Thursday, October 25, 2012

6.6 - Commitment

Fawn lives out in the edge of town all by herself. Her home isn’t anything special, its actually more of a shack than anything but she bought it all by herself and for that she’s in love with it.

Gem’s never had to work for anything, but he’s alright with that. He understands the way Fawn thinks, so when she invites him to spend the night at her place he understands what a big deal it is for her.

His night with Sophie didn’t mean much to either of them. She needed a distraction from her break up with Gator, and Gem needed to feel a connection to someone again. Sure it had ended badly, but he was careful to not make the same mistake a second time. His night with Fawn actually means something.

So he tells her about his daughter with Sophie. And how he’s supposed to go meet her in the morning.

To her credit, Fawn just smiles and tells him she already knew. In truth, everybody already knew since this town had so few secrets. But it means the world to her that he trusts her enough to confide in her.

He’s up extra early the following morning, already dressed by the time Fawn comes outside to wish him luck.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” He smiles, not wanting to let her go. 

“I don’t know either.” She teases. “You must have just been really lucky. Now go! You’re going to be late. I’ll see you again soon.”

Sophie really didn’t want Gem in her daughter’s life, but Gator is very persuasive when he needs to be.

Little Topaz could be her father’s clone. Also a human being, despite her father being a vampire when he conceived her.

Gem doesn’t know if he’s happy or heartbroken that she’s human like him. Being human isn’t as terrible as he’d feared it would be, but its a lonely life to be so normal. He only wishes Topaz doesn’t grow to resent him for her heritage.

He spends the whole day with her, playing with her and teaching her to speak.

She refuses to speak, only listening to him intently and with a kind of focus he’s never seen in a baby before. Maybe she’s a genius. He doesn’t really know.

Trinity finally goes to meet Burton’s parents. They’re polite, but reserved. Vaguely, Trinity wonders if they’re wondering if she’ll hurt their son like her brother hurt their daughter.

Burton’s father in particular terrifies her, but that might just be because he’s the oldest vampire she’s ever seen.

Still, he’s excited to be a grandfather again and treats her well enough. He invites her to move in with them whenever she wants, and wishes her luck with her final exams for school. Even heavily pregnant she’s still going to school daily and working towards graduation. She isn’t going to let a baby put her life on hold if she can help it.

She gives birth that same night. To a little boy named Richard Sari. He’s a vampire. 

Burton becomes an almost constant presence at the Sari household, even if Coral forces both parents to do their homework before playing with their son.

Its a conspiracy, you see. Homework takes a long time, so by making them study it ensures Richard’s grandparents get to dote on him while they still have time.

Jade finally finishes Gem’s wedding gift. Now she just has to wait for him to actually get engaged dammit. What’s taking him so long?

The philosopher’s stone has been Jade’s greatest achievement so far. It’s supposed to convert anything into gold but requires fantastic concentration and commitment.

As soon as the smoke comes out black, Jade realizes she’d fucked up.

Commitment wasn’t something that came easy to her, and concentration was getting harder with every passing day. Markus constantly hinted at them moving in together, at some kind of marriage or union between them and Jade just wasn’t sure if she wanted that. Sure she wanted to be with him, but why couldn’t things remain the way they were now?

And just to round things up... 

All Maven ever does is read his stupid books. He doesn’t practice half as much as Marise does, so she challenges him to a duel to prove she’s the strongest.

Maven hides his smile as he accepts. Magic is only half natural talent, the other half is all hard work and Marise doesn’t even know what that means.

He attacks first.

Pah! Child’s play!

Marise retaliates with a minor curse.

Maven happened to learn the immunity spell for it the night prior. So it leaves him untouched.

Marise does not know the immunity spell. 

It’s an acne curse. Marise is disfigured for life! 

In other words: Maven wins.

The curse wears off after only a few hours. With her skin back to normal Marise spends the rest of the night ignoring her gloating brother and playing with Mr. Finger-Eater. She might actually have to pick up a book or two now. Because next time she and Maven duel she will NOT be the loser.


*Clears throat*


Marise is still ugly, but she's growing on me. I don't wanna let her go. : ( I WILL find a way to make her immortal.


  1. Yay! Maven wins one, I hope he savors it, because it will be unlikely that he wins another, if Marise has anything to say about it!

    Topaz is adorable! I'm glad Gator was able to persuade Sophie to let Gem see her. Gem and Fawn complement each other, they make a great pair.

    Richard and his grandpa---too cute! :)

    1. Gem's life is really looking up right now, and I'm really hoping to continue his relationship with Topaz as she grows up. He's determined to be a better father than his ever was, and I'm trying to help him.

      Nico makes me laugh. He's a shitty dad but he does love babies.

  2. Sometimes not so cute sim teens grow up into elegant looking adults. The features don't always translate well. I'm hoping the same for my two considering their goofy looking Father with custom sliders which requires some 'help' for the kids. :P

    I loved the magic duel! So glad Maven won too, because as you said, now Marise will practice harder and become a powerful witch!

    Topaz is adorable as a clone of Gem. He's so girly to me anyways with that baby face - it will be lovely on a girl haha!

    1. No no, I've seen Marise as a YA in CAS. Eew.

      I'm absolutely in love with Topaz, but she does lose some of the cuteness as she grows up.

  3. Hmm! I wonder if that gift is what I think it is.

    1. Well what do you think it is? : P

    2. Turn-into-Vampire potion, right?

    3. Mmm very close. But no.

      Here's a hint: Jade was originally working on one elixer, then found out she was wrong about who Gem was going to marry and started working on a different elixer.

  4. I loved the duel between Maven & Marise and I loved the fact that Maven won :)

    I'm also very curious as to what Jade's wedding present for Gem is

    1. I was honestly surprised Maven won considering he's an entire level below her. xD

  5. I love Topaz. She's a sweetheart. :D
    I love Trinity's baby too! I'm glad everything turned out good for her.

    Random question, Cece - do you know any reputable sites for toddler hair CC? There are SO FEW options for toddlers (especially little boys) and I'm sick of using the same hair style for my toddlers over and over again.

    1. Honestly I tend to use store hair for the little buggers. Especially the boys. There aren't any reputable sites out there that I can think up off the top of my head (and those that are toddler compatible tends to mean FEMALE toddler compatible).

  6. So glad we get to meet Gem. But why does Marise's appearance get no respect? Do you have a grudge against gingers?

    1. I love her mother, who IS a ginger. : P

      Its her face I don't like. Every time i look at her I think of monkeys.

  7. I almost feel a little disappointed in Fawn's reaction to Gem's secret. It makes sense that she knew but knowing that Sophie will always be a part of his life is a hard thing to swallow when the other woman is your nemesis.

    1. I think its better to accept the fact and not push someone away when the issue is something they can't change. By throwing a fuss Fawn would have been forcing Gem to choose between her and his daughter, and I think we all know how that would have gone.

      But don't worry, Fawn will put her foot down if Sophie ever tries overstepping her boundaries.

    2. I guess you have a point. This is why I married I didn't have to be a step parent. I'm WAY too jealous for that, as you can see. :P

    3. I wouldn't mind having step children since that means i wouldn't be pressured for any myself. : P We could have kids when -I- wanted to.

  8. Yay for book learning over natural talent!! Great update, Topaz is adorable :-)

    1. It isn't so much book learning > natural talent. Both kids have talent, but whereas Maven reads AND practices, Marise only practices. Marise has higher potential, but without losing that sparing contest she never would have had the drive to achieve it.

      Topaz is just gorgeous. I wuv her.

  9. Oh, I am so happy to be back with the Saris again :D