Friday, November 16, 2012

6.17 - Climate Change

Violca isn’t too convinced about this whole vaccination business but if she gets sick she can’t work... 

Also: What kind of a doctor has purple hair? This town is so messed up.

“All better Ms. Cooper. But before you go, can you tell me if Winter is coming to my daughter’s party tonight?”

Oh! So this is the father of her daughter’s little friend. The weird one. “Ah that’s right, Winter keeps saying little Primrose is supposed to have wings. What an imagination, eh?”

Gem smiles at her. “She does have wings. She’s a fairy.”

Also a fairy: Prim’s uncle Briar. This time Fawn’s side of the family is also invited to the party.

There’s no way Nico’s the Emperor of Evil. As soon as he arrives he gives little Prim a kiss on the cheek and then dances with Fawn while they talk about her latest horror novel (Prometheus, Bitches).

Once all the guests are here, Fawn helps her baby girl blow out her candles. 


Purple is her favourite colour, like her hair. But Fawn dresses her in pink anyway, since its cuter than dark purple (Not that Prim isn’t cute enough as is).

Lilac Goodfellow, the youngest Goodfellow sibling and Prim’s aunt shares cake and words of wisdom while the rest of the family fight over the rest of the cake. (Watcher invited over too many sims... Jade and Nico didn’t get cake.)

Nalin shows his love by bringing out the pillows and teaching Prim how to fight with them. Prim doesn’t really see the point of fighting, especially since it would be so much easier to stop Nalin in his tracks with the trick aunt Lilac taught her, but that wouldn’t be fair since Nalin can’t fight back on that level.

But Grandma can fight back! So Primrose tries the trick on her.

It works just like Lilac said it would! How fun!

Dahlia does not approve. 

(Check out that background there... Lilac’s showing off some sick dance moves)

It would seem some sims do not like fairy tricks. Aunt Lilac did not mention that so Prim makes a mental note about this. That kind of omission seems pretty important. 

Noticing her sad face, Dahlia decides to teach her granddaughter how to go into her full fairy form. Her wings will become stronger with age, but they will never fully be able to let her fly with her large human body weighing her down. So in order to really fly she’ll need to shrink down. 

She masters it quickly.

Dahlia joins her and for a while they simply frolic around together.

Prim decides she likes her grandma. She’s pretty fun.

Although she’s the only real “kid” on the guest list, Winter’s never been to a kid’s party before and has a lot of fun.

Before she leaves she motions for Nalin to come closer. “Don’t look now, but I think your grandpa might be a vampire... how scary is that?!”

Nalin never really noticed. Are vampires supposed to be scary or something?

Lilac is Topaz’ biological aunt, neither knows they’re related nor ever will.

Topaz is thinking of going into natural science. As the town’s resident alchemist and owner of the highest quality garden in town, does Jade have any advice for her?

Jade has a lot of advice. More advice than Topaz would want to listen to, but she tells her what she can. How to fertilize, the important of good soil and sunlight. 

Topaz learns quickly and absorbs all of the information like a sponge, but all her questions do is make Jade long for someone to follow in her footsteps.

Primrose’s room... yeah. These kids might be spoiled.

Why’d Prim get the fully functional doll house? All Nalin got was an over the top, expensive inventing table!

While helping Prim with her homework, Jade notices some doodles on the edges of the notebook. “Prim, is that a perfect wolfsbane plant?”

“Yes, Grandma. I saw yours this morning and I got bored during math so I drew it. Is that okay? I wish I could help you garden.”

Jade was hoping more for someone to train in Alchemy, but if Prim is expressing an interest in gardening than Jade will take what she can get.

Fawn and gem have their own birthday and get wrinkles.

Gem is surprisingly okay with this. He thinks lines make him look more distinguished.

Plus he still feels alive. On his day off he even hangs around the park after dropping off the kids at school. He’s sure he’s embarrassing his kids by using the swings... but that’s just part of the fun!

Nalin’s getting good at this whole “inventing” thing. Some might even call him a prodigy, some kind of inventing genius.

Primrose prefers to just enjoy her youth and play with her never ending supply of toys.

Fawn put her in ballet, and after her first lesson Prim tries showing off her new moves to her grandma.

Jade finds the idea of putting girls into ballet and boys into scouts to be terribly sexist of Gem and Fawn (even though Nalin did get kicked out of scouts for accidentally lighting the room on fire). But she still congratulates Prim on her skills. “That’s a wonderful uh... dip, sweetheart.”

“It’s called a plie, grandma.”

“Right. That’s what I said.”

Nalin and Winter share a birthday. He’s getting a party, she isn’t.

“My parents won’t mind getting a second cake.” He points out, having already cleared this with his parents. “I’d really like it if you blew out your candles at my party. It’ll be cool to grow up with my best friend.”

Winter practically melts. “Really? You mean it? Oh Nalin, you’re the best friend I could ever ask for!”

He feels a bit awkward when she hugs him, but he doesn’t make as much a fuss as he normally does. 

The guests arrive, and this the party begins. Gem always has a specific time on the invitation, but everybody always arrives early anyway.

Luckily Winter gets there extra early and doesn’t have to deal with the doorway jam. Nalin tells her to blow her candles out first, that way the attention will be on her today rather than on him. Because that’s how nice he is.

She becomes a teenager.

As does Nalin, but he’s significantly less excited about the whole event. Oh sweet teen angst, stop all these eyes staring at him! What’s everyone looking at anyway. Is it his hair? His scarf? Oh woe is Nalin!

Winter grabs him after the cake has been cut and asks him to dance. Quickly, Nalin forgets all about the crowd watching him. 

Dahlia’s convinced Fawn wouldn’t have ever forgiven her without seeing Gem’s relationship with his own parents. Even with Prim being a fairy. Dahlia never really felt the need to say this before, but she wants Gem to know she approves of him. He’s a good boy.

Speaking of Prim, she doesn’t like how her half sister spends the whole party studying. Sure finals are coming up, but come on! 

“Gimme a minute, squirt. I really need to finish this paper on the climate changes over seas.”

Prim gets Topaz’s attention the only way she knows how. To exploit her fascination with magic. She turns into a tiny little fairy and zooms around Topaz’s face until she gets up to follow her around the room.


Topaz doesn’t actually have the supernatural fan trait. But seeing as she’s the only human in her main family, Watcher is very tempted to give her that trait. She already acts like she has is...

Markus died at 97. Jade just turned 96 today. Maven’s happy he’s had his mother for so long. 

Oh hey look at that. Trinity’s pregnant again. 

“So are you and Burton trying to make a vampiric soccer team or something?”

Trin just rolls her eyes. “Shut it, Gem. This time it was an accident, but a happy accident.”

Nalin knows they’ve both only just become teens, but he can already tell Winter is about as hot as girls his own age can possibly be. It won’t be a stretch for him to imagine her getting asked out by a bunch of guys as soon as they start school. And he really doesn’t want that to happen. 

“Winter do you uh... would you maybe in interested in us going out sometime? Like, as a long term thing.”

She smiles at him, her shaking hand revealing a bit of discomfort with the idea. “You do know we have plenty of time to think about that, don’t you? We just became teenagers. There’s no rush.”

“There’s a rush when I look at you.” He points out. 

He kisses her before she can think up another reason to say no.

Well, that sure made Winter change her tune. She agrees to be his girlfriend, and then pulls him in for another kiss.

Maven’s a hopeless romantic and thus cheers the young couple on, Jade wonders is her eyes are finally failing her. Aren’t they a bit young for all that?

As soon as Nalin realizes his family is watching he gets quiet and introverted again, so Winter pulls him outside by the hand to watch the stars together. 

When its just then, Nalin’s shyness fades away. “You know, you still haven’t explained your name to me. You promised me you would when we had time.”

“It’s not a secret.” Winter smiles as she cuddles into his arm. “Where I came from, the skies aren’t always blue, and the grass almost never green. I remember times when water would pour from the sky and seemingly never end. I remember sometimes the water would grow hard and turn white, covering the ground and making everything look gorgeous and white. Momma says we had what were called Seasons all because of a witch who went a little crazy. I was born while there was snow on the ground, in the middle of the season we called Winter, so that’s what she named me.”

Her home seems amazing, and wakes a kind of curiosity in him. “Do you ever miss it? Would you ever go back?”

“I don’t know.” She answers honestly. “The snow and rain were beautiful, and I miss them terribly, but my home wasn’t like here. They used to call my mom all sorts of terrible things just cause she could read the future. I wouldn’t want to leave here ever, even for the things I miss from home. Besides, you’re here.”

Nalin isn’t the easiest person in the world to get along with, and if Winter cares enough about him to consider him a real point in why she wants to stay in Moonlight Falls that must mean something! At any rate Nalin knows he wants to make her happy. 

It can’t be THAT hard to make it snow, can it? The way she explained it, snow is basically frozen water coming from the sky. He’ll need to find a way to get the proper materials up there and then find a way to change the climate to fit what he wants... but hey, if a witch can do it with a spell, why can’t he do it with his mind? He’s got this!


I've been planning this story line since I preordered Seasons back in August. I am AMAZED I timed everything right and actually got to Nalin's teen years just as the Seasons disk is being delivered. Now to call UPS and see what the issue with my address is... 


  1. Oh hooray for a story introducing seasons as a magical (or scientific) explanation - I love it! I wanted to write it into mine but my generation's rolls just didn't really have any way to explain it in a non-dorky non-fitting way hah.

    This was a great chapter! Prim is adorable, but her sister Topaz is aaaamazingly pretty / cute. Sophie had good genes if not a good heart. ;)

    Nalin is sweetie pie - did he roll hopeless romantic or shy? I like the emo / shy thing with him.

    The picture with Jade and Maven watching Nalin kiss Winter was funny!

    1. I'll give you this much of a spoiler. Nalin doesn't "got it" as much as he thinks he does. : ) Intervention will be needed in order to bring about a balance.

      Topaz is just gorgeous, I agree. I'll be uploading her once she becomes a YA (Which should actually be pretty soon). She's totally her father's daughter, has barely any of Sophie in her. In my opinion, Gator is a really good dad and keeps his baby girls close.

      He got the shy trait. I'm contemplating insane for his fifth trait but I have some time before I have to make that final decision. Maybe I'll just go for dramatic. As for the photo with Maven and Jade watching the young couple, I took it by chance and then considered including it as a bonus pic... but blah! It worked in the story anyway.

  2. Nalin is a very handsome teenager. And Winter is very pretty too! I'm sure they'll make a great couple!

    And a great way to introduce weather! I don't have a good storyline to introduce it so it's... just going to happen. Maybe I'll think of something in the meantime.

    1. Like I said, I've been planning this story line since I decided to pre-order. So I've had LOTS of time to iron out the details. : ) Now I just need to get one final chapter out before downloading Seasons! Yay!

      Winter and Nalin are pretty adorable together. I'm going to have fun with them.

  3. I'm liking Winter a lot, Nalin is very sweet with his shyness, Topaz is gorgeous and Prim is cute and adorable (especially when playing a trick on her grandmother!).

    I'm loving the start of your plotline for bringing seasons into the story too, can't wait to see what trouble Nalin gets into in trying to create weather scientifically!

    1. Prim really is quite the cutie, and I can't wait to see her as a teen (and older). I'm hoping she's as pretty as her brother and parents.

      Nalin's goanna get into a LOT of trouble. : ) This is goanna be fun to write.

  4. Nalin and Winter are adorable together. They both grew up into nice looking sims! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Nalin gets into---messing with weather---that should be fun! :D

    Prim is a doll, I really like that hairstyle on her! Fairy tricks are so much fun to do as well!

    I love the interaction between Topaz and Prim, that was so cute! Little sisters---lol :D

    1. I'm glad you like Prim's hair! I was so unsure about what kind of style to give her, but I figure as her only daughter, Fawn would have a big influence on what her daughter wears and how she looks.

      Prim's a good sister. : ) And so is Topaz, she just hasn't had the chance to show it yet.