Saturday, January 5, 2013

7.12 - As Long as we Both Shall Live

At first, Topaz attributes the pain to her baby disliking walking in the snow. After a few steps however it becomes clear she’s going into labour.

She gives birth to a healthy little girl, Zahara Sari. It takes a long time of thinking before Topaz finally writes down Casey’s name as Zahara’s father. He hasn’t called her since returning to Bridgeport, but maybe one day Zahara would like to meet him, and Topaz won’t stand in the way of that.

The nursery is too busy for Topaz’ tastes, but Prim picked it out and it doesn’t seem to bother Zahara. 

She has her mother’s bright purple eyes, but Topaz can’t really tell whose features she inherited. “Welcome home, baby girl.” 

Prim’s more than a little surprised when she gets a call from Cruz, asking her to meet him at the local art gallery at midnight. 

It sounds like a terrible idea, but Prim’s never been one to think things through, so she goes. 

She asks about their daughters, tells Cruz that she wants to see them. She doesn’t mention how he had no right to take them or how much of a terrible person he is. Starting a fight won’t do any good right now.

“Thats why I asked you to meet me today.” He answers. “Azalea and Blossom are both toddlers, and they’re both fairies. They keep trying to fly and I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing! Can you come over tomorrow? Madeline’ll be busy in her office most of the day so I doubt she’ll even notice you’re there.”

“I’ll be there around noon.” She giggles, smiling flirtaciously at Cruz.

She would have expected him to turn away or chide her for the flirt, but inside he leans towards her with a smile. “Good. I’ve really missed you.”

Zahara might someday get confused as to the identity of her mother, seeing as how all three women in the family take turns playing with and watching her. 

Aunt Winter though has a confession. “You won’t be the only baby in the family for long.”

Thats right. The nausea hit Winter not long after her wedding night. Looks like she and Nalin just got lucky they never got pregnant before the wedding. It only took them trying for a baby one time to get her knocked up.

And honestly, Winter can’t wait for it.

She falls right into the routine. Staying warm, eating right, and of course reading every single baby book she can find. Nalin gets uncomfortable talking to her about labour and the smelly years (as he calls them). Prim and Topaz weren’t much more help, so reading it is.

Fuck it sounds terrible. But it can’t really be as bad as the books describe... can it?

Prim arrives at Cruz’s new home at exactly noon. He’s waiting for her outside. “Hey, I’m glad you came.”

She just shrugs. “Whatever. I didn’t come for you, I came to meet my girls.”

He lets her in, where her eyes instantly gravitate towards the almost identical girls crawling around the room.

Azalea has her mother’s red wings and instantly whines to be picked up. 

Blossom is more than content to wait her turn and is already strong enough to fly around in short bursts. Prim remembers her own attempts at flying fondly. She never would have had the courage without her brother there edging her on. 

These are her girls, Prim muses as she holds Blossom close. These are the babies she should have been holding onto and kissing good night every night. They’ve both inherited her hair, her father’s hair. Her own fairy heritage. Cruz had no right to take them from her, but he did anyway.

She’ll have to make him pay for that, but in a way that won’t effect her daughters. “Do you remember the day we started dating? When I told you that if you broke my heart I’d turn you into a toad?”

“Mhhm.” He smiles. “You thinking of finally going through with your threat? Everyone will know it was you.”

“I think I can do one better.” She giggles, smiling at him. “You ever bar me from spending time with my daughters and I’ll make sure you hurt all over for it. Understood?”

He raises an eyebrow. “Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise, my dear.”

Before Cruz can say anything further the door at the end of the hall opens and a plump, blonde woman walks out. Or at least Prim thinks its a woman. 

“Oh I thought I heard voices. You didn’t tell me we were expecting guests, dear.”

Cruz wants to crawl into a corner and die. “Hunny, this is Primrose Sari. Prim, this is my wife, Madeline.”

“Primrose?” Madeline repeats as she shakes Prim’s hand. “Why does that name sound familiar?”

“Probably because I’m the twins’ mother. Your husband and I dated all through high school. I still have all the love notes and gifts he gave me... what a hopeless romantic.”

If Cruz could die from the look his wife was giving him, he’d be dead. Even his youngest child can’t guard him from the look of pure hate headed his way.

Madeline turns her attention back to Prim. “I don’t suppose you’ll be going now?”

Prim almost laughs out loud. “Oh no, I’ll be staying until tonight probably. Cruz has asked me to help raise my daughters correctly so I’ll likely be over very often and very late. Hope you don’t mind.”

Madeline’s smile looks like its actually giving her pain. “Of course... come over any time you want.”

Nalin tries and fails to fix the dishwasher. Whatever! Winter wanted to update it anyway. Stupid dishwasher...

While sending in the money for bills, Winter notices a small letter in the mailbox. In it is the deed for the ownership of the local theatre, signed to Topaz Sari with a short note from Casey. 

Even if you don’t want to talk to me, I have a right by our baby to support you both. The royalties from the theatre won’t be much, but please keep it. You know where to reach me if you ever want to just yell at me. I want to talk to you, I need to explain why I never told you about Eve. I’m sorry. I love you.”

“So did you give her the letter?” Nalin asks when Winter tells him about it. 

“I had to.” Winter sighs. “She wasn’t happy, but its not like she can pretend Casey never existed. Z will have questions about him eventually.”

“Topaz is stronger than I am.” Nalin sighs. “I don’t think I could forgive someone for hurting me like he did her.”

Winter’s silent for a long moment before speaking again. “Do you think that will ever happen to us? Will we ever... you know, break up?”

“No.” He responds without hesitation. “Not even death kept us apart, Winter. I think we can handle anything.”

“Good.” She decides. 

Prim forgot to put the fireplace out before going to bed. Luckily Topaz was downstairs heating up a bottle for Z when the fire begins. 

It takes a single firefighter less than fifteen minutes to put it out.

“You’re my hero!” Prim beams once the fire has been put out. “You’re so brave and strong! What would I have done without you?”

“Your boyfriend was handling the situation well when I got here, ma’am.” The fire fighter responds, referring to Nalin’s attempt to put the fire out himself.

“Nalin’s my brother, not my boyfriend.” Prim giggles. “I’m happily single.”

“Well in that case...”

She smiles as she moves towards him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “My room’s right upstairs. Follow me.”

Winter’s gift of telepathy and ability to see visions in the crystal ball has made her the gypsy caravan’s top money maker. They even send her a crystal ball at home to help her practice during her maternity leave.

She tries to see if she can look into her own future... and apparently she can.

“Fuck life.”

Nalin’s in the other side of the room during her out burst. With a smile he walks over and pulls her to her feet. “What’s wrong, love? What did you see?”

She says one word: “Triplets.”

Fuck life.

“Well... this is certainly going to make things interesting.”

Zahara becomes a toddler. She has her father’s hair and nose, but otherwise appears to be a clone of her mother.

She’s... quiet. A little too quiet, and Topaz gets scared early on that there’s something wrong with her baby. Aren’t toddlers normally more talkative?

Zahara doesn’t speak out loud very much, but music is a whole different ball game. Whenever someone puts her down, she goes straight for the toy xylophone. Her notes are hesitant, but well thought out. 

She really is her father’s daughter.

Three parenting books later, Topaz grabs her daughter again and attempts something different... walking. 

“It’s okay baby, just walk over here... it’s okay if you can’t. Just-”

Zahara makes it over to her mom before Topaz can finish her sentence. No hesitation, no fear, just walks right over.

“I’m so proud of you, baby! You took your first steps!”


Topaz’s heart just melts... and then the guilt hits. How she wishes Casey could be here right now.


Fuck this game. Seriously, just... I mean, I wanted Winter and Nalin to have multiples to I could play with their genetics even though I only rolled for two. But triplets? Friggin TRIPLETS?

Eh, I had it coming. 

I'll likely have an heir vote to decide on my heir this generation. All four kids rolled the exact same family structure so it really will be a vote for your favourite. But more on that later. 

Z be adorable, and Prim be a hoe-bag. <3 Love my Sari girls.


  1. Oh I'm already in love. <3 Zahara is a cutie, Winter's kids have their work cut out for them to beat her out as heir. And the whole triplet thing...ah it always happens to every legacy lol. Should make life VERY interesting. Triplets are adorable pain-in-the-asses. ;) I can't wait to see them!

    Casey can stay gone for a while. Him and Cruz are tied for sucky Sari exes. I do really wanna hear Casey's explanation (sure to be colorful) and hopefully Cruz will finally get what's coming to him.

    1. The triplets are still babies in my game (crashing problems again), but I'm excited to see them too. : ) I brought Gem and Fawn over from my last save and they are in the family tree so they should work for the babies genetics.

      Prim will get creative in her revenge on Cruz, so lets hope he doesn't fuck up (or hope he does. Your pick).

  2. Wow so much going on, cant wait to see Casey again, but he should have had more fight in him and stayed around. Silly man.

  3. You get multiples a lot, lol. I never seem to get twins/triplets, especially when I actually want them. Ah well. That's just the way this game goes I guess.

    I'm glad Prim is going to be involved in her daughters' lives, but I wonder why she isn't fighting harder to take them back. I mean, she seems pretty relaxed about the whole situation with Cruz, even though he practically ripped the twins from her arms. I'd be pissed as hell if I was her.

    Looking forward to seeing the triplets! =) And I'm curious what Casey's deal is, although I doubt there's anything he could say that would redeem him in my eyes.

    Great chapter!

    1. My game is cursed, obviously. : ) But I also put a radio into the basement where Winter spends most of her time reading, and set it to the kids station.

      Prim would likely fight for her children more, but for the rules I can't move them back in because I'm over my number of kids. (Unless of course, people say I SHOULD break that rule. : P)

  4. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with Prim over whether Cruz had a right to take the girls. At the end of the day, he's their father and he has every bit as much right to them as she does.

    1. I think the issue is how he took them. His family bribed social services to paint Prim as an unfit mother and now he's only asking for her to visit because he doesn't know how to raise fairies.

  5. Whew, for a minute there I thought Winter had seen something REALLY scary. xD

    1. What, triplets aren't scary enough for you? : P I sure had a heart attack when the third name bubble popped up. I almost started crying.

  6. Haha, triplets for you! I don't think I can even remember when any of your generations has had less than three children. Would be even more hilarious if her "vision" was inaccurate and you were cursed with the quads.

    I don't know that I care about what Casey has been doing. Regardless of what Prim did to him, he just left without trying to see Topaz again. Jerkface.

    1. My very first generation had only one child. : ) And then I removed one child from my possible rolls because it was boring.

      (Oh and Serena and Liam only had two kids!)

      As I said to Kayla, Casey figured his time was best spent doing things that will make Topaz more likely to forgive him. But more on that later.

  7. Argh, triplets! "Fuck life," indeed.

    Prim is making bad choices again. Let's hope she didn't forget her birth control this time.

    1. She didn't get pregnant. : ) I've been thinking about it, but nah.

  8. Triplets! That will keep Nalin and Winter busy. :)

    And Prim! Apparently she has a *thing* for firemen. lol She was funny to watch with Cruz' wife though. Stick the knife in a little further there Prim, lol :P It is also apparent that Cruz hasn't changed much!

    Zahara is adorable! I look forward to when her Daddy comes back---he'll bring some more drama to Topaz. He'd better have one whopper of a good story though! :D

    1. Madeline's a bitch. She had one baby by Kanoa Parrot before meeting Cruz, and is pretty unpleasant to look at. I'm looking forward to Prim's storyline with that family.

  9. Prim be a hoe-bag, yes indeed :o That was funny

    ~Margaret Pendragon

    1. Prim's had quite a few relationships actually. I just keep forgetting to include them, and sometimes the pictures don't turn out the way I want them to so I exclude them from the chapters.

  10. D'awww. Zahara is adorable and I love her hair!!

    I have so much to comment on after reading all of the chapters that I'm not sure where to start. Dammit.

    In no particular order:
    -Topaz's deal will bite her in the ass... I has a feeling. Probably an obvious one, but ya' know. Had to be said and whatnot.
    -Casey. Mhmmm. You be a hawtie.
    -Winter and Nalin are adorable. 'Nuff said.

    I'm missing other things I wanted to say, I'm sure - but there is *some* of it.

    1. In no particular order:
      - Z really is quite adorable and I LOVE how she came out. Snuck a peak through CAS and <3
      - Casey really is a haw tie
      - Topaz's ass will be bitten by the deal. : )
      - Winter and Nalin are basically the definition of cuteness. I wuv them.