Thursday, January 10, 2013

7.13 - Blood Runs Thick

So apparently what the books describe is nothing close to the real thing. “NALIN IF YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN I WILL MURDER YOU!”

Nalin’s been through this twice before with his sisters. He figured he’d know what to do. But as soon as Winter starts screaming he falls into the helpless, idiot boyfriend routine. 

Five hours, a fractured hand bone (Nalin smashed his hand in the taxi), and many tears later... they finally arrive back home with three healthy little babies. 

Lilac, the oldest:

Iris, the youngest:

And middle child, Hawk. The only boy to be born this generation.

Three babies = hectic. The family tries to organize a decent routine to keep things normal, but with Zahara and their own activities taking care of the triplets usually falls to their parents. Not that they mind (really). It’s hard to be bitter about four a.m. wake ups when your spouse has to get up too.

Prim takes the noon shift. “Hello pretty Lilac. Let me take care of that smelly diaper for you-”

“Prim, that one’s Iris.”

“How can you tell?”


After that, the girls get name tags. It doesn’t help that they both have blue eyes. 

Topaz’s dreams have been haunting lately. With Winter coming to an end it will have been half a year since she made the deal with Epsilon. Sometimes, she forgets about what she owes the fates, but in her dreams her fears always come to life. It’s why she hasn’t gotten close to anyone since Casey, but will that be enough to save him? And what of her daughter or the triplets? Could Epsilon want to take one of them?

Working helps her keep her mind off of things. It requires her full attention, so she can’t be bothered to think about the future.

One thing is for sure, Zahara is growing up quickly. Her quiet demeanor has changed and she’s finally mastered the art of speaking. Which makes it all the worse when Z asks her mother if she has a “dada”. The babies have a dada, so does she?

“Tonight’s biggest story! Music has a brand new most eligible bachelor now that Casey Cassidy and Eve Newton have officially called it quits. Sources close to the couple claim an unnamed mistress is at fault for the divorce but the couple insists that this break up has been a long time coming. More after these messages-”

Topaz doesn’t watch this channel. No one watches this channel! She hadn’t even meant to turn on the TV when she decided to sit down for a minute but the screen lit up just in time for the show to throw out its headline. 

She doesn’t really believe in coincidence anymore. Surely Epsilon is behind it, but to what extent? Should she call Casey? Is this a test to see if she’s strong enough on her own? Are the gods sadists jerks? Okay Topaz already knows the answer to that last one.

“Please tell me you aren’t going to call him.”

She hadn’t even noticed her little brother entering the room.

“So what if I do? It’s not your problem.”

He sighs and sits down next to her. “Uh... yes. It is. You’re my sister! And that asshole hurt you. It’s my job to take care of you, like you take care of me.”

“I can take care of myself.” She doesn’t want to hear this right now. “Besides. Z was asking about him. He may not deserve me, but she does deserve to at least meet him.”

He can’t argue with her this time. “Just promise me you’ll think about it first. He’s a lying, cheating, scum bag who doesn’t deserve you. But you’re right about Z needing to meet him. Just tell me when he’ll be here, and I’ll make sure to be here for you if you need me, okay? And I won’t even have my heavy wrench in my hand, just the light one.”

Normally she’d smile, but today she’s just not up for it. “Thanks, Nalin. I really appreciate it.”

Granny’s got moves!

Not yet having the nerves to call Casey, Topaz takes her daughter out for a day at the winter carnival.

They work on a snowman together.

... At least until Zahara finds a toy yeti under the snow. How cool!

Auntie Prim is there too. But she spends the whole day on the half pip practicing her skills before the snow melts. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and who knows what will happen to all the snow after that. 

Cornell’s an adult now, and single again. He broke up with his girlfriend not long before they both graduated. Prim invites him over on a whim and he’s more than happy to visit.

She won mistletoe at the fair. That’s why she wanted him to come over.

He doesn’t complain in the least. She barely gets her request out before his lips are on hers. 

She brings him upstairs for a bit of shower woo-hoo while the rest of her family is downstairs with the babies. Usually, she feels good. Usually, she feels... something. This time there’s just an empty nothingness. It isn’t that he’s bad, he isn’t. But today woo-hoo isn’t making her feel wanted. 

She asks him to go before anyone even notices he was at the house.

The triplets’ birthday comes too quickly for Winter. It feels as if she only just gave birth to them! Still, babies grow up. It’s sort of their only job in life. And hey, maybe now she won’t need to put name tags on the girls anymore.

Hawk takes after his father, down to the messy hair style. But with his mother’s green eyes. 

Both girls have their mother’s blue eyes, as Watcher noted earlier. Lilac also has her mom’s dark hair and mild mannered personality. 

Iris is a different matter all together. She inherits grandpa Gem’s hair, and perhaps most startlingly... a fascination with torturing her dolls. 

Well, looks like the Dracule blood skips generations after all.

Upstairs, Topaz skips the party. 

He answers the phone after only one ring. “Hello?”

“Hey.” She hears him take in a breath at the sound of her voice, but before he can interrupt she speaks again. “You should meet our daughter. We haven’t moved so hurry up before I change my mind.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow.”


Ah triplets... I actually HAD to know what they looked like this time so I snuck a peak, and... well...

I think I'm going to have to make an heir vote between Iris and Zahara, because I can NOT pick between them. 


  1. You already know my pick...freaking Iris. B-E-A-utiful. I'm not sure I am ready to see Casey again, nor am I ready to find out what Epsilon has in store for Topaz.

    1. Hey the heir vote isn't happening just yet! I might decide on my own!

  2. Toddlers in the snow are cute! Love the snowboarding shots!

    1. SNOWBOARDING IS AWESOME. You have no idea how happy I was to see the half pipe. I used to snowboard so much when I was younger, but had to stop when my head injury destroyed my balance. I might try again this winter maybe.

      The pictures of Z in the snow remind my mom of me in Edmonton.

  3. Replies
    1. Its not a vote yet!

      ... But yeah, she's gorgeous.

  4. Iris is gorgeous.

    I want Casey to die a slow painful death for what he did to Topaz. However, then I'd feel bad for Z, cause then she wouldn't get to meet her dad.Even if he doesn't deserve to do so.

    1. I was just amazed by how Iris came out. She's the youngest so I aged her up last, and checked her out last. I was just... <3

      Geeze, lots of Casey hate in here tonight!

  5. I actually like Zahara better. Call my obstinate, but I think she's interesting.

    Poor Prim. She seems... confused. =(

    1. Zahara will definitely be an interesting character growing up. But so too will Iris. It'll be a tough vote, I think. Because I certainly can't make up my mind.

  6. Toddlers in the snow! It looks like Zahara could get lost in a drift.

    I really like those cribs you're using. Are they from the store or somewhere else?

    1. The cribs are from jomsimscreations, in the "nursery rose mary" collection:

    2. I got asked that in Create chat not very long before you posted your comment so I still had the link handy. : )

  7. Oh gosh, I don't know who I like best between Zahara and Iris. Guess it'll be up to their personalities...or the hotness of their future spouses lol.

    Really getting curious about who's gonna pay for Winter's comeback. I keep forgetting, and then you bring it back up and I remember and spend the rest of the chapter worrying over my favorites. >_<

    1. They rolled the same family structure, which I will NOT be spoiling between now and the heir vote, but I think by the time the vote happens it'll be easy to guess what their rolls are.

      I've had a lot of fun looking at different characters and seeing who might fit the bill for Winter's replacement, but in the end only one character can really live up to that. And I have it all planned out.

  8. Iris is adorable! I am partial to Gem's haircolor though! :D

    It'll be interesting to see how the meeting between Casey and Topaz goes. I'm glad that Topaz is at least keeping the door open so that her daughter can see her dad. :)

    Poor Prim--she seems unhappy and not really sure what she wants. I hope she figures it out, and soon!

    1. Prim is going through quite a lot right now, and has been ever since her girls were taken away. I'm still kind of on the fence about her entire story line, but I think I have a way of making things "believable" without really ruining the story.

      And of course believable is in quotations because this is a story with fairies and gods so fuck reality!

  9. Zahara in the snow is adorable!

    Man, your sims have constantly changed clothes since Seasons. I guess you can't stop them from doing it.

    I like all three triplets. If we have to vote, we'd need to see the rolls. But I think you should decide. ;D

    1. I kinda don't have a choice thanks to snow, but it is fun to change their outfits more often. : )

      I'm already leaning towards one of them, mostly because I really want the other one to have a happy ending.

  10. The toddlers are all completely adorable! I love them all :)

  11. I definitely vote for... please, oh please upload them they are all gorgeous!

    Poor Prim... she seems to have lost her way.

    1. They'll be uploaded when they're YAs. : ) Whenever that finally happens...

      They're still toddlers right now. Sorry.