Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6.2 - Missing You

Dear Gemmy, 

I hope this letter finds you well. I tried calling you at the number you sent daddy but I keep going to your voicemail. I hope you aren’t still mad at me and I really am sorry for what I said the night you left. I was in the wrong and I shouldn’t have judged you for the decisions you made. I really am sorry and I hope you’ll be able to forgive me once you’re home safe and sound.

The twins are doing great. Mr. Grimm’s been teaching them transfiguration magic and they’ve really taken to it! It’s so cool to watch them practice and the magic in the air makes me all tingly.

And its pretty cool to see them transforming things like apples into rocks and the like! 

Last night Marise actually managed to turn her apple into a tiny fish!

She named him King Louis and absolutely adores him. I hope he’s still alive by the time you get home, it really is pretty extraordinary. 

Mister Grimm says he wasn’t able to transfigure objects into living creatures until he was much older than her! He tried offering to teach me magic as well since he says I have the ability for it too but aunt Jade just shoo’d him off to talk and he hasn’t mentioned it since. I swear there’s so much are parents don’t tell us. I wish you were here, you’re good at figuring secrets out.

One secret I don’t need help figuring out: Aunt Jade and Mister Grimm are totally back together now. He’s been spending almost every night over at our house! Now everybody has a roommate but me and I don’t like it....

Not that he and Aunt Jade are really sleeping together I don’t think. She’s up every night  thanks to her energy elixers, and doesn’t come home until morning. I read her mind the other day and she seems to be planning a gift for you and your wife on your wedding day. 

Please tell me you aren’t getting married. Please please please! It’s just weird. Dad says she might have just been losing her mind at long last so I don’t know.

As for mom, she recently got a job to help decorate the new City Hall building so she’s constantly over there working on frescos and the like. I tried helping her with some of the paintings but uhm... let’s just say I decided to stick with music.

Daddy’s decided to help mom as well by working on some sculptures. He says his and Jade’s grandpa used to be a really famous sculptor so it runs in his blood. 

If he asks you to pose just go with it, he tends to lose interest before your feet start hurting.

Marise got her license by the way, Mister Grimm even bought her her first full broom stick! She offered to teach me how to use it but honestly, it’s a bit too weird.

Her magic is just unbelievable. If you thought she was good while you were still here, you’ll be amazed at her level once you get home. She creates fire with just a wave of her wand and then plays with it, keeping it in the air with just a few pokes and prods.

She let it touch the ground once and that was unpleasant, but she managed to get it under control with an ice spell and some help from me and Maven before dad could see it. 

Speaking of Maven, he has a secret! 

Her name is Destiny Wynn-Harris, and she’s a witch too! He tried telling me they’re just friends but they’re totally more. I can’t wait for him to bring her home, it’ll be so much fun!

And I guess, while I’m on the subject, I’ve sort of met somebody myself.

His name is Burton Rodgers-Van Gould and he’s Sophie’s little brother. He really looks up to you and we became fast friends. He’s in my math class and while he’s no genius he’s really hard working and I know he’ll do great things.

At first things went kind of slow, he was the absolute perfect gentleman and made me feel like a total princess. 

He kissed me on our first date but it was alright, I was hoping he would.

We hung out a lot, and he wasn’t scared to come over. I think dad even liked him cause he never tried scaring him off. He said you’d do that for him but I think he was just trying to pretend he didn’t approve or something. Mom liked him a lot too, and I know you would have, you know, assuming we were still together... which we’re not.

I suppose you could say it was just a fling. He made me happy but I just didn’t have time for him. 

Thank goodness we never did anything dumb together. 

It was a mutual break up. He wanted to focus on school, and I wanted to continue with my music. 

We agreed to just be friends and I was cool with that. It really was for the best.


I miss you, Gemmy. A lot. I know you’ve got another few days before you finish school but... um, I just wish you were here. I miss you more with every day. I can’t wait for you to come back home.



I <3 Trinity. So so so much. 

Gem'll be back next chapter since I couldn't actually send him off to school. The University EP won't be out until Spring! 


  1. Aww...Poor Trin. I hope Gem is nice now.

    1. Gem's always nice! Sometimes a lil TOO nice, if you ask me.

  2. Uh oh, looks like Trinity's got herself in a bit of trouble there.

  3. I love how you wrote this chapter as a letter! Very cool! To drop that little "I hope you're not getting married.." in there---how mean! lol I can't wait to find out if Gem is getting married!

    I love Trinity! How sad about her and Burton. That one pic looks like her heart is broken, and his is not.

    1. Jade's little prophecy will be explained later (in passing) but yeah. I just wanted to give Trinity a freak out moment over the idea that her stupid big brother could be committing to ANYONE considering the last girl he was interested in is the girl she utterly loathes.

      Burton's heart was not broken, but he also has no idea she's pregnant with his kid. So don't hate on the kid just yet.

  4. I'm so glad that Burton and Trinity never did anything dumb together

    1. Oh yeah. Totally. Smart kids, those two. *Eye roll*

  5. Ah, the unreliable narrator. Always fun.

    I like that Trin's hair is brown with black bits, and her ex-boyfriend's was black with brown bits. I don't know why, that just really amused me.

    1. I'd been planning on setting Trin up with him ever since seeing him as a toddler back when Gem would go over to Sophie's mansion. He isn't attractive, but he's on the right side of interesting (imo) and I can't wait to see the kid.

      I'm sure Trin wanted to tell her brother what was going on... but yeah.

  6. OMG! Was not predicting the pregnancy with Trinity (not that she ever slept with Burton or anything...)

    I loved the letter format. :D

    1. Yeah I was really excited for this chapter because I wanted to try a new format for once. It felt nice to have the freedom of telling the story through a letter.

  7. Yay, Trinity's still involved! I will always love her the most. She's just so dang cute. Her baby will be adorable.

    And what's this about a University EP?! Share lol!

    1. I'm really excited to see her baby too. It'll totally be adorable.

      The University EP got leaked like two weeks ago! Gosh, where have you been? : P

    2. Under a rock lol. Well now I'm all excited about the University EP, EA's really stepping it up and giving us our stuff back, like Seasons. Thanks for the info! :)

    3. Anytime! It was in the Seasons + Sim City 5 producer video. Right before it ended a guy dressed in grad robes and a guy dressed as a mascot ran onto the stage, chest butted and then ran off.

  8. Doing a PoV chapter through Trinity's voice was a GREAT idea since it really helps convey the idea that Gem's gone away yet still the focus. I loved how she totally lied to Gem about the reality of her relationship and breakup too, that was awesome and so typical. I think this shows Trinity's vulnerable side. Before, she was starting to look really powerful and more mature. Good to see she's also not perfect!

    The twins are great too - so much cool magic! They're going to be great supernatural additions to your town's genetics. I'm also so thrilled to see Markus return to Jade - ahhh happy endings for her. <3

    1. Trinity is definitely more mature than her brother (and parents) but only because she sees things logically and from a third person point of view. Now that's she's actually having to go through things first person she's realizing its a lot harder to make decisions if you're emotionally involved. Poor kid.

      I LOVE the twins. Their magic is so much fun.

  9. "Thank goodness we never did anything dumb together."

    Lol, lol, lol! That line was just perfect.

    Neat chapter! I really enjoyed it. =)

    1. Its fun to write as teenagers, because I was as idiotic as they get. Looking back on my days in high school I realize I was dumb as heck. So it makes me feel better to be able to write teenagers dumber than myself.