Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6.18 - To World's Unknown

Some people don’t mind eternal summer. Prim loves being able to run outside and play in the garden after school every day.

Sari 6.18.01

Nalin never thought about the perks of having a driver’s license vs the time actually needed to get one. But when his dad took time off work to teach him Nalin really couldn’t say no. If he said no his dad would want to know what he was working on, and Nalin can’t tell him his plans... it’s going to be a surprise.

Sari 6.18.02

Speaking of surprises, Topaz is more than a little surprised when her half brother sneaks up at her in the park. Despite telling their father that they hang out like all the time at school, they don’t even say hello in the halls. Topaz doesn’t consider him a friend, but he’s family so she greets him with a smile. “What’s up, squirt?”

Sari 6.18.03

“Come closer.” He whispers, eyeing her mother and sister on the far side of the park. She leans in and he whispers his intentions for Winter’s surprise. All he needs from her is the know how. She wrote her final paper on the weather effects of the north, didn’t she?

Sari 6.18.04

“Are you serious, Nalin? I don’t think its even possible to make it snow in Moonlight Falls. Our climate is one of a kind, even in comparison to other cities at this latitude, longitude and altitude.”


“I know that.” He insists. “Trust me! I’ve figured all this out already. I know how to get everything up into the clouds, and the local climate will be calibrated in as soon as I can. I just need your help. What the hell is snow? How do I get it to be light and fluffy instead of ice cold shards of death and destruction?”

Sari 6.18.06

She tells him what she knows. 

Sari 6.18.07

Before he can take off for worlds unknown (AKA: The Junkyard), she grabs him by the shoulder. “Hey uh... be careful, okay? This seems like a pretty big thing. I don’t want anybody coming after you for it or something.”

“Who would come after me?” He asks, honestly curious. “Our uncle Burton is the Mayor. And I doubt he’d care about a little snow day.”

Topaz quickly realizes her little brother knows nothing about their heritage. Maybe that’s what happens when you spend time with grandpa and grandma Sari and your little brother doesn’t. “Maybe not uncle Burton, but someone... I don’t know, Nalin. Just be careful.”

Sari 6.18.09

He gives her a hug. “I never knew clones could show emotion.”

She growls into his shoulder. “That joke stopped being cute when you grew up.” 

“No it didn’t.” He smiles, laughing lightly.

Sari 6.18.10

To World’s Unknown!

Sari 6.18.11

Whenever Winter wants to spend time with her boyfriend she doesn’t bother calling to set up a date. She always knows were he’ll be and he doesn’t mind her surprises. Especially the ones that include kisses.

Sari 6.18.12

“So what are you working on today Mr. Mad Scientist?”

Her smiles sends the butterflies in his stomach into a frenzy, and he almost melts and tells her. But he’s a Sari. Lying is in his blood. “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a time machine? Jade said our family had a time machine back in the old country, but it was appropriated by the government generations ago. I want one. Wouldn’t it be cool to go back in time?”

“What, before they had tablets?” Winter jokes. “Nah. I like it here, with you.”

Sari 6.18.13

Gem would like to spend his days off resting from the emotional and mental stress of saving lives for a living. But when Prim pouts at him he has to get out of bed to play with her.

Sari 6.18.14

Fawn interrupts to send Prim inside to do homework. “Are you feeling alright, darling?”

He smiles, pulling her in close. “I’m perfect, Fawn. Life is perfect and I’m happy.”

It’s nice that she can believe him when he says that. Because it really is the truth.

Sari 6.18.15

Nalin’s supposed to be at some sort of fancy party his aunt Trinity is throwing. He invited Winter, and meets her by her house before the party. 

Sari 6.18.16

“You look beautiful.” He smiles, pulling her in for an embrace.

She gives him a look of disbelief. “Nalin, my mom made this dress out of our old curtains. I look like a mess.”

“Nah. You just happen to be the only sim in the world who can make curtains look good.”

They skip the party and make out in the theatre’s backyard until grandpa Nico shows up to shoo them home.

Sari 6.18.17

Nalin’s almost finished his invention. 

Topaz stops by before her final exams to say she still thinks this is a terrible idea.

Sari 6.18.18

“I wish you’d just tell me what’s got you so worked up.” Nalin growls not for the first time. Her vague warnings have begun to wear on his patience. Why isn’t she excited for this? She’s the only other person in town who knows what he’s planning!

Sari 6.18.19

“I don’t know.” She answers almost honestly. “It’s just this feeling I’m getting. Like this is a terrible idea.”

“It’s just nerves for your exams.” 

“Maybe.” She shrugs. “I hope so.” Another pause. “Good luck.”

Sari 6.18.20

Nalin skips class to put together his contraption. 

Sari 6.18.21

He calls it the Climatron. A mix of the words “climate” with “contraption”. Or something along those lines. 


Anyway. It shoots the sky.

Sari 6.18.23

And within minutes light fluffy... flakes begin falling from the sky. Jade trembles as the snow begins to fall, but she isn’t quite sure if its from the sudden coldness that’s swept through the town, or from this sudden uneasy feeling that’s filled her completely.

Sari 6.18.24

After all, for the first time ever snow is falling in Moonlight Falls. And that in itself is something to wonder at.

Sari 6.18.25


So I've been getting this utterly bizarre glitch where my game will randomly freeze up, and my curser goes back to looking like my normal desktop cursor. Sometimes it'll even just straight up crash the game. I've tested everything, removed mods, all that, and then it hit me... what if there's something wrong with the game disk itself? So I'm going to be exchanging it, and then if that doesn't fix my error I have no idea what I'll do.

So basically, there's a chance this is the end for the Saris. Possibly the end of all Cece legacies. I certainly hope it isn't, but I really don't know at this point.


  1. Oh no, I hope you get it fixed. ='(

    Cool climatron.

    1. I'm quite impressed with the climatron, actually. Seeing as it was only shown once in the live videos and only in the corner of the screen for a few seconds.

  2. I really hope you can get your game fixed, I've been really enjoying catching up on your legacy.

    I love the way you've incorporated seasons into your game. The snow looks beautiful. <3

    1. The snow was so cool to watch. I love how the windows frost up with condensation and everything!

  3. On the chapter - I love how you incorporated the weather! That was a really cool effect, and really well thought-out. Btw, Nalin and Winter make me melt into puddles of happy warmness. They're so cute together!

    On the issues you've been having with your game - NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I so hope this isn't the end of everything. That would make me so sad. Have you tried contacting the EA Help Support chat thing? I don't know how well they'd know about your issue, but they dramatically helped with mine.

    1. Nalin and Winter are one of my favourite overall couples right now, and they've only been in the story for a little bit. They make me happy <3.

  4. Oh no, I really hope you get it fixed, I've had some similar problems in the past and if I started up task manager at the time it would show my CPU was at 100% usage. Have you tried checking if you've got any other programmes running in the background when the game goes wrong?

    I love your storyline for bringing seasons in and really hope we get to see how it all pans out

    1. I've had to dramatically change the story line thanks to stupid Seasons killing my game, but how it panned out will be explained as the story goes on.

  5. I hope Nalin knows what he is getting himself into! And I hope that Winter will appreciate what he has done for her.

    As for the game, I know I haven't been commenting lately but I have been following along and I will be really sorry to see the Saris, and even worse, all Cece legacies, come to an end. I truly hope you can figure out what's going on.

    1. Here's hoping the end is nowhere near : )

      Winter and Nalin are a really good couple. Nalin's very antisocial so even if he wasn't already so in love with Winter, she's the only girl who could ever love him.

  6. I'm sooo thrilled you included the climatron in your legacy story, and its absolutely perfect for Nalin and his wishes/dreams and of course a very sweet romance with Winter!

    I too hope you find out what's causing your freezing/crashing, it would be a shame to lose you and your legacy from the sims world! =(

    One thing you can do (pain in the butt, but still..) to rule out if its your disk / expansion pack is to remove everything... all mods, all custom content, everything, and just play the game vanilla with nothing else installed at all. You may not be able to load your saved legacy game because it depends on the mods for core changes, but you could try loading a fresh game that wouldn't look for the mods and see if it plays. Just let it sit there and run for a few sim days and see. If it does crash, then yeah its something wrong with your base game and EPs... but if not, then its definitely something in a mod or piece of CC.

    I sure hope you figure it out, I would miss your story dearly!

    I am finally getting Seasons next week. I've been excited for it but also dreading it at the same time due to all the problems its causing a lot of people. I haven't patched my game or mods at all, everything is running so perfect, I'm scared!

    Hang in there CeCe!

    1. I still don't know what was going on, but a new save game seems to be working well so here's hoping everything goes well now.

  7. One thing I did was to delete EVERYTHING, my entire TS3 folder, then load the game, when it was crashing on my husband's computer. There was no reason for it to be crashing, his computer can definitely handle it. I uploaded my family to the exchange first, so I could redownload it and the point I was at. You may need to upload a few families to keep yourself in the same place game and story wise.

    1. I did things a little different, but yeah I ended up needing at the very least a fresh Sims 3 folder. And I hate doing that because of all the CC in my launcher. Took so long to put everything back!

  8. ALL CAUGHT UP and all I have to say is, I really really REALLY hope you're able to fix your game issue. :( I want to know what happens next and what's got Topaz all worked up.

    The chapters that I missed were amazing, by the way. I'm so happy that things have worked out for everyone in their own way. <3

    Assuming Nalin doesn't cause the end of Simnation (Sim World?) somehow. That boy, I swear.

    1. Nalin is a TERRIBLE person! He never thinks things through! That's something that won't ever change. : )

  9. Wow I catch up finally and find this? it really does break my heart.

    I hope you work it out love.!

    1. I'm hoping I have. : ) I just couldn't let these guys go.