Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6.16 - Winter is Coming

In Jade’s professional opinion, this room is much too large and adult for one young boy. But why on earth would Gem and Fawn listen to her? No, let them spoil their son all they want, Jade’ll just sit back and watch the fireworks when they finally have to say no to their precious baby boy.

With every passing day, Prim’s wings grow stronger. And when Fawn plays with her she can sometimes feel Prim trying to take off into the air. 

Should she let her fly? Should she try and stop her? Fawn helped raise her siblings but she didn’t do everything! Fortunately, she knows someone who does know everything there is to know about fairies... now Fawn just needs to swallow her pride and ask for some help.

“I’m so happy you’re talking to me again.” Dahlia gushes when Fawn comes over. “I never meant to make you sad or to hurt you, I guess you’re right and maybe I should have done right by my birth daughter but I didn’t and I’d put it in the past and I guess I still don’t understand why it hurt you... But why doesn’t matter, all I know is it did hurt you and I didn’t mean it to and I’m sorry and I... and... I just wish I could have been a better mother to you, Fawn.”

“What’s done is done.” Fawn agrees, deciding to put the issue behind her. Her mother will never understand what she did wrong, so why keep the issue going? “You weren’t a bad mom to me, you just kept too many secrets. But right now I need you to be a good grandmother to Primrose. Can you do that for me?”

“Of course!” Dahlia smiles. “I’ll do everything you ask and teach her to be a good fairy! I promise.”

Pip missed his little girl. “Wings or no wings, you’ll always be my little fairy princess.”

A few days ago his words would have made her see red. But now? 

“Thanks dad, I love you too.”

Jade’s garden has begun to die, but for the first time in her life she feels no need to plant a new seed in the old one’s place. What would be the point? There’s no one to care for her garden after she’s gone anyway...

Winter Cooper is the new girl in town. Rumour has it she and her mom travelled from a far off land somewhere up north where the grass isn’t always green, and sometimes even turns white. 

Rumour also has it that Winter’s mother, Violca Cooper is a wise old gypsy who can read your future within 10% accuracy.

Winter claims only one of those two rumours are true, but she won’t say which.

They were partnered up as part of the school’s “buddy program” to develop friendships with kids in your grade. They never would have spoken to each other otherwise. 

“So if you’re a gypsy do you have like magic powers or something?” Nalin asks, not looking up from his homework while they work on math together.

“Magic doesn’t exist.” Winter sighs. “You’re stupid.”

“I’m not stupid. Magic does exist here.” He shoots back. “My little sister is a fairy and she can fly. So there.”

Winter has a miniature panic attack. What kind of a town is she living in?

One night Jade runs into the last person she thought she’d ever see again.

“Markus...” She smiles as he floats towards her. “I knew you wouldn’t pass on without saying goodbye.”

“You can see me?” He asks, confused. She smiles and nods and he realizes something else. “Wait, you can hear me as well? How can that be?”

“I told you the day we met that my family was special. Perhaps I can see you because I’m so used to spending time outside of my body as opposed to inside of it.”

Markus breaths a sigh of relief. “Whatever the reason, I’m glad to see you again my love.”

His touch is ghostly, almost like mist but the contact is still there and it brings a bit of comfort to Jade’s previous loneliness. “I’m glad to see you too, Markus. I’ve missed you.”

In the morning he’ll fade back to the ether and he doesn’t know when he’ll be allowed to visit again. But at least they have tonight.

Richard is a moody teen. I don’t think we’ve seen him since he was a toddler.

Winter doesn’t particularly like baking, but on the weekends her mom always sends her out to the park and won’t let her come back home until she’s brought in a decent income. And since Moonlight Falls doesn’t believe in child labour, a bake sale is the best way to make cash.

Her mom is actually having an on again off again flirtacious relationship with Tristan Rodgers-Van Gould. He’s a really great guy, and Winter hopes he won’t hate her when he mom is finished with him and lets him go.

After all, Violca is only using him for his money. Winter is so tempted to tell him that when he stops to chat and buys a cupcake, but it would only get her in trouble.

Nalin surprises her by appearing out of no where. “So if you’ve a gypsy does this mean you can make cursed cakes?”

She glares at him. “Nalin I’m not a gypsy. My mom just works as a fortune teller!”

“That’s just what a gypsy-in-hiding would say.”

“I’m not-” She stops, sighing as she realizes she’ll never win this argument. “What do you want, anyway?”

“I want to see what a cursed cake tastes like. How’s this one?”

“For the last time I don’t-” Again, she cuts herself short when she spots the cake he’s pointing at. “Oh look at that, yes that one is definitely cursed. That’ll be 50 simoleons.”

He gives her a look. “Isn’t that a bit high?”

“Do you want to see what a cursed cake tastes like or not?”

Apparently cursed cake tastes a lot like a cake that’s fallen off the counter, rolled around on the floor for a while, then got brushed off and placed back on a plate. 

Winter eventually packs up her table once her baked goods have been sold, and quickly says yes when Nalin asks her to hang out.

Apparently Nalin’s idea of a good time is scrounging for scrap in the junkyard.

“You’re such a freak.” Winter whines as she works on her homework. “Remind me why I’m even hanging out with you?”

Nalin studies the rod in his hand curiously, only half listening to her. “You hang out with me because I’m adorable. Duh.”

“In your dreams, flower boy.”

Winter left the junkyard a few hours before he did, but Nalin barely noticed. He’s got a mental image of a little toy robot that walks and wants to get home right away to work on it. Winter would have just wanted to hang out and keep him busy with social activities. Stupid girls. 

(Gem’s just showing off his one armed pull ups for us)

Prim loves the little walking doggie her brother gave her. 

Trinity gives birth and throws a party to celebrate how her family is increasing.

Gem was right, she had a little boy named Ethan. 

But she also had a girl, Ethan’s younger twin sister Sandra.

“You wench!” Gem laughs as he gives his little sister a hug. “How did I not realize you were having twins?”

“It was a surprise to me and Burton too.” Trinity smiles. “But we welcome them both. Richard’s getting so much older now... I almost had a heart attack when Topaz came over to visit and I had to help them with their algebra homework. I was pregnant with him at his age! Why do they have to grow up so fast?”

Gem knows how she feels.

Upstairs, Richard is busy filling his nephew’s head with lies about high school and girls in general.

Winter always teases him and wants to hang out! Does this mean she’s in love with him? That’s so weird! Should he stop hanging out with her?

Fawn liked meeting her new niece and nephew (Her own siblings haven’t given her any to spoil after all), but her favourite kids will always be her own. Prim is so adorable when she’s scared. (Is that a horrible thing to say?)

This is the first time Jade’s visited her son since Markus died. 

Mariella has become a toddler, and looks so much like her aunt Marise its scary.

Marise hasn’t talked to anyone since leaving for Avalon, she never even sent a message to say she arrived alright. Maven sent a letter to tell her about their father’s death but he’s received no response. Jade can’t help but worry.

Looking at little Mariella just makes the feelings worse. Jade can’t help but remember when her twins were little babies, how hard it was to raise them and keep them happy. At least Maven and Destiny seem to be handling raising their baby just fine. Mariella is happy, and very smily and sweet. Jade’s already in love.

Nalin goes to visit the elixer shop with Granda Jade. Guess whose there.

“Hey Nalin! What’s up?”

She jumps back in shock as Nalin lets out a scream of frustration.


Prim isn’t allowed on the couch, but she gets up there anyway whenever the boys are playing their video games. Her birthday is tomorrow and Nalin’s helping Gem plan the party. The last step is finalizing the guest list.

“So Nalin, am I inviting your little girlfriend?”

“Dad I do NOT have a girlfriend. But sure, invite Winter.”

“Wintuh! Gurlfwend!” Prim speaks clearly most of the time, but not when she’s teasing her brother.

Nalin closes his eyes and counts to ten. “Prim you’re a prick.”

“Kissy kissy!” She giggles in response.


Yes I just made a Game of Thrones reference. I swear that's the only story series that kills off more characters than I do (And that's including my characters that die of old age).

The fact that Jade is the first in her family to be able to speak with ghosts isn't actually important. I just saw her and Markus talking while I was dealing with Gem and Fawn and then I knew I had to work it into the story. She still has the eternally faithful moodlet! <3

Winter is pretty cute. I'm curious as to what you all think about her. And for the record, she and her mother are NOT of the gypsy or romani culture. Violca works as a fortuneteller and I was originally going to make them gypsies but then I realized how shitty a mother Violca was and figured it might be insulting. So... yeah... they're just from somewhere that isn't Moonlight Falls or Sim Nation. : )


  1. I like Winter. I think she and Nalin are going to end up together anyway. XD I can't wait to see the weather!

    1. There is a very big chance that she and Nalin will end up together, but I can definitely confirm she'll be a big part of Gen 7.

      You'll see how and why weather shows up soon enough. Just waiting for my CD to arrive.

  2. Winter is cute, I like her dress.

    I've been rereading theSong of Ice and Fire series recently. Sometimes I think that by the time Winter does come, everyone will be dead already.

    1. I know eh? I love the series, but dammit... every single time I start liking a character- BAM. Dead. It's so depressing. : (

      It took me almost half an hour to pick an outfit for Winter, found that one and it clicked instantly. I should've tried it first... ugh.

  3. Winter is very cute but her mother sounds like an absolute nightmare! I read the start of the Game of Thrones series ages ago but then the next one didn't come out for ages and by the time it did I'd forgotten about the series until it went on tv and people started talking about it! I'm thinking I may just wait until he finally finishes it before I start reading it again...

    Primrose is adorable, especially when she's doing stuff she shouldn't be - is it because she's a fairy that she can sit on the sofa as a toddler?

    1. Winter's mom is definitely a nightmare. And he will NEVER finish that series!

      Prim can't sit on the sofa. I used OMSP to put her there. ^^

  4. I've never read the Game of Thrones series. I hate it when my favorite characters get killed off, usually those are the books I throw. lol :P

    Winter is so cute! I love her hairstyle. She balances Nalin out pretty well!

    Richard---wow! He grew up nicely!

    I hope Marise is okay!

    1. I just wanted Winter to look like, well, a Winter so that hair style just worked well with her.

      Marise will show up for a visit sooner or later.

  5. Ali's response about waiting for the Game of Thrones book series to be finished made me laugh out loud!! Mr. Martin is NEVER going to be finished with Song of Ice and Fire so you better just get started now, and each one is a zillion pages and each one longer still, so you have plenty of time haha! Seriously though, I have been a GoT fan since the first book which I read waaaay back in 1994, no joke, I am the master of waiting for years and forgetting the last book and re-reading them. ugh. And yes, he kills off way more characters than you could possibly cram into one sims story CeCe haha.

    I have a feeling Prim is going to be quite a little tricksy pixie for her older brother, who definitely needs some torment with all he dishes out himself heehee.

    Heartwarming to see Jade get some ghostly time with Markus, yay.

    Winter is pretty, I like her hair and dress, it does make her seem Sim-Euro if not Romani.

    1. Prim's goanna be a little trickster but she has her mother's heart so I doubt she'll be too much trouble. At least once she realizes people don't like fairy tricks.

      I think Sim-Euro works well for explaining Winter's past. Let's go with that.