wake the entire house up wanting attention.”

Gem was a pretty good baby, so he supposes that makes sense. But personalities aren’t really an inheritable trait. It’s more learned, isn’t it? Hopefully it’s at least partially inheritable though, because both he and Fawn were great kids, and they’re hoping to start a family soon.

With the wedding winding down, Coral and Nico decide to take their leave of the family house.

Coral takes a moment to wish her son’s new wife luck. “Take care of him for me, won’t you? He really is quite a sensitive sap.”

“I know he is.” Fawn smiles. “I promise to take care of him, Mrs. Sari. I wish you both the best of luck together.”

“You too, Fawn.”

Trinity and Burton are leaving too. Fawn quickly realizes just how empty the house is going to feel now. How strange.

Gem isn’t too sure how he feels about the big house being so quiet, but Fawn assures him they’ll both be fine.

After all, they’ve got each other.

The twins are in bed, the newlyweds in their own room. The house is quiet but even then Jade doesn’t notice the one lingering wedding guest.

“It was quite the beautiful affair.” Markus smiles as Jade turns to greet him. “I gave them an antique painting for their gift, but I must say yours had a lot more thought put into it.”

“One vial for what they want.” Jade smiles. “The other for what they need.”

Markus shakes his head with a smile before taking hold of her hands. “Do you remember the first time we met? At the library when we began talking about alchemy and I told you you were one of us because I could sense your fae ancestry?”

“I remember, Markus. And I’m sorry for slapping you after you said it. It took me a long time to accept what I was. Even now I’m still getting used to the idea of being a fae.” 

“Wether or not you accept it you really are a fae, my dear. Only fae give gifts like yours, gifts with a lesson.”

The fae are immortal, Jade knows, so she isn’t truly one of them. But it runs thicker in her blood than Markus will ever understand. It’s the reason for the incredible power their children possess.  

“Tell me Markus, do the fae ever marry?”

He shrugs. “Thats a question for your grandfather, not for me.” 

“My mother married, and so did her father who was a halfling. Neptune told me once that true fae feel no need to bond themselves to another, even if they know they’re in love. He says my family only married because of the pressures of human society.”

“There are no such pressures here.” Markus tells her as he pulls her into an embrace. “I want to marry you, but not because of pressure, its because I want everyone here to know I love you. Can the fae understand that?”

“I don’t know if they can, but I understand. And I would very much like it if you proposed to me right now.”

He does so.

And Jade says yes.


Okay, so in summary we've had two weddings and an engagement. Trinity, Richard, Nico and Coral have all left the active family. Markus Grimm and Fawn Sari have both joined the active family. 

We're down to 6 people, and it'll be down to 4 soon enough. I'm goanna miss the twins. : (

Hurry up and get pregnant Fawn, I want babies.


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    1. I'm putting her up now. Mediafire is being mean to me! Her outfit is from the store, heavily CAST-ed with a custom pattern on the bottom half.

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  12. Most of the plants I used for Fawn and Gem's room are from here:

    Maven will get quite a few updates on his life, and Marise will be back for a special visit once the heir is a teen.

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