Friday, January 4, 2013

7.11 - We're Already a Family

“Please, Topaz. Open the door. We can talk about this! I know I fucked up by not telling you about Eve, but I swear I was never leading you on! You’re my life, so please, let’s talk.”

Topaz can feel the tears welling up in her eyes, but she won’t let them fall while he’s still in hearing range. He’ll say something sweet and wonderful and she’ll let him back in and then that will be it. She won’t be part of this problem. 

“Your feelings for me don’t change the fact that you’ve been lying to me since the day you met me! How can I trust anything you say anymore? How do I know you weren’t going to just break my heart and leave me alone when you went back to Bridgeport after the baby was born?”

 Prim arrives before Casey can think up an answer. She’s heard everything from her room down the hall, and if this jerk thinks he can get away with leading on her sister he’s in for a rude awakening. 

A very rude awakening.

“Y-you didn’t turn him into a frog or anything, did you?” Topaz asks after hearing Casey scream as he ran out of the house. 

Prim just shrugs. “I don’t actually think I can do that. I just scared him a bit. No harm done.”

Topaz tries to say thank you, but instead she lets out a sob, and suddenly the dam of tears just breaks.

Prim isn’t quite sure what to do, so she just holds her sister close and pats her back. “There there... you’ll be just fine without him. He’s just a dumb guy, you don’t need him.”

“Prim I’m pregnant.”

For a long moment Prim isn’t sure what to say or do, but eventually she gets a feeling inside of her chest that forces her to smile. “Really? I guess we’d better redecorate the nursery, then! I promise it’ll make you feel better.”

Topaz highly doubts it, but she’s willing to try anything right now to get Casey off of her mind.

Prim’s graduation ceremony arrives a few days late, but the whole family attends with her for support.

She’s voted most popular and Cruz is no where to be seen! It’s a good day.

The snow starts on the very first day of Winter, as if it were just waiting.

 Within a few hours the ground is completely covered, and Winter has to borrow some warmer clothes from a coworker before jogging home. The snow really is beautiful, she’ll give it that. But a part of her, deep down inside, is telling her to run straight home, hold onto Nalin and not let go until Spring. Normally she’d just ignore the feeling, but this time she can actually do that. After all, tomorrow is her wedding day.

And what a wedding it is. Nothing special, no guests but Nalin’s sisters. Winter wasn’t sure if her dress was going to come off as too fancy but as soon as she sees Nalin her worries are forgotten. 

“You look beautiful.” He breathes.

She just laughs. “You aren’t so bad yourself!”

They exchange rings as they say their vows.

 Nalin pauses momentarily as he holds the weddng ring up. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this.”

She kisses him in response, assuring him she’s been looking forward to this moment too. 

Topaz wants to know what the young couple’s plans are now. 

“If its alright with you, Topaz, we’d really like to continue living here. It would be great to help you with your baby and have your help when we finally have kids. And to be honest, this is the only home I’ve ever known.”

They’ve been sharing a bed almost since the day Epsilon gave her back. But now its really their bed. 

“Shall we get started on that family, love?”

 Winter can’t hide her smile. “We’re already a family, Nalin.”


They're finally married! I swear the story picks up from here. At least until the kids have been born.

Gen 7's full roll has finally been revealed, but I don't think its really a surprise to anyone at this point. Especially the number of kids.

By the way, this isn't the last time we're seeing Casey Cassidy. He'll be back eventually. : )


  1. Well, they say a pic is worth a thousand words, and your opening sequence of pics speaks volumes! Poor Topaz. I even feel bad for Casey--he seems to be hurting too. Self-inflicted pain is the worst kind, lol. I'm glad we'll be seeing more of him though---he's an interesting character!

    And baby! Yay! :D

    Nalin and Winter get married, another yay!

    It'll be interesting to see how Prim deals with Topaz having a baby, and how Topaz deals with Nalin and Winter being so happy---since both sisters have lost something---something that another family member has.

    1. Prim offering to help her sister redecorate the nursery (the nursery that until this point still had two empty cribs in it) was basically her telling Topaz that she won't make things difficult and actually wants her big sister to be happy.

      I think Topaz will have to go through some shit as her own life goes on without Casey in the picture, but we'll have to see that rather than having me spoil it. Personally though I don't see Topaz being jealous of what her brother has considering how much effort she put in to make sure he could be happy.

  2. Great chapter! I love how the siblings are so supportive of each other. But yeah, they've been through a lot to make them that way.

    1. Had they had a normal life I think Nalin and Topaz would have continued to fight at every family get together, and Prim probably would have grown up a lot more rebellious than caring. They've been through a lot so far, but they've helped each other through it.

  3. Poor Topaz. That's certainly not what she needed and definitely not how she should have let the cat out of the bag to Prim. I hope that Prim can handle this news alright. And, as Nirar said, your first sequence of pictures was awesome!

    Happy for Nalin and Winter and really hoping that they can continue to stay happy with everything kind of in shambles around them.

    1. I'm really happy with how that first scene went. I had dialogue in mind for it at the start, but when I was organizing the photos I realized my dialogue was just bringing the scene down. It was better to leave things unsaid.

      Winter and Nalin are (as I've said before) the definition of soul mates. I don't actually think there's anything that could break them up besides death.

  4. Oh I really hope Casey got the lovely inner beauty spell...that'd be hilarious to see! Since it was in fact Prim who got to him first, I'm definitely gonna keep my fingers crossed on that one.

    On the up side, I can't wait to see the babies! I bet they're adorable. Casey and Topaz are gorgeous, and Nalin and Winter aren't too bad themselves lol.

    1. Casey did not get the inner beauty spell. : P I'm saving that for later.

      I've seen Topaz's baby. Omg <3. Best of both parents.

  5. Prim's reaction to the news of her sister's pregnancy was awesome, especially considering her own recent experiences. She just moved up about ten notches in my book. Good job, Prim. I approve. =)

    1. Prim may be selfish and immature, and perhaps a bit of a slut. But when it comes to her family she does step up quite a bit.

  6. I loved Prim's reaction, and I would love to know what she did to Casey (hopefully something truly humiliating!)

    1. I think if anything, it was more of a dose of fear to make sure he left Topaz alone and exited the house.

  7. I loved Prim's reaction, too.
    Nice wedding!

    1. I really wanted to give Winter and Nalin a big backyard wedding in the spring, but I was getting impatient for babies so I decided to screw it all and have a private wedding. I still like how it came out, and I think it fits their personalities more.

      Prim's a good sister.