Sunday, November 11, 2012

6.15 - Clone Jokes

With Markus gone, Jade tries to keep herself occupied so she won’t miss him more than she already does. Prim barely got to meet him, so she’s always happy and giggly and it warms Jade’s heart to play with her.

Nico finally stops by, to give Jade his condolences. Markus was a good man.

Jade already knows that. She also knows Nico didn’t actually stop by just to make sure she was doing alright. He knows she’s stronger than that.

Nico stopped by to see how his son was doing, and the news isn’t good. 

Nico has no idea what to say or do right now. “Uh... what’s wrong?”

“I just can’t believe he’s gone!” Gem manages to get out, trying to hold back his tears. “It’s hit everyone so hard even though we knew it was coming. But to see him die... to see Nalin crawling around everywhere looking for him. It’s just too much.”

Finally, Gem manages to say what’s been on his mind for a long time. “Dad, I don’t want to die.”

Nico pulls his son in for a hug. “It’s alright, Gem. Markus lived a good life, and you’re still so young. You have your whole life ahead of you and your children still need you. You’re going to be around for a while to come. Don’t imagine your death as just around the corner just because you’re human.”

Fawn was never particularly close to Markus, but she was always used to his presence. He and Jade were perfect for each other and seeing him die and leave Jade behind makes Fawn realize that even true love can’t keep Grim away or end happily.

Whenever Prim has a moment to herself she watches the adults, and when she watches them she gets a heavy feeling in her tummy that she doesn’t like. It takes away the happiness and makes her cry until someone picks her up and spends time with her.

Fawn figures her daughter might be an empath, so she fakes a smile and thinks happy thoughts to get Prim to calm down again. One day Prim will be able to control the emotions she feels, but that won’t be until she’s much older.

Gem regularly runs the free clinics now, so when people are looking for him they always know where to find him. Sophie just dropped by to tell him that Gator and Topaz will be a little late to Nalin’s birthday party since the funeral for Linda Rodgers-Van Gould will be that same morning. Sophie misses her terribly... Linda was a great mother, a better mother than whomever put Sophie up for adoption in the first place.

Gem considers telling Sophie that her birth parents are in this very town but then thinks better of it. Sophie came to terms with her adoption when they were all still children, and Gem can’t bring himself to bring up that heart ache for her all over again. She’s dealing with the death of the only mother she ever knew, he can’t make it worse.

Speaking of mothers...

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Goodfellow. If Fawn doesn’t want to talk to you I’m not going to push her into calling you. What you said to her really broke her heart and it’s going to take time for her to heal. When she’s ready to talk to you, she will, but not a moment sooner.”

Prim likes the nursery, and she likes playing inside with her family but if she had her way, she’d be outside all the time. Grandma Jade’s garden is her favourite place to be.

“There you are, Prim! How did you get out of the house this time?” Every time Fawn finds her daughter outside she wonders just how she managed to get outside and through the locked gate but there’s really no point in worrying. Prim doesn’t give up her secret, just smiling innocently as her mommy’s question.

What is it with old people and sculpting? 

Its really hard work, but if Prim concentrates she can hover in the air for a few seconds. 

It never ceases to amaze Nalin that his baby sister can fly. She’s kind of a ditz, but her wings more than make up for it. She’s so cool!

Prim thinks her brother is a lot cooler than she is. He knows everything! He even taught her how to use her wings to reach the latch on the back door! She never would have figured that out on her own.

The morning of Nalin’s birthday Fawn wakes him up early for some hugs and kisses. She still remembers the day he was born, how happy she was to have him and everything that’s happened since then. Nalin’s a sweet little boy, but she can’t wait to see him grow up and start school.

After moving out with Nico Coral went on a few tours for her art, but managed to come home in time for her grandson’s birthday, and spends much of the party catching up with family.

Trinity just hopes her bother her parents will stay in town long enough to meet their next grandchild. She’s pregnant again! 

Gem’s quick to offer his sister his congratulations.

And to break down her hopes for a baby girl. 

“You’re sure its a boy?”

“Oh definitely. I’m a doctor!”

Fawn helps Nalin blow out his candles.

He becomes a child. 

His parents are so proud. He’s gorgeous and well behaved! Thank goodness!

Topaz and Gator are late, just like Sophie said they would be, but at least they managed to make it.

Gem can’t believe how grown up his daughter is now. His youngest girl is still a toddler! And it feels like only yesterday he was cuddling little Topaz and teaching her to talk.

“Dad, you’re so embarrassing!” Topaz sighs, with just the slightest smile. “Can I just meet my little brother now?”

Nalin gives a warm greeting to this strange alien creature who looks like a female clone of his father. “Do not harm me, superior life form. For I know all daddy’s weaknesses and I’m sure they will apply to you as well.”

“I’m not a clone, kid.”

“But that’s exactly what a clone would say!”

Topaz is silent for a long moment. “You’re going to give me a lot of trouble in school aren’t you.”

“They let clones go to school now? Awesome! I look forward to studying your genetic code in science.”

Gem shakes his head slightly. “Just make sure he doesn’t get bullied too badly, okay?”

“I can make no promises.”

Nalin smiles innocently. “Because you’re a clone, right?” 

“No, because- ugh! Dad can you just sign me up for military school and put me out of my misery now?”

Inside, Fawn teaches her father in-law to dance. 

Nico never really made an effort to get to know Fawn, but he sort of likes her now. She sees his evil glow and acts like it’s nothing. His son sure picked a good one.

Gem knows full well he picked a good one. Most of the town is terrified of his father, but Fawn just sees him as Gem’s father, not the vile Emperor of Evil. Gem isn’t even sure she can see the dark red glow that almost always surrounds his father.

Nalin meanwhile spends the last portion of his party in his new work room. His parents bought him an inventing table for his birthday gift and its clear right away that he’s a natural. Gizmos make his brain work right, and his brain working right makes him feel calm. He likes this.


So uh... Nalin’s my heir. But Prim will be around anyway since I rolled Full House for my Gen 7 family structure. 

I’m hoping to finish this generation before hitting 6.55 so I may wanna hurry things along, eh?


  1. I'm glad Nico finally got round to coming to see his son and granchildren. The kids are ultra cute and I love the idea of Primrose getting out into the garden when she's supposed to be inside.

    1. No cage, door or lock can keep Primrose indoors! Only bribes would work, and even then she might just take the bribe and go outside anyway.

  2. Welp, Nalin is cute. =)

    Gem being afraid to die made me very sad. =(

    1. I'd been waiting for Markus to die since he was 90 so I could have that scene between Gem and his dad. But hey, Gem is still young and so are his kids. As they grow up he might become more adjusted to the idea of living a human length life.

  3. Nalin is cute, and so is Prim. They have such cute children!

    I hope Gem comes to term with his feelings, but I'm glad that things between Fawn and Gem are back to being happy.

    1. When Nalin became a child I just melted. He's so adorable! <3

      Fawn and Gem were made for each other, so even when they fight it never lasts.

  4. Nalin is adorable! And Topaz is so pretty! Being a clone of her father is not a bad thing! lol

    I'm glad Nico was able to give Gem some good advice. I hope Gem takes it! Nico still looks great! What a treat to see him again! :D

    1. Nalin probably won't give up the notion that Topaz is a clone, unfortunately xD. But it was the first thing I thought of when I was styling her teen look and I just knew Nalin would point it out and not give it up. He likes being right, even when he's wrong.

  5. Yay for gorgeous Gem-clone-babies-and-cute-kids chapter! Topaz is so pretty! Gem clone definitely suits a girl haha.

    Nalin is SO uber cute. I'm glad you chose him for heir! I always like boy heirs, but then again I'm partial to boys in general haha. Love those amazing blue eyes he got from Fawn.

    I agree with Fawn, who cares about Nico's red aura, he's still awesome in my book.

    1. I always find it difficult to write boys so I try not to pick too many male heirs, but last time I rolled this specific primary career I got a girl, and with my plan to introduce Seasons I figured a potentially insane, definitely eccentric male heir would work out well.

      Plus I love his blue eyes. Those are going to be so gorgeous.

  6. TOPAZ OMG so pretty!!!
    By the way, have I proclaimed yet how happy I am that I have my laptop back so I can keep up with everyone's stories now? It tickles me with glee!
    Can't wait to see how Nalin turns out!

    1. I snuck a peak of Nalin the day he became a toddler. It's how I knew he was going to be my heir. He isn't the most gorgeous heir I've ever had, but he is spectacular and I think he'll be a lot of fun to follow.

      I'm super happy you got your laptop back too. Now go write!