Friday, November 2, 2012

6.11 - Evil Step Mother

“You’re absolutely glowing, my love.”

Every time Gem opens his mouth Fawn feels herself melt.

Her parents call often, and so do Gem’s. Gem can’t come to the phone all the time so Fawn’s left to field the relatives and assure them she’s feeling fine.

The baby draws the line at grocery shopping with mommy. Fawn can barely get to the hospital in time, but she gets there, and so does Gem just in time to welcome their baby.

A little boy, Nalin Sari.

And that same evening Fawn takes the elixer.

The sensation of wings growing from her back is WEIRD. Not painful, just very very strange.

Her wings are white, almost to the point of being transparent but they’re there. 

Gem wouldn’t call her more beautiful than she was without wings, after all physically she’s no different than before but he can see the uneasiness and insecurity in her movements and words. It’ll take her some getting used to living with wings and he’ll be there every step of the way.

On the upside: It’s kind of nice having Fawn on top tonight.

Wings will definitely take some getting used to but Fawn likes them. They make her feel strong, powerful, but strangely enough... not complete. Perhaps its just because she’s still getting used to them.

Nalin’s a sweet mannered baby. A little grumpy at time but he quiets down easily enough in his mommy’s arms.

Daddy’s arms too.

Work is crazy, but Gem spends as much time as he can with his first born son. He screwed up the chance to be there for his daughter, so perhaps the guilt has something to do with it, but he’s determined not to make the same mistakes with his children by Fawn. He won’t turn into his father, and he has no dark secrets to keep from them. His family will be normal dammit.

While Nalin naps, Fawn finally goes back to her writing. She’s back to writing romance stories again; her inspiration for her current one being Jade and Markus. 

No one in town has a more pure reputation, even when they were apart they only had eyes for each other, and if that isn’t true love than what is?

Not to say there’s no romance in Fawn’s life. Her love life is pretty awesome, but who wants to read about the loser getting the guy of her dreams? It’s been done too many times already.

In his free time Gem likes to work out. Some call it a hobby, others would refer to it as an obsession. But straining his muscles to the breaking point helps him forget how hectic work can be, and helps him keep stress down. 

Jade doesn’t mind watching Nalin so Fawn can write. Her own son has yet to marry or give her grandchildren, and Marise hasn’t so much as called! Nalin’s what she’s got for grandchildren despite not being her direct descendant.

He is however Nico’s direct descendant. 

Nico hasn’t come by to visit, but according to him he’s been busy. Jade can see her presence bothers him, and she knows why. 

“Nico you’ve known for a long time that I was going to die before you. Why is it only effecting you now?”

He’s quiet for a long moment. “When I was a kid you were just... I dunno, my brat of a cousin. You were annoying, you smelled, and you were constantly trying to prank me. I figured I wouldn’t miss you. Now that you’re actually old I don’t want to lose you.”

“You mean you don’t want to lose Gem.”

“This is about you, Jade, please don’t bring him up right now. I’m no where near ready to accept he’s really a normal sim.”

“You’ll have to face him one day.” She points out, even as he growls at her. “Don’t be so hard headed.”

“I’ll visit.” He promises as he hugs her. “Sooner or later.”

Markus may be old but he’s still got it!

... I’m sure all that magic’ll have absolutely no negative side effects on Nalin AT ALL.

One evening after work Gem finally manages to catch Topaz in between club activities and school work and invites her to join him at the local art gallery.

She makes him so proud. Barely out of diapers and she’s already thinking of high school and becoming a doctor just like him. Her grades are stellar and despite never mentioning any friends Sophie’s assured him she isn’t anti-social.

Gem tells her all about her younger half-brother. “It would be great if you could come over to meet him sometime. Your mom says you’re very good with your little sister and I would really like the excuse for you to come and meet Fawn.

“But momma says Fawn’s my step-mother, and that means she’s evil and wants to hurt me!”

It’s times like this that Gem wonders what he ever saw in Sophie. Is she really trying to poison his own daughter against Fawn? Somehow that seems too low even for her but Gem has no disillusions that Topaz might have just misunderstood.

“Hunny, Fawn is NOT evil. She loves you very much and that’s not what your mother meant in the least! Fawn has wanted to meet you for a long time but we wanted to wait until you were ready with seeing her as part of my- I mean part of our family.”

Topaz’s face falls sadly. “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to be dumb.”

“You will never be dumb.” He sighs, hugging her close. “You’re still young, kiddo. And if taking fairy tales too seriously is dumb than I don’t want to be smart. You just have to remember not to judge people before you meet them, alright?”

“Alright, daddy. I promise.”

Topaz is smart, and because of that she’s always put in the most difficult classes. She excels in most of them but biology escapes her. Gem tries to explain how all sims were created from the same small building blocks, atoms, if you will. 

It all goes over her brain when she tries to understand how a werewolf, a fairy and a vampire can all be made from the same thing. It’s too much! Maybe she’ll just go into business instead...

When Gem gets home he makes sure to kiss Fawn and tell her he loves her. A part of him is happy he fudged things up with Sophie so badly. He never would have been happy with her, and every time he sees Fawn his heart just leaps. He knows he made the right decision.


Nalin basically means "beautiful flower in muddy waters". I wasn't really going for name meanings and only picked it because I liked the name, but damn that meaning was a lucky shot! 

Topaz be so pretty. : ( I'd totally include her in my next gen but I already have it all planned out. 

Gen 7's roll, by the way is full house. But that's all I'm saying (for now, anyway).


  1. Planned already? Whoa. o.o

    I was going to say "awww, I'm glad Gem's parents love him and call often", but then you give us that avoidance scene with Nico to make me sad.

    *kicks Nico*

    Gem's family will be NORMAL and we don't need you and your evil anyway. =P

    1. I'm sure Coral calls more than Nico. : P Gem's parents love him lots but its hard for them to see their son growing older and accepting he's really aging. I think talking over the phone alone makes things easier for both of them.

      Nico's an ass, but he will eventually try to make things right.

      I've had Nalin's generation planned since Gem was a teen. And while there won't be much evil, there'll still be drama.

  2. I laughed when i read that Topaz actually thought Fawn would be evil ! (I know she's serious and all, but... Fawn, evil ? XD)
    It's actually kind of cute... (;

    1. Like I said, kids say the darnest things! And when your mom is a fairy and your step dad's a werewolf, I imagine you'd believe everything you read from fairy tales.

      Topaz is adorable <3

  3. You sure do love your full house rolls haha! I shudder at the thought because I have such a hard time not taking too many pics and letting my story get away from me if I have more than just a few sims in the household. You do a good job keeping the plot flowing while aging everyone up fairly quickly. I am not ready for a huge household yet and was relieved my 2nd gen only has two kids, though with the single thing, I'm still trying to sort out how Isabel's going to do it and be a traveler haha! I know you said you couldn't do my roll either, so I guess its just perspective and dedication to your heirs :)

    Topaz is very pretty. I feel bad she's growing up with Sophie's spiteful catty influence and hope she takes after sweet Gem more than her Mother.

    1. Oh and Fawn took the elixir - dammit I knew it. I don't think that was the right choice - but based on your hints, neither do you. Yay for future mystery on that one!

    2. Topaz is already taking after her dad more than her mom, and her step dad is pretty mild mannered and kind as well so she does have a good influence at home.

      Fawn's choice and what happens due to it will come in the following chapters.

  4. Awww. Fawn got her wings. Baby Nalin is going to be adorable. :D
    And lol the pic with Fawn sticking her hands through her belly when she goes into labor. I tried to get a good picture of Amaranth going into labor, but she kept plunging her hands through her belly, so it took forever to find a shot I liked. Just seems to have happened recently.

    1. I had to go with the first photo I took since I sort of didn't realize Fawn was having her baby and then I was like "SHIT! GET THEE TO THE HOSPITAL!"

  5. I hope Nico sorts his issues with his son growing older out soon, he'll regret it if he leaves it too long!

    Topaz is very pretty but how nasty is Sophie to fill her head with stories about evil stepmothers *slaps Sophie*.

    Fawn looks lovely with her wings, but I have a bad feeling about her having taken the elixir

    1. Like Nico said, he'll be around sooner or later.

      Its just so easy to make Sophie dislikable! I love it.

  6. Gem with a normal family?!? I can't wait to see this.