Monday, December 24, 2012

7.5 - Making Memories

Winter’s arrival comes late in the night, and there’s no time to go out and buy a new bed. Topaz offers her own room but Nalin won’t hear of it and walks Winter to his own room. She’s too exhausted to argue and falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.

Nalin settles down on the couch. He would have liked to have spent the entire night in the room with her, just watching her sleep (and he does... for about an hour). It still hasn’t sunk in that she’s really back, but eventually the exhaustion gets to him too.

Winter wakes up early, looking around curiously at everything around her. She knows how to breath, she knows the concept of “self”, she knows Simlish and what feelings in her body mean she needs to fulfill relevant needs like sleep and eating. But everything important, everything that would have made her feel like an individual is gone. Her memories, her history is just a daunting blank in her mind. She isn’t even sure if she should trust the strange individuals she saw last night, but she really doesn’t have much of a choice right now.

She finds a stack of clothes on a table by the room, and picks out a small blue number. Its a bit revealing, but its comfortable. The rest of the clothing left for her is just as bright and colorful. She likes it. 

Before she can decide what to do next, Nalin emerges from the washroom down the hall. Still wet from his shower and not wearing a shirt. 

Winter... does NOT mind. 

“Hey Winter, sleep well?”

She nods. “Yes, thank you. I’m sorry for stealing your bed.”

“No worries.” He assures her. “I don’t have much to do today besides my graduation ceremony.”

She looks at him strangely. “Graduation ceremony? What’s that?”

He takes her hands in his, not noticing how she almost pulls away from him. “It’s a long, boring meeting at city hall where the teachers who never met me talk about how great a student I am and then give me a piece of paper that proves I’m educated enough for a proper career. It’s pointless but my sister Topaz, the girl from last night, insists I go. Will you come with me?”

She decides to go, if only so she won’t be home alone the whole day. After all, Prim was given the day off school and Topaz wouldn’t miss her brother’s ceremony for the world. She never got one, after all.

Nalin graduates with the highest grades of anyone in his age group. Not surprising considering the impression he got from the school on his first day. 

Topaz is over come with emotion!

... Winter is just plain confused by the whole affair.

While driving home, Winter points out the festival and expresses a wish to see it up close. Nalin stops the car immediately and gets out with her. 

The rollerskating rink is surprisingly empty so Nalin rents two pairs of skates in order to show off some of his moves. 

He asks her to spin with him. 

“I’m not sure if I’m okay with this... have you done it before?”

“Plenty of times.” He lies. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

Roughly 20 seconds later...



“I can’t feel my face right now. Is that normal?”

“Yes. I currently can’t feel my butt.”

She pushes herself up as Nalin struggles to his feet. “Can we do something I want to do now?”

“Thats probably a good idea.”

She wants to join the hot dog eating competition. Nalin almost dies just from the idea of it. Hot dogs are nasty! He’s by no means a vegetarian, but these things are filled to the brim with preservatives and who knows what else!”

But hey, Winter’s need to be in a competition reminds him of her efforts to always best him in school. So it makes him feel a bit better that maybe she’s remembering who she was.

Anyway, she wins. 

As the winner, she announces the next activity: Water ballon toss!

Her first shot goes wild and Nalin feels the need to make fun of her for it. She used to be such a good shot in high school! What happened?

... Apparently that first shot was just for practice. Every single one of her following throws are right on the money.

By the time night has fallen and the various locals have taken their seats for the fireworks showcase, Nalin turns to Winter to ask her how she enjoyed her day. Instead his words get stuck in his throat. She’s every bit as beautiful as he remembers. Her skin fair, her green eyes bright and deep. Her pixie nose as cute as ever with hair as black and night. He remembers falling in love with her the moment he saw her as a teenager, maybe even when they were still children if he wants to actually be honest about it. But she doesn’t remember any of that. Not their first kiss, the yellow dress her mom made her for the fancy parties, pranks at school, or the look of amazement when she first saw the snow falling. He’s glad she doesn’t remember the pain of dying, but he wishes she could remember the feelings they had for each other.

He has no reason to believe her memories will ever come back, so instead he focuses on making new memories for her. 

She turns towards him with a smile when he rests his hand on top of hers. “What’s going on, Nalin?”

“Nothing.” He smiles. “You just look really beautiful in the firelight. I’m glad you had fun today.”

“I had a lot of fun today.” She confirms. “I hope we can do it again soon.”

As he leans back to enjoy the show she cuddles up closer to him, not bothering to hide her smile. She’s already figured out that she must have been more than just a friend to this boy, but she doesn’t know how far they went, or how she felt about it. All she knows is what she’s feeling now, and right now she’s really liking the feel of his arm around her waist.


Still hate writing romance, but after twenty five generations on it, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Maybe. xD

I just really like this pairing.

Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Spending Money Season!


  1. I am so glad you're back to writing. :D They're such a cute couple!


  2. Heh, I liked this picture a lot

    1. Not goanna lie, that's one of the best pics I've taken in a while. If only I'd taken it BEFORE the lolsims contest ended! Dammit Nalin.