Tuesday, October 23, 2012

6.5 - As We Age

Everyday after work, Gem meets Fawn at the library where she’s doing research for her stories.

“Hows the new story coming along?”

“Slow.” She smiles. “How was work?”

“Slow, thank the Watcher. I was able to do a lot of studying today.”

Thank goodness for slow days at work, cause this elderly lady really needs a doctor.

Gem steps up to her, nervous but confident in his abilities. “My name is Gem Sari, I’m a doctor. Can I help you?”

“Oh yes please!” She pleads. “I feel like my stomach is turning itself inside out!”

He grabs the scanner from the wall, entering his own information before scanning her for her medical information.

Turns out she has a history of stomach issues, including ulcers and heart burn. It takes only a few minutes for him to spot the problem.

“Here you go, ma’am. You’ll feel better in just a few minutes.”

“Whatever you say... kid.” Isn’t this boy a bit young to be a registered doctor?

Gator watches the fiasco from the corner patiently, waiting for his old friend to finish being the hero.

“Hey!” Gem greets when Gator finally steps forward. “How’s it going? I’ve missed you, man. How’s work?”

“It’s uh... good. You know... working hard.” He doesn’t mention how he left science to work for the local sports team. The hours are better, and the perks are good. But its almost embarrassing considering Gem’s a fucking doctor. “We should talk.”

“About what?”

“... About the fact that I married Sophie.”

Gem doesn’t say anything for a long moment. 

“I’d sort of put that together already.” He decides to say. “Back when Sophie told me she’d married someone who was alright with raising our baby as his. There aren’t many decent guys in this city, and you’re the only one who would care about Sophie and my daughter enough to offer to help. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way, you were free from her and I fucked that up for you. I’m sorry.”

“Dude. Stop.” Gem laughs. “Don’t make it sound like I gave up my whole life or something. Marrying Sophie had its perks, and she’s a lot nicer to me now that she thinks I’m her knight in shining armour. Plus Topaz is the cutest kid in the world, and I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

“But Sophie said-”

“Forget what she said. I’ll talk to her.”


Marise knows it. And uses it. To fix appliances and electronics. 

She also uses it to put spells and charms on her twin brother. Today’s spell is a love spell.

Normally Maven’s pretty pissed at his sister for magicking him, but not today. His heart is just so full of love for everything and everyone!

Normally the twins only suffer their father’s presence when they’re stuck on a spell and need his assistance. 

Today however Maven walks right up to his father and greets him with a firm handshake. “Greetings, father. How was your day?”

“It was fine..” It takes Markus only a moment to notice the look in his son’s face. “I’m assuming Marise was practicing on you again?”

“Oh yes, isn’t it wonderful? She’s such a good sister.”

“Didn’t I tell you two not to practice on living creatures until you’re older?”

“We’re just fine!” Maven laughs, whipping out his wand. “Let me show you!”

Markus’ eyes widen in terror as he cringes away. “Maven! Don’t-”

The energy engulfs him completely, and soon Markus is filled with a feeling of good luck, as if he could do no wrong today. “A luck spell? Fantastic, son! This is just what I needed today!”

He’s been planning this night for days now. A romantic dinner at the local bistro, a walk through Jade’s favourite park, ending with Markus proposing to her by the waterfall. 

But instead: “Markus, can we just spend tonight in? My inner clock is so whacked up from my hobbies and I’m just not up for a fancy dinner tonight.”

Markus is disappointed, but he doesn’t tell her why. He’ll give her her quiet night in tonight, and maybe propose another night. 

He does hint at it though. “I really think living together would be a good idea. I could help you with the kids, be closer to them for their lessons, and it would be a great excuse for the twins to meet my family. I know Marise is incredibly strong and I think my sister would love to see her.”

“I’m not too sure about all this...” Jade sighs. “Can’t we talk about this another time?”

“Oh of course.” Markus nods enthusiastically. “Take all the time you need to think about it, and we’ll talk when you’re ready. There’s no rush.”

He doesn’t point out that he’s already an elder while she’s still young and full of life.

Nico knows where Jade is tonight, but he still worries. She’s getting older, and if not for his grandfather’s attack Coral would have been grey by now. Instead she’s still young and beautiful, like him. One day Jade will die, and then so will his only son. He can’t watch them die, but he knows Coral will never agree to leaving. 

Perhaps they can find a compromise. A different home, but the same town... that might work.


I'm in love with that last photo. <3 Totally unposed and autonomous. I already know I'll be moving Nico and Coral out, but I don't know if it'll be out of the story completely, or just to a different home and letting SP control their lives. What do you guys think?

Topaz is next chapter. She's absolutely adorable and I love her.


  1. At least Gem has Fawn to understand his pain.

    I'm glad Gator wants to let him see his daughter!

    As for Nico and Coral, I'd say leave 'em in town and just change their settings to not allow for more children. But it's up to you of course.

    1. Gator's a good guy, deep down. And no spoilers but... he and Sophie are expecting a baby! : D So I guess he's happy!

      I think I will leave them in town.

  2. I'd like you to leave Nico and Coral in town so we can see them around sometimes.

    I'm glad Gator's going to sort things out so Gem can see his daughter, it sounds like he's got Sophie twisted round his little finger!

    I hope Jade will accept Markus' proposal when he manages to make it, and I thought the twins' magic was fantastic

    1. Gator's got Sophie wrapped pretty well. But I think she needs a bit of logic in her life to keep her sane and normal.

      I'm just in love with the twins. I'm having SO much fun with their magic.

  3. Hooray for Gator talking to Sophie about letting Gem see his daughter. I can't wait to see what she looks like, considering she is Gem's daughter, she must be a real cutie pie! I hope you find a way to sneak in a pic of Sophie and Gator's baby. :)

    I loved the interactions between the twins, it looks like Marise has not changed a bit. lol Still up to mischief. I hope Jade gives Markus a chance, before he dies! :P

    I will be sad to see Nico move out. :( I wonder how long SP will let them stay together?

    1. Oh I'm sure SP will let them be together just fine... s'long as I check the right boxes : P

      I'm a few days ahead of here in game, and I'd only just received the notification Sophie was pregnant. So it'll be a while yet before we see the baby. Heck, Trinity's baby isn't even a toddler yet!

  4. Also glad that Gem will get to meet Topaz. And will Markus still want to propose once the spell has worn off?

    1. Maven gave him a good luck spell, not a love spell. His feelings for Jade are all natural, so I assume he still wants to propose to her.

  5. Markus makes a cute old man, aww. <3 - I know he hasn't made a lot of leeway in the story due to the roll restrictions but I think its sweet you're having him soften up Jade to the idea soon. Thank you for being a merciful Watcher and giving them a chance for happiness in old age haha!

    Can't wait to read on and see Topaz!!

    1. Poor Jade would have loved to marry him when she was younger, but now she's just so used to being single... it might not be THAT easy to convince her.