Friday, November 9, 2012

6.14 - Every Rose has its Thorns

Fawn gives birth to a little girl named Primrose.

Gem knows she’s going to be a handful to raise. He can’t sense anything from her, but the red sparkles that appear and disappear every time she moves and laughs are proof enough that she’s a baby fairy.

How are they supposed to raise a fairy? Hopefully she’ll be as good a baby as her brother was.

Without Jade to instigate a conversation, Gem and Fawn drift towards separate tables to eat their breakfast. Gem doesn’t know about the blue elixer, and Fawn isn’t sure how to tell him that she wants to be a human now that their daughter is a fairy.

Gem surprises her with a kiss when she goes to pick up their dishes.

“What was that for?” She smiles, enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around her. Ever since she came home late that night things have been so awkward between them, and she just can’t understand why. Gem tries to be there for her, holding her hand when they sleep but it feels forced. Having him surprise her like this means the world to her.

“I feel as if I haven’t told you I love you enough times recently. I’ve been so preoccupied with my own worries and with work that I forget you need me too. So I just want you to know that no matter what you do, what you are, fairy or human I will always love you and I will always be there for you.”

He had the best intentions by telling her he’ll always love her, but Fawn’s decision has been made. She wants to be human, and she can only hope she doesn’t come to regret this decision when her daughter ages.

It’s time. Before she changes her mind.

The strange blue mist surrounds her, draining her energy almost to the point of dizziness. 

She doesn’t even notice her wings fading until her feet are once again carrying all her weight. 

After a change of clothes she quickly feels normal again. Nalin gives her a double take when he sees her without wings but quickly loses interest and goes back to his blocks. He’s trying to build a boat, apparently.

Losing her wings seems to have broken the tension between her and Gem as well. 

“I never imagined you’d find a way to become human so quickly.”

“It was the blue elixer.” Fawn explains. “Jade knew I’d want to be human again. I might have stayed a fairy if you could become a vampire again, but knowing that I’d have to watch you and Nalin grow old and die... I couldn’t go through that.”

He smiles. “I love you too.”

Fawn moves in for a kiss.“I know you do.”

Jade and Markus go visit their son again, giving the younger couple some much needed alone time.

Maven moved again. To a bigger house with room for his growing family.

Markus gets to say hello to his granddaughter, Mariella Grimm-Harris

On his sister’s birthday, Nalin gets extra snuggles so he won’t feel left out of the festivities.

Primrose becomes a toddler, and starts stealing hearts right away.

Like her half sister, she has her daddy’s hair, but a gorgeous mutation gene yellow for her eye colour.

Gem just adores his little fairy. She’s a dream come true, and always happy and smilie.

Fortunately, Fawn had a big hand in raising her younger siblings so she isn’t overly worried about raising a fairy for a daughter. Like Nalin, Primrose still needs to learn to walk, talk and go potty. Flying will come naturally as her wings grow, and fortunately her magic will only develop once she’s physically more mature.

Markus doesn’t have much to do around the house these days so he spends a lot of time with Nalin, his honourary grandson.

Nalin loves his grandpa Marky, he does magic tricks!

This is not a magic trick.

Markus had lived every day after his 90th birthday one moment at a time. But when he turned 96 he started making plans again, no wonder the true Grim decides to collect his soul the very next day.

Jade knew this day was coming but it still breaks her heart.

Markus pleads for more time, but the Reaper was already kind enough to let him see his first grandchild. Time is up, and Markus must go with him.

And just like that, the house is one person emptier, and there isn’t one dry eye in the house.


I admit I was sad. : ( I kept hoping Markus would live long enough to see Maven's kid so as soon as Destiny popped her out I sent him and Jade over to say hello. Then I was taking pics of him spending time with Nalin (whose parents were basically busy with work or Prim) and he went sparkly... I miss him.

Prim is goanna be cute, even with Fawn's giant nose xD. But she is no where near as WOWZA as Topaz turned out. She's a teenager next chapter. I melted and was soooo tempted to change my Gen 7 plans, but I will resist and let her live her own life.


  1. Your chapters are always so fantastic! I love the name Primrose, I have ever sense I read the Hunger Games books. :-D

    Markus will defiantly be missed, so sad that he had to go while playing with Nalin though. Hopefully he wont remember that and have that end up messing him up. :-(

    1. I thought about not using Primrose because of the Hunger Games and maybe going to Rose, or even Lily or another kind of blooming flower but none really fit the idea I had for their little fairy baby. So I went with Prim anyway and I think its going to fit her well.

      Nah, Nalin'll be messed up anyway but not from that. : P He was born an eccentric genius, he was screwed over from birth.

  2. Primrose looks really pretty. Poor Nalin, having his honorary grandpa die in front of him :( but I'm glad that Markus got to see his first grandchild

    1. Yeah, I was just so relieved Markus got to meet Mariella, and since she's just a day younger than Prim I'm hoping to have them grow up as friends.

  3. "This is not a magic trick."


    1. xD I was hoping for that reaction but didn't really expect anyone to flat out say it. Thank you for always commenting on what I want to hear. You're awesome.

  4. Yeah that line got me too...omg :( I was smiling and grinning about how cute their kids were and then boom "This is not a magic trick" ....awww. :( Of course, I have no room to complain considering I just survived killing off my founder and all the unhappy fallout I got from readers for doing that, hah.

    Well I'm just really happy Markus lived a very long rich life and did get to enjoy his grandchildren a bit and most of all, that he finally got to settle down with Jade.

    RIP Markus!

    Can't wait to see how little Nalin and Primrose grow up, yay! Oh and yay for Fawn taking the elixir and learning a happy lesson about who she is and happiness.

    1. Markus lived a good life, and he was happy and got everything he needed and wanted, even if it DID take a long time to get there.

      Nalin's a child now and Prim will be the same in a few days. They are soooo friggin cute! <3 I'm so happy with how they came out.

  5. I can totally understand the temptation to rethink Gen 7; Topaz is awesome!