Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7.6 - No Time for a Guy

Topaz claims her elixers are selling well, so she buys Nalin a new inventing table. Nalin almost doesn’t believe its new when some of the scorch marks look familiar, but there’s no way Topaz was hiding this at a friend’s place. What would have been the point?

While out for a walk, Nalin and Winter come across the resident gypsy wagon. It was here long before the Saris moved in, but with Winter here it finally brings up some familiar memories (for Nalin, not Winter).

“Your mom was our town’s gypsy.” He says out of the blue. “I dunno if she could actually see anything in her crystal ball, I mean my parents never payed her any visits but they didn’t mock her either. You guys weren’t short on money after she married Topaz’s uncle.”

“Wouldn’t Topaz’s uncle be your uncle?” Winter asks as Nalin takes a seat.

He shakes his head. “Topaz is my half sister. Prim and my dad was dating Topaz’s mom all through high school but broke up with her before leaving for medical school. When he got back Topaz was a baby and her mom was married. He fell for my mom after that and married her. I think they were happy together, I never saw them fight like he did with Topaz’s mom every time they were in a room together.”

“And when did you meet me?”

“When we were kids. I think your mom moved to town while you were just a toddler but I’m not sure. You had memories of snow and your old home, but I never really asked you about them. I’m sorry.” He waits for her shrug before continuing. “We were in the same class in elementary school in a town called Moonlight Falls. We were the only two non-occult kids there so our teacher set us up for the buddy program. We were pretty good friends after that.”

Winter gives him a strange look, not actually sure if he’s telling the truth about them being the only non-occult kids in their old town or if he’s just pulling her leg. But hey, his sister has friggin fairy wings, so why shouldn’t she believe him? 

So instead: “I want to go have my fortune read. Will you come with me?”

He doesn’t want to, but he obliges. 

Their fortuneteller is a sham, Nalin can tell that much right off the bat but Winter is transfixed by the process, and so too is their fortune teller when Winter starts seeing signs int he crystal ball. She’s offered a job on the spot and after only a bit of hesitation, she accepts. 

Even with a job, the pay is minimal and only four days of work, three days a week. It’s a part time job in the loosest form of the word, and Winter still feels the need to help around the house to earn her keep.

Prim’s class cut up some pumpkins to make faces and put lights in them for the upcoming Spooky Day festivities. When her own garden produces a fair sized pumpkin she decides to make a silly pumpkin or two for the house.

Nalin just enjoys the last few days of warm weather in the pool.

it isn’t rare for Topaz to run into visitors from out of town while on her walks. Appaloosa Plains is such a beautiful town that much of its money comes from tourism rather than food production. But even then, the visitors are usually families who visit for the day, none of them come even close to the man waving for Topaz to wait up as she crosses the street.

“Hello!” He greets her with a smile, extending his hand. “My name is Casey Cassidy.”

Something about the name sounds familiar but Topaz can’t really put her finger on it. “Topaz Sari, pleasure to meet you. Is there something I can help you with?”

He seems taken aback momentarily before repeating himself. “I said I’m Casey Cassidy... don’t you recognize the name?” 

She shakes her head, giving him a strange look. “Should I?”

“I was voted SimLiving’s sexiest man alive this year! I’m a rockstar! Headlined in Bridgeport’s benefit concert earlier this summer... nothing? My agent said this was a good place to take a break but this is ridiculous.”

“Oh! THAT Casey Cassidy.” Turns out Topaz DOES know of him. “Yeah, my kid sister was into you for a bit. I don’t really like pop music myself so I guess that’s why I haven’t heard of you.”

Casey just glares at her. “I’m a rockstar, not a pop star.”

“Sure, whatever, now where were you headed to?”

He was looking for the beach... on the completely wrong side of town. Seeing as the town’s only beach is pretty out of the way she offers to take him there herself, otherwise he’ll just get lost again.

Thankfully by the time they get to the beach he heads off on his own and Topaz decides to take the rest of the day off and just enjoy the water. Things are getting chilly, and she knows Winter is coming. It was part of Gaia’s actions, in order to fix what Nalin had made she’d been forced to bring about seasons to all of sim nation. The upcoming snow will undoubtedly bring up bad memories for all of them. She isn’t looking forward to it.

But for now, life is good, and she’s brought out of her thoughts completely when Casey sneaks up behind her to splash her.

As the evening arrives and the night begins to dawn on them they leave the water, laughing over the fun. 

“You’re quite a babe, you know that?” Casey smiles, gazing into Topaz’s purple eyes. “You’ve got some of the nicest eyes I’ve ever seen. I came here because I thought I could get a break from the celebrity life, but I will totally use it if it’ll get me a date with you. What do you say, babe?”

She groans. “Casey you’re really attractive, but I’m so not attracted to you right now. I like being called by my name, Topaz, and I’m really not looking for a relationship right now. I’m raising my younger siblings and we’re barely making the rent every week with me working around the clock. I don’t have time to dedicate to a guy.”

“I won’t take up every minute of every day.” Casey promises, taking Topaz’s hands in his. “Just promise you’ll see me again one time. Just once.”

She knows what that means. “I’m not looking for a one night stand either.”

He lets her go, and after a quick change she’s out of the park and on her way home. It’s getting late but she should have time to make a few more elixers before bed. The skill boosters are selling pretty well right now, and if she can just make another five they’ll be able to make the rent easily.

Back home, Nalin and Winter are having a very different night. 

“Are you sure no one will see?” Winer asks, voice hushed. “Topaz could be home at any minute!”

“And she’ll be coming through the front door and then to her studio or up to bed.” He points out. “And Prim’s in bed. No one will see... I promise.”

With Winter convinced, Nalin closes the distance between their lips.

As soon as her saw the giant leaf pile in the yard he knew what he wanted to do in it.

Winter honestly just finds the whole idea rather gross, but hey... the actual act is pretty fun. “Fine... but only if I’m on top.”

He can’t keep the smugness out of his voice. “Well... if you insist.”


Big thanks to Heaven for the delicious rockstar, Casey Cassidy. He'll be back. : )


  1. Casey is very yummy looking, but I think his attitude might just put me off. I wonder if he'll be a fling for Topaz or something a little more...

    1. I think Casey just needs to realize girls who aren't groupies are a lot harder to get into bed when he's being a full on douche.

      We'll see what (if anything) happens between them : ).

  2. I'm glad Topaz turned him down for now. Maybe he'll learn to get his act together.

    Nalin and Winter are cute. :)

    1. Nalin and Winter just make me melt every time they interact in game. If I leave them be, they'll gravitate towards each other. There are four seats in the basement, and Winter will always pick the one closet to Nalin when she's reading. <3 It makes me melt.

  3. Oh dear God, Casey is gorgeous! I can't wait to see him again, regardless of his personality. Him and Topaz look so good together.

    The scenes with Nalin and Winter always make my heart hurt a little bit. They really are so beautiful together, and so right for one another. I love that Nalin is accepting of the fact that Winter might not regain her memories, and is simply trying to make new ones for her. So romantic. <3

    1. Casey is quite the hottie. As soon as Heaven should him off in create chat I knew I had to have him. Yay for networking! He isn't actually available for download anywhere! : D

      (Well... I suppose you could just ask her like I did...)

      Nalin and Winter really are soul mates. They'd do anything for each other, as they've proven a few times now, and something like amnesia isn't going to tear them apart. They're lucky to have each other.

  4. Well what is winter getting herself into. And Cassy..... Hot damn but hopefully she slaps some sense into him

    1. Oh she does knock some sense into him. : ) Sort of.