Monday, October 22, 2012

6.4 - Won't Let You Go

Trinity’s more than a little shocked when she sees Burton standing outside her front door awkwardly, one hand posed as if to knock before letting it fall and deciding to just wait instead. She almost doesn’t go outside but then she sees her brother and Sophie watching from the car across the street. 

She should have realized he wasn’t going to let her keep this secret.

“Hey Trin.” He greets with a nervous smile as she steps outside. “Your uh... your brother picked me up from work. Said we needed to talk or something.”

She swallows nervously, suddenly feeling sick again. “Did he tell you what we needed to talk about?”

He shakes his head. “No. I tried explaining that I thought our break up was a mutual thing but he wasn’t interested. And Sophie isn’t telling me anything either so I got worried. Is everything alright?”

“No everything isn’t alright.” She sighs. “I didn’t really want to tell you but I guess I have no choice now. I’m pregnant, and you’re the father. I haven’t slept with anyone else before or after we were together and I’ll understand if you don’t want anything to do with me but-”

“We’re going to have a baby?” He cuts her off, face breaking out in a smile. “Are... are you serious?” 

“Yes...” She looks at him oddly. “Burton, we’re just kids ourselves. Why are you so excited for this? I cried for hours when I first found out.”

“Well then I’m weird.” He laughs. “Trin, I told you on our first date that I wanted a big family.” 

“Yeah but I figured you were talking about in the future. Like, when we were adults.”

“I was.” He admits. “But why not start now? If I’m not mistaken we broke up because you felt I didn’t make enough time for you, and I promise I’ll fix that.”

“So you don’t hate me?”

“For what, getting pregnant?” He takes her hands in his. “It takes two, and I’m not going to abandon you.”

“I’ll talk to me dad as soon as I get home.” He promises. “If you’d like, you can come live with us at the castle and you’ll never have to worry about anything. I let you go once and I hated it. I don’t know if this is love, but I promise to work harder to make you happy.”

Trinity informs him that she’d rather stay with her own family for now, at least until graduation so they can help with the baby, but he’s welcome to visit at any time.

Nico’s met Burton once or twice in passing, but never made much of an effort to speak with him. But if the boy is going to be family then Nico figures they should speak. 

Burton’s dad told him horror stories about the Dracule family. He never believed them much while dating Trinity, but when Nico hints at missing body parts and shallow graves Burton finds himself wondering if there might just be some truth to the stories of kidnapping and murder.

“Your dad scares me.” He admits once Nico’s gone. “Is he really the Emperor of Evil?”

“He is.” Trinity admits. “But please don’t think ill of him for it. Thievery and crime runs deep in my blood, there’s nothing nobler than being willing to do anything to keep your family safe.”

Burton doesn’t agree with her, but he won’t say that out loud. “I wish my dad thought that way, but when Sophie went into crime he kicked her out. When she told him she was pregnant he almost disowned her, but then Gator Wolff stepped up as her baby daddy and they had a shot gun wedding that  calmed dad down a bit. He won’t be happy that we aren’t getting married, but I know he won’t react like he did with my sister. He always liked you.”

Trinity wasn’t aware Sophie had married Gator. Judging by Jade’s face in the background, she didn’t know either.

Trinity’s thoughts immediately turn towards how her brother will be effects by the news, but is quickly distracted by Burton. 

“You don’t need to worry about him.” He sighs. “Sophie was more hurt than your brother was.”

“Even if he was in the wrong I still have to defend him.” She points out. “He’s my brother, its my job.”

Jade heads down to the library while the kids are distracted. When she agreed to give Markus a second chance he took her down to the hidden underground archives and showed her the lunar disk. She hadn’t believed him when he told her it could show her the future, but when she’d seen Gem’s wedding she’d laughed and gone along with Markus’ plan for a wedding gift. 

The first time she’d looked in the disk it had just shown her Gem wears a tux and waiting by a wedding arch. There was no mention of a bride but Jade had assumed it would be Sophie. This time she sees the bride, and she doesn’t have fairy wings.

When Gem leaves the hospital after his first day at work he finds Fawn waiting for him outside.

“How was work?” 

“Gross.” He says jokingly. “Your little sister came in with a stomach flu and puked all over me before I could give her her medicine.” 

“Oh eew!” She laughs before smiling. “Mom called to tell me you’d helped her. She’s at home now playing with her toys again. I wanted to invite you out for dinner tonight as a thank you.”

“Didn’t I invite you out yesterday?”

She glares at him playfully. “Shush. I’m trying to be romantic.”

After dinner they sit down in the parking lot together to watch the stars. 

“Do you remember the first time we did this?” Fawn asks.

Gem gives the softest of smiles. “I do. I shouldn’t have let you go that night.”

“Sophie wasn’t crazy yet.” Fawn points out. Gem wishes she wouldn’t criticize his ex-girlfriend like that but if anyone has a right to, it’s her.

Before it gets too late he stands to give her a kiss goodnight. 

“I had fun tonight.” She smiles. “We should do it again.”

“For sure. I’ll call you.” And he means it. He won’t lose her again.


<3 Look! It's a happy chapter!


  1. Nico just proves that there are scarier things than shotguns.

    1. Many many things. But at least he wasn't as psychotic as Raindrop Sabo. If Burton had knocked up Rainy's teenage daughter he'd be six feet under before he could blink.

  2. BAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry. Burton's reaction to Trinity's pregnancy is so opposite of Zack's reaction to Amaranth's pregnancy. You get respect points, Burton. I approve.

    And Gator married Sophie? I was right! He is the baby daddy! I hope she treats him well. Okay rephrase, she better treat him well. :P

    1. Burton's family-oriented so I figured a really positive reaction would be in character for him. I think he and Trinity will be very happy together, and she does deserve a happy life.

      Gator's basically got Sophie wrapped around his finger by helping her keep her inheritance, but I don't think he'll really abuse that. : P Hopefully Sophie's learned her lesson by now.

  3. D'aww! What a sweet chapter! Burton really stepped up to the plate. At first I didn't deem him worthy of Trinity, as she deserves the absolute best, but his reaction to the pregnancy proved me wrong (which I'm very glad about). Also, I utterly adore Fawn and Gem together. They make a great couple. I love happy chapters! <3

    1. Fawn and Gem are just gorgeous together, and I can't wait for them to be "official". I must give them an over the top elaborate wedding. I MUST.

  4. Aww! What a lovely chapter! I am so glad that Burton reacted the way he did. Trinity deserves a great guy! :D I can't wait to see how their baby looks!

    Gem and Fawn are adorable together!

    I loved Nico's *threats*! He is so creative in his ideas! lol

    1. Nico wont win any father-of-the-year awards, but he knows how to protect his family. And if that means scaring his daughter's fiancee into submission he won't even hesitate.

      Their baby is still just a baby in game. I'm excited to see what it looks like too!

  5. I'm so glad Burton had such a good reaction to Trinity's pregnancy! She deserves a good man and he seems to really be one :)

    I'm also glad that Gem and Fawn are going out, I hope things go well for them

    1. The next couple chapters are going to be over-all happy, so there you have it. : P

  6. Lurved Burton's reaction to the pregnancy announcement, he has such a funny / cute face - he looks pixie-like in boy form to me. Great match to Trinity's looks. They should have an adorable kid!

    Gator marrying Sophie was a surprise, maybe he's over his wild ways now and ready to be the stand up man for his best friend haha.

    1. Spoilers: Their baby is absolutely ADORABLE.