Saturday, December 15, 2012

7.1 - Giving Up Everything

Being exiled from your home town was tough, losing your scholarship and school records was even tougher. But there are some things that can’t be taken away, and Topaz was lucky enough to be able to have lessons with her aunt Jade before her death. Alchemy doesn’t pay much, especially not in a human town but with practice it should one day be enough to keep her head above water.

Assuming she doesn’t kill herself and everyone around her during all that practicing.

It’s Monday morning. Topaz’s charges have already left for their first day of school and as she walks through the small township of Appaloosa Plains she can’t help but compare it to her old life in Moonlight Falls. The falls will always be her home, even if she’s never allowed to return, but Appaloosa Plains might grow on her. Both towns are small with kind and accepting locals. A few early neighbors kept their distance at the start, wary of the fairy wings Topaz’s little sister had. But eventually Prim won them over and now they’re treated like everyone else.

All small miracles should be enjoyed, and Topaz is just happy she was able to find a home for her family before child services found them living in her car.

The owner of the local consignment store, Mindy, was one of the first sims to welcome the Saris to town. She’s quite convinced Topaz’s potions are just nonsense and won’t do anything, but they’re a curiosity so she’ll list them and if any sell then Topaz will get those profits just like everything else Mindy sells.

Mindy’s kind and helpful... but also the town gossip. As always she wants to know what brought the Saris to town. “Come on hunny, you can tell me! Didja rob a bank? Didja son kill someone? Is ya daughter stolen from the fairy queen?”

Topaz would be shocked by the accusations if this wasn’t her third or fourth time hearing them. Small town folks are crazy, but at least they don’t ALL have ridiculous accents. “Mindy come on... you know they’re not my kids. Nalin and Prim are my younger half-siblings. Their parents died and I was of age so I took ‘em in. There’s no big conspiracy, seriously. They’re good kids and I didn’t rob a bank.”

The bank part might be true, but when she gets a call from the school saying only Prim showed up for school its clear calling her siblings “good kids” might have been a bit premature.

The house Topaz bought for her family is quite larger, close to the heart of the city and scary expensive. Nalin doesn’t know how she managed to afford it, but he assumes it was at least partially thanks to selling his Climatron to the Sim Nation government. Mother Gaia fixed what he broke, at a price Nalin prefers not to think about. The Climatron was useless after she crushed it in fury, but the technology was still there and it was salvageable probably. If Topaz did sell it Nalin couldn’t really be mad. She gave up everything for him and put her own life in danger to protect him. If she hadn’t offered to protect him she could have disappeared with Moonlight Falls and left him to take care of his little sister alone.

Still, he wishes she’d just leave him alone now.

“You didn’t go to school today, did you.”

“Assuming the school system here isn’t atrocious they would have called you a while ago so I think you already know the answer to your own question.”

“You’re such a smart ass.” Topaz sighs. “Why didn’t you go? You promised you’d try.”

“I did try.” He assures her. “I got all the way to the front door before I saw they misspelled “Physics” and left for the junkyard. They’ve got some good stuff there and I think I can sell some of the toys I used to make for Prim and then sell them to help you with the bills. I can make better use of my time out of school than I can if you make me go.”

Topaz would want to smack her brother a lot less if he wasn’t right all the time. “Fine, but I’m signing you up for homeschooling and you will stay on top of that, do you understand me?”

Nalin gives her a half smirk as he grabs the blowtorch. “Whatever you say, clone face.”

Prim went to school wearing a button up skirt and long skirt. She leaves school with her shirt in the same fashion as the majority of girls in town and her skirt at a good 1/3 of the length it was. She isn’t sure she feels comfortable so exposed but her new friends assured her she looks much better.

Maisy Miller in particular approves of the new girl’s new outfit quite a bit. “Trust us, you look great! I mean, did you see how Cruz was all over you today? He’s the only guy our age in town! So jealous of you.”

Prim was still a child when her parents were killed. She grew up while on the road and hasn’t had much time to adjust to being a teenager. Cruz’s attention gave her weird feelings, not all of them good, but if her new friends say she should be feeling good than she should try feeling good about this... right?

She almost wishes her brother had come with her to help her adjust, but that would have only made things worse. The other girls would have been all over him and he wouldn’t have liked that, after all, he still wasn’t over losing Winter.

The house Topaz bought for her family is huge, and so Nalin was given the entire basement for himself. There are no windows so he can’t tell when the sun has gone down, but he always knows when midnight has arrived.

It breaks his heart every time he sees her, knowing she took a curse for him when Gaia threatened him for his actions. He could have run but he was scared and Winter stepped in front of him. He was left holding her urn when the town disappeared around them, knowing he’d have to bring her back somehow, someday. “I uh... I’ve been working on something new. It should bring you back, give you life again.”

“Nothing can bring me back.” She sighs with a smile. Her lips are moving, but Nalin hears her voice in his head rather than with his ears. “You need to let me go, Nalin.”

“I can’t.” He almost sobs before pulling her in for a hug. Her spirit is icy cold but he doesn’t care. “Unless you leave me and move on yourself I will never stop looking for a way to bring you back. Gaia could have taken your soul away but she left it for me. That means there has to be a way to bring you back, and I will find it.”

“If anyone can find it, you can.” She decides. “I love you, Nalin.”

“I love you too.”

Upstairs, Topaz is just heading to bed. It feels nice to finally sleep in a bed again, but she can’t help but feel sick. Gaia took everything away but her fae blood, and its warning her again like it did when Nalin was building his weather machine. Is he doing something stupid again? Or is it from her own actions this time? She never should have sold the climatron to the Sim Nation government, but what choice did she have? Before reaching Appaloosa Plains she’d resorted to selling herself to keep Prim and Nalin fed and warm. Finding someone who wanted the beat up old contraption had been a dream come true. If her blood was warning her about that now it was far too late. 

What could Gaia take from them this time? She’d taken Prim and Nalin’s parents, she’d taken innocent Winter, their home and families had disappeared. They were living nice now, but Topaz wasn’t quite ready to let her guard down. Next time her family needed her she wouldn’t stand helpless.


Confusing? There was honestly no way to make what happened clear without narration (Which will come later), or showing it in photos which is impossible since my game decided to f- me over. I'm just so happy I was able to salvage the main characters here. 

The Haunting Curse ghost is gorgeous! : D Poor Winter.

I'm really hoping I can continue updating normally from now on. Stupid Seasons.


  1. I got the gist of what happened, so good job!

    I'm happy you were able to salvage the main characters as well! And I'm glad to see the Sari's back!!!

    It was pretty obvious that Nalin's invention was going to cause some kind of ruckus, but man oh man. 0_0

    Poor Winter... and everyone else in Moonlight Falls.

    1. Everyone left in Moonlight Falls is fine, probably. Nalin may have fucked things up but I'm sure the all powerful creator of the world can fix anything. Unfortunately for him, she's a bitch. (It was intended to be a bit of a self insert)

      I've only played two days in game so I'm not relaxing just yet. But so far everything looks like it'll be alright. Here's hoping!

    2. I guess I didn't get the gist of it then. Lol. I thought you meant that Moonlight Falls was pretty much obliterated. /reading comprehension fail.

      Can't wait to hear how it all went down though. :D

    3. I wouldn't put it past Gaia to destroy a whole town in rage (I really need to show her in story soon), but in this case Moonlight Falls was a haven for the supernatural so she simply wished the town somewhere new, leaving the Sari kids behind.

  2. Poor Nalin! =(

    I am a bit confused as to how they survived and everyone else died. *mourns Gem and Fawn* I'll wait for it all to be made clear.

    1. Someone will tell the whole story eventually. I know its confusing right now and I'm sorry! I haven't done any writing since the last chapter. I'ma little rusty.

  3. Yay! You managed to salvage enough to carry on the story! I think I got the gist of what happened and I'm looking forward to finding out the details :)

    1. Yep! All the details have been more or less planned out since I was planning on showing this the first time around. Hopefully I don't make you guys wait too long for the full explanation.

  4. It's good to see another Sari update! Though I hardly know where to begin, lol. I'll miss Gem (just recently added his *clone* to my asylum challenge hood!), Fawn, Nico, just to name a few!

    Nalin is adorable! I have never seen the Haunting Curse ghost, do they always have those symbols swirling around them? The haunting curse ghost color is very pretty!

    I look forward to the next chapter! :)

    1. Yeah the haunting curse sims have little Halloween symbols (bats, tombstones, skulls) floating around them constantly. It's cool to watch, hard to photograph.

      Next chapter should be soon, I hope. Still don't really believe my game is working.

  5. Poor Gem and Fawn. I shall miss them so much. I don't know that I really want narration of what happened. At least this way, it's a memory they're working past. Don't flashback, don't make me cry!!!

    Glad that the Saris can continue though!

    1. The flashback might be necessary to explain elements of the future plot. Not sure yet. An idea i like just kinda came to me so I might need to fake some photos for the flashback.

      Stupid staging...

  6. Not everything is clear yet, but I will wait for the story to be revealed. :)

    I like Winter; I hope Nalin can resurrect her.

    1. Even at a low, the Saris can do anything. : ) He made it snow goddangit, bringing someone back from the dead should be easy!

  7. Yikes! Sounds like you had some serious issues with the game, I'm sorry to hear that. But you put together a really cool chapter. I loved the mix of backstory and present tense.

    You can always mix in more backstory as well over the next couple chapters to explain more of what happened, and how their parents died! =(

    Excellent legacy, Cece!!

    1. I'll probably be mixing in more backstory now that I've realized how friggin hard it is to "tell" rather than "show". I do not like it.

  8. Ooh yay, the Saris are back! :D I've missed them. And apparently I'll still hafta miss Gem and Fawn, sad but I'm really curious about how they died. The rest I think I got...Gaia hid Moonlight Falls away right? Kinda kicked the Sari kids out?

    Great chapter, I'm all excited about the next one!

  9. So glad that you were able to continue with the game, I've really missed the Saris!

    This chapter was great. Lots of clues about things that have happened, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you explain things, and how it affects the surviving characters.

    Nalin and Winter are so lovely and so heartbreaking. *sobs*