Sunday, December 30, 2012

7.8 - Not According to Plan

Winter dreams about babies often. She’d like to start a family soon but Nalin doesn’t seem to think they’re ready for it. So they’re just letting things happen naturally and waiting.

Even so, Prim’s the first member of the family to get morning sickness.

Sure, she and Cruz were using protection, but that doesn’t work 100% of the time apparently... still, it might be nice to have a baby. She’s almost an adult already, will be before her baby becomes a toddler. How exciting!

But when Prim tells the rest of her family, she quickly realizes she’s the only excited one.

“Prim are you crazy? Weren’t you two even thinking? You’re too young for a baby! This is going to ruin your life! Have you even told Cruz yet?”

“N-no... why does he have to know? It’s my baby.”

Topaz can only roll her eyes in frustration. “He helped make it, Prim, therefor its his baby too. You’re going to tell him before you get home tonight and that’s final.”

And suddenly... this situation is no longer exciting.

Prim’s pregnancy has made Winter’s wish for a child even stronger. “I think we should try for a baby.”

Nalin’s heard this conversation before, and he isn’t too excited for it again. “But Winter we’re still just... young. We aren’t even married yet and I want to do things properly.” 

She shifts in her seat and suddenly he wonders if maybe that was a veiled announcement. 

“It isn’t.” She clarifies, neither realizing he didn’t ask the question out loud. “I’m not pregnant. We can do things the right way if you want.”

Prim goes to school like normal, getting only a few pokes from her friends about her new clothes, but thankfully no one puts together that she’s pregnant. Cruz invites her over like he always does, but this time she doesn’t enter his house with him. “So Topaz says I have to tell you I’m pregnant.”

He reacts exactly how every normal girl wishes her partner would react, pulling her in for a hug and unable to hide his smile. “Seriously? That’s great news, Prim! I can’t wait to see our baby! Mom was offering to get me my own place after graduation, we can move in together and get married and raise our family there. It’ll be so awesome to come home to you as my wife everyday.”

Unfortunately for Cruz, Prim isn’t a normal human. She’s a fairy, and as soon as he mentions marriage she can feel a hand around her throat squeezing. She pulls away from him quickly. 

“Why would I want to marry you? Cruz, you’re fun, but I’m not going to spend the first 80 days of my life shackled to an aging human! Eeew!”

As her words sink in, he gets angry. “Excuse me? So you were just leading me on the whole time? What about being my girlfriend?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to cheat on me, and I wasn’t going to cheat on you, but I never said this was permanent! Come on, Cruz, that’s just crazy!”

“No Prim, YOU’RE crazy!”

“If I’m so crazy then why are you still with me?”

Instantly he realizes where she’s going with this. “Prim no, I just meant-”

“No no. You’re right. I’m so over this! I’m breaking up with you, Cruz, don’t ever call me again.”

Cruz’s only thoughts are to wonder just how and why things went from awesome to over in the span of a few minutes. 

Prim on the other hand is just celebrating freedom. Topaz raised her and Nalin just fine on her own, and Prim won’t be alone. She doesn’t need a partner to raise her baby, and she’ll be fine without seeing Cruz ever again. He was getting boring anyway.

Topaz isn’t taking her sister’s pregnancy well. “...And to make things worse, she just dumps the poor boy. Cruz’s mother may be an air head, but she’s also well connected. If she wants Prim’s baby how the heck are we able to do to stop her? My siblings both work freelance, I peddle what could in a way be considered drugs, Winter’s a fortune teller, and Prim isn’t exactly the picture of responsibility. I can’t raise her baby for her!”

“Well, its not like you’ll be alone.” He points out. “You’ve got your brother and his girlfriend. And I’m sure your sister isn’t as flighty as you think she is. I’ve been told sims have some sort of connection to their children once they hold them.”

“You’ve been told?” She asks with a smirk at him. “No experience?”

“No kids.” He reminds her.

He decides to help her take her mind off of things. 

Every time they touch, she feels her heart go all a-flutter. “You’re a dangerous man, Casey Cassidy.”

“Am I?” He quirks an eyebrow at her. “How so?”

“You’re the kind of guy a girl could very easily find herself crushed by.” She says it with a smile. “I doubt it takes much to fall in love with you. I’m just worried its already happening to me.”

Topaz has yet to realize she isn’t falling in love, she’s already fallen. 

Almost as hard as Casey has fallen for her.

After Prim told Cruz, Cruz told the whole school about her being pregnant. Most of the school ignores her and shuns her during class, but Cornell hasn’t. He’s a fair bit younger than Prim, and ugly like a horse, but he’s kind and that’s what she needs right now. 

One day Casey shows up at Topaz’s house unannounced. She had been hoping to keep him and her home life separate for as long as possible but she couldn’t just ask him to stay outside until she was ready for their date.

... They decide to stay in instead of go out. 

Winter figures this means she and Nalin aren’t goanna be able to woo-hoo in the backyard again tonight. Boo. Stupid Casey.

Topaz isn’t sure when things changed for her, but every moment of her day has been about Casey lately. She works when she has time, but Nalin got a lucrative work request from the local military so she doesn’t need to (at least not this week). A week ago she never would have dreamed of letting anyone into her room, but as soon as Casey has the door closed she’s the one pulling off his clothes. 

It’s not like she hasn’t done this before. She has. In high school with a witch boy whose name she doesn’t remember. And a few times while on the road to keep Nalin and Prim fed and warm. But this time it actually means something. 

Casey wakes up first the following morning, happy for a moment when he sees Topaz asleep next to him. Then he notices the missed messages on his phone on the bedside table and the guilt hits. He shouldn’t be doing this, not to Topaz, and certainly not to his wife waiting for him in Bridgeport.


Sometimes, drama is brought on by the decision you make, knowing full well what those decisions will lead to. 


  1. Oh damn. That I did not see coming and I'm the one that made him!

    1. You should have! : P I mean, with how he was going after Eve in his "move roll" I imagine it ended with them getting married. But I'll talk about that more later in the story.

  2. NOOOO, damn you Casey! I really did not see that coming. :(

    And Prim as well! I thought Cruz would be the reluctant one, but Prim has totally blown that theory out of the water.

    1. Prim isn't reluctant to be a mother, but she also knows full well that she's going to live to see everyone around her age and die long before she has wrinkles. I doubt she ever actually wanted anything long term, or even ever will. Poor girl just wants to enjoy her youth for as long as she can.

  3. Where's my butt baby? I was promised a butt baby!!
    Ah poor Topaz, finally falls for a guy, and of course he's married. Of course he is! And how many (non-butt baby) kids does he have in Bridgeport waiting for him? hmm?


      ... Well, not this generation, anyway.

      Casey's secrets will fall in on him evebtually.

  4. Aww, but I was so happy! Casey and Topaz just made my heart melt, and then BAM! He's married! Way to ruin the moment. =P

    This picture was awesome:

    I don't think I've ever seen so much emotion on a Sim's face. Poor Cruz. He looked truly heartbroken. Just like Elly, I was surprised by his reaction to Prim's pregnancy, but I was completely floored by Prim's decision to break up with him! Looking forward to seeing how the baby drama plays out.

    Great chapter! =)

    1. Cruz's heartbreak didn't last long, actually. He aged up literally one in game after that scene was shot, got married the next day, and got his wife knocked up before Prim's even given birth. I was amazed. I guess he really did want a happy family after all.

      Yeah, Casey's got some explaining to do. Eventually.

  5. Wow, I thought Cruz would be the bad one in that relationship, not Prim dumping him immediately after telling him she's carrying his child just because he wants permanency! And as for Casey, carrying on with Topaz when he's got a wife waiting at home for him (and never telling Topaz about the fact he's married)...

    1. Things are goanna blow up in err'bodies' faces real soon. : )

  6. Ta Da! Enter the Drama! lol Great Chapter Cece--though I did feel bad for Cruz---what a sad face! Though it is funny about him aging up, getting married, and his wife is already pregnant. He's moved on!

    And Casey! Oh dear---this doesn't sound like it's going to end very well! I feel bad for both. Topaz, who is unaware of Casey's wife and other life in Bridgeport. And Casey--who seems to have fallen for Topaz--but I doubt Topaz will thank him for it once she learns he's married!

    1. I don't think its a spoiler to say Topaz will find out eventually. Casey just better hope its from his confession rather than through someone else.

  7. Naw love can be so conflicting at times.

    1. It really can be. Thats why I've been working at improving my romance writing. The drama just writes itself!