Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6.10 - Who You're Meant to Be

The day before the twins’ birthday Maleena sends over some spells books. Enough to keep both of them occupied for a long time on the off chance Jade refuses to let Maleena train them.

Marise gets to work right away.

Transfiguration has always been her strong suit. If Jade lets her go to Avalon she’ll have to leave all her little friends behind. 

Jade celebrates her birthday while the twins are at school for their final exams.

She gets OLD. And WRINKLY.

“You look beautiful.” Markus smiles.

Jade laughs at him. “You’re such a terrible liar.”

“Then you must know I’m telling the truth.”

She just rolls her eyes.

Fawn hasn’t been feeling too sick, but she quickly learns her slight nausea might have been due to her pregnancy. How exciting!

She tells Gem the second he gets home from work. 

Finally! (Watcher’s response, not Gem’s.)

Gem’s response is more fitting a loving husband. “How are you feeling? Oh wow, I can’t believe it! How’s your back? Any pain? Here, let me try this massage technique we’re supposed to teach expecting couples at work.”

Their baby is barely the size of a peanut and thus has no effect on the state of Fawn’s back, but she doesn’t tell him that. She likes being massaged.

When he’s home, Gem spends almost every second near his wife. Some would find this annoying but Fawn just melts from the constant attention. It’s not like he’s treating her any different now that she’s pregnant, he’s been amazing ever since he first asked her out that day at the library. 

However Gem can’t stay home 24/7. He’s been back to work for a few days now and he won’t be allowed any time off for Fawn’s pregnancy, or their child’s youth. So some days Fawn’s left home alone. She could of course hang out with Jade and Markus (they really wouldn’t mind) but instead she prefers to stay in her room, studying the pink elixer and wondering how it would feel to be a real fairy.

When the twins’ birthday does arrive Jade feels a slight pang at the sight of Fawn’s belly. She remembers the day she found out about her own pregnancy, Jeffery’s attack, Coral’s hospitalization and then later finding out Markus had disappeared.

She’s happy Fawn’s child will have both parents nearby. Jade doesn’t know when she’ll ever get her own grandchildren, so she’s happy Fawn’s letting her be a pseudo-grandma to this one.

The twins celebrate together.


And Maven.

Marise was ready to fight for her right to choose her own path and go to Maleena for training, but Jade surprises her with her consent.

“I just want you to promise me you’ll be careful.”

“Of course, momma. I love you.”

“I love you more.”

Maven already has his eye on a nice little house out on the far side of town, across the river. It’s small but has a big bedroom in case Destiny wants to move in... and start a family.

“You do know Maleena’s invitation extended to you as well, don’t you? As my son you’ll be welcome into Avalon whenever you wish, and Maleena isn’t the only master there. Anyone would love to have you as a student, and Destiny could always join you since her family has the same roots.”

“We might go one day to visit.” Maven says. “But Avalon isn’t my home, Moonlight Falls in. I wouldn’t want to raise my family anywhere else and Destiny agrees.”

“Well then why don’t you stay here? There’s more than enough room!”

“... What, and deal with Gem and Fawn constantly going at it? No thank you. I’ve been counting the days to my birthday! Love you dad, come visit sometime. Leave the love birds at home or only bring one.”

Fawn stops by her family’s home to announce her pregnancy.

Dahlia’s so excited to be a grandmother! 

“Do you think my baby might have wings?”

The truth is on the tip of Dahlia’s tongue, but she just can’t bring herself to tell Fawn the truth. “We never know, dear. We never know.”

The next time Fawn visits her parents she might just have a surprise for them. 

The Gem gets home, Fawn has another announcement for him. “I think after the baby is born I’m going to take the elixer Jade gave us and become a fairy... are you alright with that? Can uh... can you support my decision?”

A part of Gem wants to say he can’t support her, that he’s hurt she’d be so ready to live long after he died. Perhaps the only thing Jade’s elixers can’t do is return his vampirism to him. He’s stuck as a human, and she wants to move on so soon after their marriage...

Another part of him sees the hope in her eyes, the need to feel like the person she was meant to be. If he were in her position wouldn’t he want to do the same?

He smiles at her gently, running a hand through her hair. “I’ll support any decision you make, Fawn. I can’t wait to see you get your wings.”

The smile she gives him tells him he said the right thing.


Baby's a toddler in game. Really cute. : ) 

Daaaamn Maven! He can be downloaded here. Marise by clicking here. And Trinity by clicking here!


  1. Gem and Fawn are so cute. :D I can't wait to see what their baby looks like!

    1. I think these guys might just be my favourite couple thus far. I liked individual characters, and I liked certain characters together, but Gem and Fawn are two characters I really can't imagine with anyone else.

  2. I like that the twins left on good terms. =) The conversation between Mark and Maven was cute.

    Maybe Gem should turn himself into a fairy too. lulz.

    1. Gem as a fairy?

      ... xD Oh god I'm dying. If I did that I'd nee a male mini skirt and a form fitting top. He's already too feminine as it is, could you imagine him with sparkly wings?

  3. I love the picture of Fawn and Gem cuddling on the couch. So adorable!

    I liked this chapter a lot. It is nice that there is finally some peace at the Sari household, but I kind of wonder what you're planning... It feels like the calm before the storm, if you know what I mean. I'm just waiting for something bad to happen... (But I hope I'm wrong!) =)

    1. I'm sure the drama will kick in again sooner or later, it always does.

  4. I like the idea of Gem as a fairy, actually. Especially in a mini skirt. <3

    1. xD Fine, I'll get a picture just for you guys.

  5. Oh, I love the idea of Gem as a fairy! It would be so perfect!

    I do have a really bad feeling about Fawn taking the elixir though, why can't her mother just admit to the truth?!

    1. I think by this point Dahlia doesn't know what she'd even say, and she has no excuse for switching Fawn and Sophie other than "I thought it'd be funny". There's no way to tell Fawn the truth without hurting her terribly, but its sure looks like Fawn is walking straight into that.

  6. Yes, Gem would make a lovely fairy! Of course, then the baby would have to have the elixir as well or end up in the same boat Fawn was in.

    1. Gem will not be turning into a fairy, so no issues there.

  7. So then what's the other potion do? lol

    1. Oh don't start. You'll see eventually. : P

  8. Eeeeeh! I finally caught up (okay, i cheated. I haven't read your Starr legacy yet, but it might be my next project... )

    Gem is so precious! I understand why you made him your heir (even though i would have loved to se how Trinity would have made it as the heir :D)

    Only problem with catching up - I now need to wait for a new chapter as every other... tsh :p

    1. I really don't mind people skipping the Starr Legacy. It's terrible up until gen 6, where it becomes bearable.

      Trinity would have made an interesting heir, but then I would have needed to turn her human. And if I'd done that than she wouldn't be nearly as interesting as she is now. And this way she gets to live on through multiple generations! : D

    2. I haven't thought of that... It would be such a shame to take her powers... But she gets to stay around for long! yay :D Please include her in everything... Please?

    3. I shall certainly try. RIght now she has an opposite schedule to Gem so its hard to get them together but I'll certainly try. Maybe invite her over for Nalin's child birthday.

  9. Oh I have a bad feeling about Fawn taking the elixir now too! You're good at character portrayals, so your stories always get me the most for emotions!

    I'm mad at Fawn's Mom for not telling her the truth too. She's an adult now and deserves to know!! Damn irritating fairies! (almost as bad as Sophie haha)

    Maven's a hottie! He's much more grounded though, I'm glad he's going to stick around in town.

    Gem and Fawn are definitely a cute couple - they will have an adorable baby, can't wait to see it!

    Also - I'm so glad Jade and Markus are finally going to spend their remaining days married and happy too. You do have a tendency to shock us sometimes, but I can tell you love those mushy happy endings too. ;)

  10. Dahlia not telling Fawn the truth early on will definitely bite her in the butt, but fairies don't exactly think things through, do they?

    I got Jade and Markus married cause I expected him to die the next day. But he's still hanging in there. O_o