Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7.10 - Wrong Number

Not enough time has passed since Prim’s girls were taken away, and for a while Topaz attributes her sudden sickness to nerves and stress. 

Soon its clear the nausea is far more than that. She has to be pregnant, and she isn’t sure how her family is going to take this. There’s no way Prim can find out just yet, not while she’s still healing. But what about Nalin and Winter? What about Casey?

Right now, Nalin has bigger fish to fry. Namely... himself.

Who knew making a time machine would be so dangerous?

“I can’t take a break right now, hun.” He points out when Winter all but drags him away from the work bench. “I’m really close to a break through and it would be great if I could finish this stupid project before the wedding. That way we can afford the best nursery money can buy, and anything you want.”

“Right now what I want is for you to take a break.” She smiles, not letting him brush past her to the door. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

... That finally gets his attention. “Yeah I could really go for a break right now. Definitely.”

“I thought so.”

Nalin informs Topaz about the upcoming wedding. Topaz is thrilled, and then tells him about her pregnancy.

“You going to tell Prim?”

“... Not yet.”

“And Casey?”

“On our date tonight.” She promises.

Prim’s birthday arrives soon enough. She ages up in her room alone, turning down Winter’s request to make her a cake.

She doesn’t, however, turn down a date when she gets a call from a guy asking her out. Cornell is still just a teenager, and as much as she’d like to hang out with him, he can’t give her what she wants right now.

Watcher can’t even remember this guy’s name. But he looks like he was hit in the face with a frying pan a bit too hard, and even brings a baby along on the date. 

Prim very quickly excuses herself, and makes a mental note to block this freak’s phone number.

She does however meet a cute girl at the bar not half an hour later. Her name is Monica, or Monique, or something like that. To be honest, Prim doesn’t actually ask.

Monica/Monique mentions that she lives not too far from here, and just finished her shift at the bar if Prim would like to come over for some quality time. 

Finally. Someone understands her!

Topaz arrives early for her date with Casey, fidgeting and going through every possible reaction he could have and what she’d do in response. The second he arrives and walks towards her, her plans are completely forgotten. So she just blurts the news out instead.

“I think I’m pregnant.”

Casey stops cold. “You uh... think?”

“I am pregnant.” She clarifies. “What are we going to do about this?”

“Well... I’ll have to go back to Bridgeport eventually to relocate my recording studio and contract. My manager will hate me, but that’s nothing new. I mean, you’d like to stay here right? I really doubt you’d like Bridgeport.”

“You aren’t going to abandon me?”

He gives her a disappointed look. “Of course not! I’m not that kind of guy! I thought you knew that.”

Topaz can’t hide her smile as Casey embraces her. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I just... got scared, I guess.”

“Don’t be scared. I love you.” Its the first time he’s said so out loud, but he doesn’t notice her body relax at his words. He’s too busy wondering how the hell he’s going to get out of this one without breaking Topaz’s heart or letting the media find out. A divorce is going to be necessary, but it’ll be long and messy if he knows his wife. She can’t find out about Topaz, or at least not her identity. Who knows what that crazy bitch would do in revenge.

Nalin finishes his time machine, and wins a couple awards for the effort.

With that down, Nalin goes back to what actually makes him happy. Making toys (I am not even joking here).

Unfortunately for Nalin, when the local government presented him with his awards it was in a very public ceremony. Suddenly everybody is calling him and trying to ask him out. “Ma’am, I’m very happy for your big uh... assets. But I’m happily engaged, so kindly buzz off.”

“Ah the woes of being popular.” Winter laughs as Nalin tells her about the constant phone calls. “It must be such a burden having all these gorgeous women throwing themselves at you all the time.”

“Yes yes, poor me.” He smiles, pulling her to cuddle. “But really, I feel more sorry for all of them. They just can’t accept that I’m in love with you.”

Winter smiles a bit. “Almost makes me want a big wedding, just so I can show off that you’re mine.”

“Or I can show off that you’re mine. I’ve seen the way guys around town look at you.”

She shrugs. “They’re not you so I don’t really notice.”

Topaz starts showing. After she told Casey about her pregnancy they spent the whole day shopping together. Her maternity clothing is much nicer than Prim’s was.

“You look beautiful.” Casey smiles when he stops by after a meeting with the manager at the local theatre. “Has anyone told you that your hair looks amazing when its down?”

“You have.” She laughs. “Can you stay the night?”

“I’ll stay every night, if you want me to.” He smiles. “I love you, and I can’t wait to meet our baby.”

Its late the next morning when Topaz wakes up to the shrill of a phone ringing. Both her and Casey’s phones are on the table next to her but she’s too sleepy to look at the ringing phone more closely to see if it might be his. Casey’s phone never rings.

“Hello? This is Topaz.”

“Oh I’m sorry.” It’s a female voice on the other line. “I might have the wrong number. My husband’s agent gave me this number to reach him.”

It must be a common mistake, Topaz figures. Casey still has a Bridgeport number after all, and everybody in that town has an agent. “Who are you looking for?”

“Casey Cassidy. My name is Eve... he was supposed to be back home last week and I’m getting worried.”

Topaz feels her heart break just a little. “S-sorry. You’ve got the wrong number.” 


: ) I'd love to hear what you guys think is going to happen next chapter. 


  1. I'm gonna say something is going to blow up in someone's face. Either literally or figuratively...

    1. Well, Nalin does have a locked wish to detonate something so we never know. : )

  2. I think Serenity descends on Appaloosa Plains and steals Casey's vile, cheating, good-for-nothing soul, and everybody breathes a sigh of relief because Topaz somehow managed to dodge that bullet.

    Because she deserves better than him. For real.

    1. ...I sound bitter. I don't mean to sound bitter, but guys who cheat are the scum of the earth imo. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the chapter, and I'm anxious to see what you've got in store for us next! I honestly was not expecting Topaz to find out about Casey's wife so soon, but I can't wait for the drama to unfold. Love it! =D

    2. Geeze, I didn't think people would hate Casey THIS much. : P But yeah, drama unfolds right smack at the start of the next chapter. I already wrote it, and I'm quite happy with how it came out.

  3. From Casey's thought about his wife being a 'crazy bitch', I hope that's just him making excuses for himself. I hate it when a husband's philandering gets blamed on his wife, or when he's made to appear sympathetic because the wife is an over the top bitch.
    Casey is fully the one to be blamed for stepping out, and no matter what kind of woman his wife is, he's the one that lied to Topaz about it, not Eve. And I hope that Topaz doesn't fall for any excuses he makes, and gives him the dumping her deserves.

    1. Casey and Eve have deep standing problems, and those problems are fully the reason he was in Appaloosa Plains taking a break. All that will be explained in later chapters.

  4. Oh I really hope Topaz destroys him. She's been through a lot, and I can see her just tearing into him. And then of course Prim has lots of fairy tricks she could always use...I've heard the inner beauty one's awesomely funny but recoverable after they've done enough good deeds. Perfect for a cheating husband.

    1. You've read my mind. : ) But I didn't use the inner beauty hex just in case it effected baby genetics.

  5. Casey is scum and I hope Topaz & her family (and his wife) make his cheating life hell. I absolutely love Buckley's idea about Serenity taking his soul as the exchange for Winter's but I doubt she'd want it!

    1. xD I really didn't think you guys would hate Casey THIS much. But its so fun to read all your comments. Makes writing the story a lot more fun.

  6. ...
    Damn Casey's eyes! If he and his wife no longer work together, why did he not end it first before dragging poor Topaz into this mess! Grrrrr...

    And poor Nalin dealing with is own unwanted attention.

    1. What's going on in Casey's life will be explained in later chapters.

      Nalin and Winter seriously make me gag every time I write about them. But I think by this point they've earned their happiness so I think I'll leave them be until the plot bunnies start biting.

  7. I feel like I should probably wait to get the whole story before judging Casey too harshly (but yeah, I'll admit it, it's mostly because he's so hot that I don't want to hate him, lol. Realistically speaking, Topaz really needs to kick him to the curb.)

    Nalin is so cute, bless him. I like reading about his inventing as my next primary career roll is for inventor and this is making me eager to get started!

    1. I think that might be why I always make the characters people won't like insanely hot.

      The inventor career is one of my favourites, and really, I should have probably given Nalin flack for being able to create a time machine but his great-something grandmother Serena also made a time machine so that's my excuse. Gaia was fine with her making one (and using it to actually try and change the past) so Nalin is off the hook.

  8. Ummmm sometimes marages are too much to deal with. People aren't happy so they go away to work it out. I'm not going to say it's ok but you can love more then one person at a time. You just have to understand the person you're dealing with. I feel sorry for him actually.

    1. Thank you, Kayla. For your comment. It's nice to know not everyone is calling for Casey's blood. : )

  9. Plus unhappy relationships lead to these things, they not generally one persons fault. We all just want to feel loved at the end of the day xx but I'm glad you appreciate my words hun