Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7.3 - Mine

Topaz would really rather not do this. She’s almost certain the man in her dreams must have been lying, but her logical mind tells her he has no reason to lie. When Gaia and Neptune arrived at their home, Topaz had been playing in the falling snow with Prim. The goddess had attacked them but Neptune had stepped forward and protected them.

There was no reason for Neptune to lie, so Topaz had only one choice, and it was going to break her little brother’s heart.

Nalin wakes up the following morning to a rather disturbing sight.

Someone is going to die for this. Mark his words.

Prim’s already gone to school, but he highly doubts it was her. That leaves only one potential suspect. 

“Topaz... we need to talk.”

She smiles up at him innocently, careful not to stop stirring her pot of Bottled Discord. “Oh hey Nalin, sleep well? I’ll be with you in just a second.”

He waits patiently until she’s done, and then launches into a shouting match. “Where the hell is my inventing table, Topaz? And all my scrap metal? I need stuff back so I can finish my new project!”

“Nalin, hunny...” She soothes. “Your little knick knacks and toys just weren’t bringing in enough and we needed to make the bills on time this month. I’m sorry, I promise we’ll get you a new table just as soon as we can afford it.”

Lying makes her feel terrible, but this way she can at least control the situation and stall him as much as possible. Still, the look of heart break on his face tears at her heart. She can’t let him do this, but if she told him about Neptune’s words would he listen? Or would he just work harder to spite the Reaper?

Feeling frustrated, but not really being able to bring himself to tell Topaz why he needs his table now, Nalin goes for a run. He just needs to get away from his sister right now.

His feet lead him all the way to the local cemetery, where he comes face to face with a larger than life statue of the Reaper.

“She’s mine now.” 

Nalin hears the words in his mind rather than with his ears. And he’s never felt so afraid.

Prim’s garden is really starting to flourish. The local grocery is even paying her for what she can make just because she’s a fairy! Her produce is nothing special, especially compared to the generations old farms around the town, but she won’t complain about the money.

She’s just finished harvesting her first set of crops when she gets an unexpected phone call.

“So I thought hard about what you asked me the other day.” Cruz begins, giving her his best smile. The one he’s been practicing in the mirror ever since shooting Prim down. “Do you think we could uh... try... the relationship thing? It could be fun, in theory.” 

Prim faintly wonders if this has anything to do with the new boys that just moved into town and how they’ve already taken away the attention of all the girls. Maybe Cruz is just trying to save one girl for himself, but Prim is still happy he picked her. 

“Just remember, if you break my heart again I’ll turn you into a toad. Kay?”

“Sure...” Can she actually do that?

She can fly. Holy shit she can actually fly. Cruz momentarily makes a mental note to never even look at another girl. If Prim can actually fly then she can totally turn him into a toad, or something worse. 

There are plenty of single men in town... not that Topaz has seen a single one. She has no time to go out! Mindy mentioned something about online dating so she figures she doesn’t have anything to lose by at least giving it a try.

She can’t get past making a profile before the shame and guilt hits her. She’s pathetic, she shouldn’t be doing this! She has responsibilities that come before a social life, a social life she shouldn’t even have since she stole her brother’s chance at one. 

Sometimes, Nalin thinks he can see Winter’s ghost. Always in day time, when he’s not thinking about her. But when he turns to go near her the image always disappears. He hasn’t seen her actual ghost since he woke up to find his inventing table gone, and heard the statue speak.

But with his birthday coming up, he’s finally been able to decide on one thing.

He knows full well what he wants, and he’s going to get it by any means necessary.

Even if that means venturing out on his own. 

But first, he needs to tell Topaz everything. 

“I’m sorry I lied, but I knew you’d be disappointed if I told you I was testing the gods again, and I was hoping that maybe if you and Prim didn’t know anything you’d be safe. Just like last time! But I think I pissed off the Reaper, so if I’m going to get Winter back I need to get as far away from you guys as I can. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Topaz wants to be happy for him, and how he’s finally thinking things through, but all she feels instead is pure dread. 

If she wants to keep her family safe, she’ll need some help. 


YA Nalin is mrr~ I'll have him up once I reveal who will be in the "full" household. 

The online dating actions make me lol. Poor Topaz kept slamming her head down on the keyboard! 

But yeah. Troubles. At least the Saris don't let immortal, all powerful creatures walk all over them.


  1. Oh Nalin... You silly silly boy. I hope Topaz can find some way to help him so he doesn't get into a fight with the Reaper.

    I loved Cruz' response to realising Prim could fly, it was funny, although I'm not sure he's quite got the idea of relationships there

    1. Fairies can't rollerblade apparently. : ) I was hoping to get a bunch of pictures of them holding hands or skating together. Instead he looks absolutely terrified and Prim spends the whole time zipping around with her normal shoes still on.

      We'll see how that relationship goes.

  2. Nalin is really pissing me off. I don't feel sorry for him. I'm irritated and frustrated that he doesn't think things through or think about anything other than his one desire to get Winter back. His last experiment brought Gaia's wrath on an entire town; what makes him think that getting further from Topaz and Prim will actually do anything to protect him should he achieve his goals? What's more, what if the Reaper is so pissed that Nalin brings Winter back that he "trades" a soul for hers and takes one of the girls? /me is going to kick Nalin in the gonads.

    1. Reaper's learned his lessons about trading, but its true that in order to give years to a sim, you need to take them from somewhere else. : )

  3. Yeah, Nalin is a really good looking Sim! :D

    He really shouldn't provoke the reaper. Really bad idea.

    1. Nalin should count his lucky stars he has an older sister who loves him so much. : )

  4. I loved the Prim/Cruz story---he'd better be careful---upsetting a fairy would be a bad idea, lol.

    Awww, poor Nalin. He tries to do a good thing---but it ends up biting him in the behind. I hope he's not going to carry on the family tradition of making poor decisions like his grandfather Nico! I'm glad that Topaz has his back, even if he may not see it that way yet. :)

    1. Cruz definitely doesn't want to upset a fairy. : )

      If left to his own devises, Nalin will take after his grandpa. So this'll be fun.

  5. Uh, yeah, Nalin = Mmmm.

    But also, yeah, Reaper Pissed = Baaaad.

    1. Reaper pissed = Veeerry baaaaad. : )

      Nalin's smexy. I can't wait to see his spawn.