Friday, December 28, 2012

7.7 - Call Me, Maybe

The phone calls begin the very next day. Topaz isn’t even sure how he got her number, but judging from the various female voices she heard during his first call, someone must have been more than happy to give up her privacy. How annoying.

She blocks his number, but then the gifts start arriving. More precisely, one very expensive gift. It’s a painting Topaz has had her eye on for a long time but never imagined she’d be able to afford.

Topaz was hoping to avoid this, but as soon as Prim finds out who the painting is from she demands Topaz go out on at least one date with him. What’s the worse that could happen?

Well, if her outfit is anything to go by, Topaz isn’t sure she wants to know. But then Nalin offers to drive her to the club to make sure she actually goes. It’s a conspiracy to get her a social life!

Casey is ecstatic to see she’s finally accepted his offer for a date. “You look amazing! I’m really glad you decided to come.”

Topaz doesn’t mention that her siblings all but drugged her and threw her into a trunk to get her out of the house, but after a while she does begin to enjoy herself. She never realized Appaloosa Plains had such a nice night life.

As soon as Nalin and Topaz were out the door, so was Prim, headed towards Cruz’s place. His mom was spending the night out with her new boyfriend waiting for her baby to come, so Prim could stay as late as she wanted!

“I didn’t think you’d be able to make it.” Cruz smiles as he gets home from his part time job at the cemetery. “How long can you stay?”

“As long as you want me to.”


Cruz’s life is pretty good. A loving mom, a decent soon to be step-father, and a hot girlfriend. He’s strongly considering proposing to Prim once they’ve both graduated. 

Back at the club, Topaz is finding Casey a lot less annoying than the first time they met. He’s actually a pretty damn good dancer.

As he wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her closer, Topaz can feel her heart race just a bit. She just knows her face is flushed and looks down at their feet but Casey smiles. “You don’t have to worry about looking down, I’ll guide you. I promise I won’t step on your feet more than once or twice.”

She can’t help but smile at that, face turning even brighter when her eyes finally meet his.

The club closes early, but they don’t head out just yet. Instead Casey settles down onto the ground and Topaz takes a seat with him. 

For a long moment they’re both quiet, with him staring up at the clear night sky and her watching him. But then he speaks. “I never really realized how amazing the stars are when you can actually see them. Back home I can see the stars sometimes from my dad’s place in the country, but I never really take the time to look up.”

“Appaloosa Plains is a good place to remember to take a break.” Topaz smiles, not realizing she’s placed her hand on top of his. Neither even notices as the rain begins to pour down.

As he scoots closer, Casey remembers something she mentioned the last time they spoke. “You said you’re raising your siblings, and the guy who dropped you off threatened me with a wrench if I didn’t have you home by morning. If you don’t mind me asking... why are they your responsibility? Don’t you guys have parents?”

“My mom and step dad are still alive, I think.” Topaz says after a few moments. “My dad and his wife were killed the day before my birthday, and their kids were kicked out of the community for something my brother did. I couldn’t let them go on their own so I went with them and I’ve done everything I could to keep them safe and in one piece.” She almost tells him about how she was willing to sell her soul for her brother, but then he’d think she was crazy.

“Your community kicked out two little kids? What, did you live in a cult commune or something?”

“We lived in Moonlight Falls, its a sanctuary for the occult. My brother put the town in danger because of something he made, and the town’s guardian had no qualms about kicking out a human and a child-aged fairy. I’m just a human myself, but I had to take care of them.”

“If my words mean anything at all, you’re the hottest human I’ve ever seen.”

She laughs nervously, partly from his compliment, mostly out of surprise he hasn’t taken off. “You don’t think I’m crazy?”

“My step dad’s a vampire.” He admits. “We keep it out of the tabloids, but I think if vampires exist than so can other creatures.”

“My grandparents were vampires.” She smiles before pausing to point out some of the constellations she’s studied. 

Casey isn’t actually too sure if he believes her story, but she doesn’t look crazy.

Eventually, Topaz wants to head home. “Thanks for the great night, Casey.” She smiles, enjoying his hug. 

“Will I see you again?” He asks.

She kisses him as a response.

“Um... c-call me? Maybe?”

“I will definitely call you.” He smiles, pulling her in for an embrace.

It’s four in the mornings, its been raining for hours and they’re both soaked. Do either even notice? Nope.



This sappy happy romantic stuff is getting boring... can I go back to the drama now?


  1. I have a feeling you will, with or without my permission!

    I didn't think you were setting us up to like Casey, until this chapter, but he's growing on me.

    1. I'm already in a love-hate relationship with Casey. The plot line I gave Heaven for him when I asked for him has already been seriously turned around, and while he will generally be a good match for Topaz, he certainly isn't perfect. But that's next chapter. : )

      I fully blame mods for the drama happening sooner than planned. Yay for unexpected results that I must roll with!

  2. Have I mentioned I have a thing for guys with sleeve tattoos? *melts for Casey*

    1. I'm beginning to think I may have a thing for them too <3 mrrr~

  3. Well I for one adore the romantic stuff, but I'm equally happy with drama! :D

    Casey is growing on me too. It obviously helps that he's smokin' hot, but he seems to be an okay guy underneath the exterior. I hope he proves me right.

    1. There'll be romance a plenty throughout this generation, I think. But drama too. : )

      Casey's got a heart. But I wonder if he's actually being honest about everything... I mean, he hasn't really told Topaz much about his own life other than the fact that his step dad is a vampire (and possibly rich), and that he's a rockstar.

  4. There's that pic of Prim watching her sister and I had to do a double take because at first I swore it was Gem! lol I actually put a copy of Gem in my SimsAsylum Anniversary challenge--and he ended up getting my sim preggers---I am really hoping the baby gets his hair. He comes over and cleans house, takes care of the baby--he's so handy! :P

    Drama goes hand in hand with romance! And somehow I get this feeling that Topaz is going to have her fair share of both. There is that little matter of a blanket contract with Grim's wife!

    1. You MUST give me pictures of the baby! : D I wanna see, I wanna see!

      Topaz's life is definitely going to have a lot of ups and downs, but I think that comes with being a Sari. The contract she made just makes it more definite that there will be a very deep low.