Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6.9 - She Can Do That?

Fox Wolff-Van Gould becomes a toddler.

Topaz thinks her little sister is weird, but whatever. Mommy likes her.

Jade and Markus marry in the Moonlight Falls park, in the small clearing right next to the base of the waterfall.

Markus was beginning to fear this day would never come. He’s already 87! But hey, better late than never, right?

Maleena Grimm is Markus’ sister, the current matriarch of the family. She’s older than him but her years in Avalon have slowed her aging down so she’s now physically younger than him. She travelled day and night to be here for his wedding, not out of duty but because he asked her to.

She blesses their union with a luck spell. Normally she’d also give them a procreation spell, but she figures it would go to waste considering their age. 

The twins get bored easily, and it doesn’t take them long to realize that their magical energy doesn’t fade when around aunt Maleena. 

Maleena and Markus were only a days apart in age, and only half siblings with a shared mother. But they were closer than any of their mother’s own children and Markus support his sister’s bid for matriarchy stronger than any of their other siblings or relatives. Despite being her mother’s favourite to inherit the title, Maleena was sure she’d lose out to a young sister due to her being unable to have a direct heir herself. Markus was there for her when she needed him, and now that she’s getting older he’s there for her again.

“I hear the council was giving you grief about picking an heir again?”

“Markus do we really need to talk about that now? I thought you invited me here for a vacation!”

“Vacation is a bad word.” He reminds her. “And I just wanted you to know I’ve solved your problem. Speak to my daughter and you’ll see what I mean.”

Picking the daughter of a son is a political no-no and Markus knows that. So having him even suggest it must mean his daughter is either unbelievably strong or he’s finally gone senile. 

She decides to give the little girl the benefit of the doubt. At the very least Marise looks the part of a member of the Grimm family. Even with the flaming red hair.

“I’ve been using magic since I was a toddler.” Marise tells her aunt. “Started using real spells before my teenage birthday and I’ve been practicing ever since. Stopped using my wands a few days ago and haven’t had any spells go wrong since.” 

Maleena’s always been a gambling woman, so she asks Marise to place a very simple level spell on her so she can judge the young girl’s power level and control.

And its good!

Jade is so not okay with sending her baby girl to another world to train in with craft! What if she never comes back? What if something happens? It’s dangerous!

“Magic is inheiretly dangerous.” Maleena points out. “I won’t ask your daughter to join me until she’s come of age, and I would never take her from you without your consent but I do what you to at least think about it. I need an heir, and your daughter is quite a prodigy.”

Jade really wants to go to Avalon.

Jade really doesn’t want her daughter to go to Avalon. They’ll talk about this again... later. 

After all, right now Jade just wants to focus on the fact that she’s a glowing newly wed.

The house’s other newlyweds are enjoying every second Gem’s time off work gives them. 

He still has to go in for emergencies, but on the whole they’ve had nothing to do but be lovey dovey and annoying.

Jade’s gift is finally unwrapped, to reveal two glowing elixers. 

One evening before dinner Fawn finally asks Gem if he knows what they are. 

“I’m not sure what the blue one is, but the pink one must be the Bottled Gift of the Fairies. At least thats what Jade told me it was. She thought you’d want that.”

“Bottled... she can do that?”

Gem nods. “Alchemy can do anything, love.”

From the kitchen Jade calls them to come eat and Gem heads off. Fawn starts after him then pauses to look back at the two elixers. When she became a young adult she thought she’d come to terms with her humanity. But it hurt her to see both her younger siblings with wings when she’d been born with nothing and that’s why she’d left. 

But if there was a way for her finally become like the rest of her family? Well... why shouldn’t she take it? Why shouldn’t she be what she was always meant to be?


I like Maleena. She was fun to make. : ) 


  1. Ooo. I gotta ask! Did you give Fox red wings, or did the game?

    I like that someone from Mark's family showed up to give their support of his wedding. =) I am opposed to their sexism, of course.

    1. The game gave her red wings. I hope to include her in the story a bit since she's absolutely adorable.

      Yeah I realized a little late that I made witches sound super sexist but its a bit late to fix it now xD. Oops!

  2. Poor little Fawn. Even though she's not so little anymore. Just wished she realized she doesn't have to be just like her family to be who she is supposed to be.

    Damn Jade and her fae lessons.

    1. If Jade's fae lesson works than Fawn might finally realize that she doesn't have to be like her parents to be who she is supposed to be. But Jade really shouldn't be so confident that the lesson will work.

  3. I like Maleena, she looks interesting, I hope becoming her heir works out for Marise.

    I hope Jade's fae lesson works out & doesn't wind up screwing things up for Gem & Fawn

    1. I'm sure no matter how screwey things get Gem's done with fucking things up. : P

  4. I'm glad Marise gets some time in the spotlight. :)
    Not to mention all the pics of Gem and Fawn make me melt into a little puddle of happiness. I wonder if Fawn will end up becoming a fairy. Especially knowing Gem is no longer a vampire, so she'd way outlive him.

    1. Outliving him is certainly something she needs to think about, eh?

      I have so many photos of Fawn and Gem being lovey dovey its making me a bit sick. xD

  5. The red wings are awesome!
    What's in the blue bottle? Viagra?

    1. LOL! Trust me, with the way those two have been going at it I doubt viagra is needed : P.

  6. I love the idea of Marise being the heir. Awesome. You did qrite Jade up there when it should say Marise. Otherwise, I realy liked this chapter. It's been a bit more lovey dovey the last few, but I feel like the adventure and excitement just picked up again. :D Can't wait for more!

    1. I think the reason this chapter (and the next couple) are going to be sickeningly lovey dovey is cause the characters are that way themselves. Gem isn't the kind of guy to ignore his wife, and Fawn's totally a trashy romance writer kind of girl!

      Plus Jade and Markus don't have much time left together so they're making up for it every chance they get.

  7. I like lovey dovey! This chapter was definitely right up my alley with all the romantic pictures, and I really liked getting to see some of Markus' family. Marise becoming the heir is an awesome idea, imo. She'd be kick ass. =)

    1. Marise will definitely become an amazing leader of the Grimm family tree some day.

      I usually hate lovey dovey stuff but I'm enjoying writing it for this generation.

  8. Yay - Marise has a big goal, thank you for thinking of her! I know she has kinda strange looks, but now that we see Maleena its obvious why she looks that way. It's not terrible - I know you said you had peeked at her in CAS... but trust me, after the face work I had to do on Isabel to make her look more like her mom and not a mutant version of her dad with teeth sticking out of her lip, chin a mile long and no bridge to her nose - Marise is fine hah! I will never again use a heavy cc slider sim for genetics ever again, ugh!

    I can't wait to find out how Marise does in Avalon because I KNOW with her headstrong personality and even stronger magic she has to go... :)

    1. I don't use ANY CC sliders! So when I get "interesting" sims I dunno where those genetics came from!

  9. Haha, Jades face when they are discussion Avelon.... hahaha