Saturday, October 27, 2012

6.7 - Looking Forward

Bitches be warned. Marise studied.

With prom coming up, the teens are filled with a sense of longing and want ( not be the only one there without a date). Or at least Maven is.

Destiny is more than happy to say yes. 

Gem works long hours, and the days he does have off are usually spent watching his niece while her mom is at school. Thankfully Fawn doesn’t mind stopping by to “help” him watch the sleeping baby.

Bang up job babysitting you two. 

“I’d like us to start living together soon.” Fawn states as he pulls away. “I don’t care if its here or at my place, but I’m tired of sleeping alone.”

Gem gives her a look, trying to hide his growing smile. “Really, Fawn? You couldn’t have held off on the moving in talk for just a few more minutes? You totally stole my thunder. I was just about to ask you to move in!”

“You could always propose.” She teases. “That would give you back a bit of thunder.”

“I suppose I could do that.” He smiles, and then steps away and slides down onto one knee. “I mean, I already have the ring and everything. So what do you say, Fawn. Will you marry me?”

Fawn hadn’t actually expected him to propose to her. She had no way of knowing he’d been carrying the ring around with him for a few days waiting for the perfect moment.

She says yes, and he slips the ring onto her finger.

They set the wedding date for a few days. Enough time for Fawn to get settled into the house, and not long after Trinity’s birthday.

Nicolas hears the whole conversation from the kitchen and dining room. “I can’t believe i was right. He just proposed.”

“Actually you said he’d propose by the weekend. I said he’d propose by tonight. So I won the bet.”

Nico shakes his head. “I’m being serious, Coral. Our baby boy is getting married. And Trin’s already engaged and planning on moving out. We’re still just young adults! Why are our kids growing up so fast?”

“Because thats what kids do.” Coral explains patiently. “You can’t just expect them to stay babies forever.”

“Why not?”

Coral doesn’t say anything further. She knows how he feels.

They haven’t told anyone yet, but after Gem’s wedding they’ll be moving out. There’s this gorgeous house in town that Coral fell in love with and Nico was more than happy to agree to moving out. Let Gem and the twins inherit the house. 

Romance makes Marise uncomfortable. She doesn’t even have any friends outside of the family, and having a boyfriend is just completely out of the question.

After all, boys are just a distraction. She knows she’s stronger than Maven now. But she isn’t about to stop. She won’t stop until she’s the strongest there is.

Richard’s birthday arrives and Trinity gives her baby boy one final snuggle before placing him down on the ground for his birthday.

Wait... I thought Richard was a boy! The blanket was blue! And s/he is most definitely NOT a fairy.

That’s better.

Coral’s going to miss her little grandson when he’s gone, but at least she’s finally coming to terms with the fact that the rest of the babies in her life will be her grandchildren, not her children.

Burton Rodgers-Van Gould becomes a young man. He goes into politics.

Just in time for prom too. 

Before the limo arrives, Trinity spends some time with her son.

“My birthday is tomorrow.” She tells him. “And after that you, me, and daddy can be one big family. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Fam-eh-wee?” He repeats, understanding a little from his speaking lessons with Grandma. 

“Yes. Family.” Trinity repeats so he’ll understand the word. She’s nervous, of course, but underneath all that is an excitement to finally have her own life. She just hopes her big brother will be alright without her.


Happy chapter one hundred!

I fell in love with all my spares. I don't want ANY of them to go. : ( But I'll behave... this time.

Next chapter is goanna be pretty long I think (50 photos!). Lots happens, and I always tend to make wedding parties go on and on and on...


  1. Replies
    1. I've been thinking about it for a while now. Gem's just cheesy enough to pull that proposal off.

  2. That chapter was precious!
    I loved the proposal and the overhearing was great too.

    1. Poor Nico is going through a very hard time right now accepting the fact that his children are growing up. It makes me smile.

  3. Okay, I don't know what's going on, but the EXACT SAME THING happened to Soren when he aged up to toddler. He got that girl's hairstyle, which absolutely freaked me out. I'm like, "Wait, I KNOW he was a boy. Right? Didn't I read the birth record right?! What if I'm doomed?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CONTINUE MY STORY NOW?? Oh lordy, I don't want to write a chapter about Soren getting a sex change..."

    And then I checked in CAS and all the male haircuts were there, so I was okay. But I don't know why that happened.

    Regardless. Great chapter! I can't wait to see Gem's wedding ceremony! :-}

    1. I'm guessing it was just a random issue, but thankfully it was fixable so I don't mind it so much.

      I just finished playing Gem's wedding ceremony. It was lovely.

  4. Awww--I love Gem. I'm happy that he and Fawn are getting married.

    I love Richard's t-shirt, very cute! :)

    1. I LOVE RIchard's shirt. Found it at random while looking for poses. There's one shirt for every kind of supernatural.

  5. The proposal was so sweet! I loved Nico & Coral overhearing and their reactions too.

    1. In my mind Nico and Coral were never very good at the whole "hey, we're parents!" thing. They certainly weren't BAD parents (*cough*Jade*Cough*) but they could have done much better. Even then they seemed like the perfect couple to go through empty nest syndrome.

  6. How cute. Glad Gem is FINALLY getting on with things.

    I love Trinity. I will miss that girl when she leaves.

    1. She's been gone only 3 days in game and I already miss her. : (

  7. Lols. I love how sims "put their babies on the ground" and wtf is up with Gem's cheesy proposal. Sim time makes me crack up. A few days is of course enough time to have a wedding. :P

    I will also miss Trinity. I actually like her better. I hope she makes a cameo later. She can't be gone entirely!

    1. Whenever I try writing romance for the sims I always have to channel my inner Disney narrator. You've known each other two days? WHY AREN'T YOU MARRIED YET?

  8. Great chapter! I loved the proposal. So sweet! <3

    This is from an update or so ago, but I was ECSTATIC to see how Gem is handling his relationship with Topaz. What an awesome guy. He's really a very stable, well rounded character, especially considering his background (with an absentee mother and a challenging father), and I definitely admire how he's handling everything. Also, Fawn's reaction to the news that he had a daughter with Sophie was really great as well. I wouldn't have been so forgiving, lol.

    I'm going to miss Trinity when she moves out. =(

    1. I miss Trinity a lot too but even I have to follow the rules sometimes, and I don't know if I would have been able to continue doing her character justice as time went on.

      Topaz is a child in game now so Gem and her hang out more. But his work really does keep him busy and she has school so she isn't in the story as much as I want her to be. But she will be back in either 6.11 or 6.12.

    2. Oh, I totally understand about the medical career. My heir is a doctor too, and I'm always struggling to find the time to do everything that needs doing. Still, I just love that he's trying. It's the effort that counts! =)

    3. He is really making an effort, and having Topaz at an age of being able to speak is really nice. I'm hoping to give her a pretty strong personality, but that'll only work if I can include her in the story more than once or twice.

  9. I am so happy that everyone is happy. Do I really want to read on? Of course I do <3