Sunday, January 13, 2013

7.14 - Something So Beautiful (And Complicated)

Hawk has a short attention span, but learns well enough with his daddy.

Lilac just wants to make people happy, and Prim’s high energy compliments her well.

Iris... is Iris. Winter only wishes her daughter would smile during lessons like her siblings do, rather than smiling only when her siblings get hurt.

With spring finally here, the snow has melted and the earth has come back to life. Prim’s extended vacation from the garden is over, and its back to the dirt for her. Honestly, she’s thankful for the distraction. This way she can’t brood over Cornell’s recent wedding.

As promised, Casey arrives the following day around noon. Topaz lets him hug her, pretending she isn’t enjoying the feeling of his arms being around her again. 

“Thank you for giving me this chance.”

She shrugs, not trusting her words until she can blink away her tears. “Sure. Let me get Z.”

Zahara has never shown any symptoms of shyness, never so much as shied away from neighbors when they were visiting. She was the friendly one in the family, but when Casey reaches out to hold her, she flinches and grabs onto her mom’s arm, refusing to let go and not taking her eyes off of the strange man in her home.

Topaz wasn’t sure how this moment would make her feel until she sees the heartbreak in Casey’s eyes. 

“She needs time.” Topaz explains. “I’ll go put her downstairs with Nalin’s triplets until she’s calmed down a bit.”

With Topaz gone, Casey isn’t sure where he should be. Luckily, Nalin decides its a good time to say hello. 

“So. You’re the asshole who knocked up my sister, right?”

Well... Casey’s been called worse things. “I am.”

“You going to break her heart again?”

Casey shakes his head. “Definitely not. My plan is to win her over, make my daughter love me, and make sure Topaz is happy. I don’t know how just yet, but I’ll figure it out.”

Nalin smiles. “Good. Now I won’t have to kill you.”

This family is messed up, man.

But as soon as Nalin has gone downstairs to help with the toddlers, Casey’s upstairs looking for Topaz. He finds her outside on the back balcony, looking over at the town in the distance. From the balcony there’s a view of the river, and the beach where they spent their first day together. 

“I don’t know if you’re ready to talk, but if you’re okay with just listening I want to try and explain why I lied to you, why I never told you about Eve.”

“Casey, there’s nothing you can say to make me believe you weren’t lying to me to lead me on and make me fall for you, but if you want to waste your breath I am very comfortable right now so I might just stick around.”

She’s been unnecessarily rude, he notes, but he certainly had it coming. 

“I met Eve when I was just getting big in the music business. I was on top of the world, decided to hit up a bar before my big show and met her. She blew me off but as I got bigger, she started returning my calls. I fell for her pretty hard and before we knew it, she was expecting our baby and we got married.”

“You told me you didn’t have any kids...” She’s almost in tears. 

He shakes his head quickly. “I wasn’t lying! She had a miscarriage a few months after our marriage, and everything went downhill from there! Fame was too much for her, the things people said about her broke her down constantly and I’m sorry to say that I definitely wasn’t the best husband at the time. Eventually we both started slipping, sleeping with other people with no idea who had an affair first. I thought it would be best to cut our losses early and filed for divorce, even with our prenup being invalid from her first pregnancy.” 

Topaz is confused. “But when she called, she said you were her husband still.”

“I... I was. She convinced me to take a trip together to try and fix things, and she wound up pregnant again.”

He falters here for a moment, waiting to see if she says anything before he continues. She doesn’t.

“She was about six months along before I found out she was faking the pregnancy. She’d paid off the doctor with my money, and was lined up to adopt a newborn baby for when she was due. It broke my heart, and I called her out on in publicly. I said... some things I may regret. Some of them I still believe, like that she was faking her first pregnancy too, but that’s why I left town so quickly. I couldn’t even look at her and I had to get as far away as possible. I got all the way here before my car broke down and my agent told me to cool down on the beach while he got me some accommodations in the city. That’s when I met you.”

“So you’d literally just found out your wife had been faking a pregnancy in order to stay married to you and the first thing you do is try to hook up with the first girl you see? Are you being serious with me, Casey?”

He pouts, leaning back into his seat. “I never said I was a decent person when I met you, Topaz. But that doesn’t forgive me taking advantage of you. I made you fall in lvoe with me, and even though I felt the same way I should have been honest with you up front. At the very least, I should have told you what was going on with me when we started getting serious. This may not mean much now, but when I told you I had business back in Bridgeport, it was to sign the divorce papers for a second time and instruct my lawyer to make sure Eve signed them as well. I wanted- I mean, I still want to be with you for the rest of my life, and I want to be a good father to Zahara.”

“It’s too late for you and me.” She decides, voice almost silent and not the least bit convincing. “But I would really like for you to be here for Z. She’ll warm up to you eventually. Now, where are you staying?”

When the twins’ birthday arrives, Cruz invites Prim over.

They have cake and everything!

Prim’s just happy to be able to see her daughters’ birthday at last. She missed their toddler birthday, but hopefully this is a good indication that she’ll be a normal presence in their lives from now on.

Her daughters aren’t the prettiest flowers in the bush. But Prim loves them all the same.

How could she not?

As soon as the spring festival opens for the season, Topaz wants nothing more than to visit it. Unfortunately for her, Casey rented the house across the street and as soon as she and Zahara are out the door he asks to go with them. She can’t really say no when Zahara started smiling. 

“You will have fun.” He promises. “Honest! You won’t even notice I’m here!”

Quickly, it becomes evident that the spring festival is all about love and couples. Perhaps Casey already knew that since he seems to know where all the “games” are. 

“So for this one we both touch the handle and it’ll say how compatible we are.”

Topaz would smack him, but Zahara is watching from the bench and that would just teach her that violence is acceptable.”

She indulges him and tries out the Love Inspector with him. 

What’s the worst that could happen?

Love Inspector feels terrible for taking your money to observe something so beautiful - Love inspector should be paying YOU.

Both are silent for a long moment, before Topaz speaks. “It’s rigged. Must say that to everyone who tries it because that’s what they want to hear.”

Casey raises an eyebrow as the Love Inspector spits out two 5 simoleon coins, a refund plus payment. “You really think so?”

“Shut up, Casey.”

Topaz uses her portion of the Simoleons to show Casey she doesn’t care about him.

The poor kissing booth boy is hopelessly in love with her now.

Zahara thinks her parents are weird. But its nice to finally see her dada.

Its dark by the time they head home from the festival, and Casey walks them all the way home. Topaz tries getting Zahara ready for bed but the little girl is too worked up from the day’s excitement. She keeps looking around, and finally speaks whats on her mind. “Where my dada?”

“Dada had to go to his home.” Topaz sighs. “Dada doesn’t live here.”


“Because mommy doesn’t want him to live here.”


“Because mommy doesn’t love him.”

“Yes you do.”

Topaz isn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

“So why my dada not here?”

Topaz sighs again and holds her daughter close. “It’s complicated, Z.”


So question, are my pictures too small? I can make them larger easily. I just want to know what you guys think before changing anything.

So I've decided Iris will be my heir. This does leave me two children over my rolled but eh. It'll be practice for next Gen, I guess. (5 kids!)

Thoughts on Casey?


  1. Well, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. I only occasionally want more detail, so it's not a problem. It's much better than breaking the blog layout by using larger in-line pictures.

    I think that Casey has a lot of making up to do to Topaz before they could be happy together. I'm glad that he wants to be there for his daughter, though. That's at least a good first step.

    1. Casey definitely has a lot to make up for, but I think he's determined to make things right.

      It wasn't really mentioned here because it felt like overkill, but Casey's always wanted kids. To him, Zahara is a wish come true.

  2. I'm glad Prim got to be there for her daughters' birthdays!

    1. I was keeping an eye on their age for that specific reason. So she could be there. I got lucky with the pictures I took since my game crashed immediately after that, and I couldn't get her back for a second take because nobody was home the second time around. (Spoil sports)

  3. Thoughts on Casey? Well, I assumed he wasn't lying. Sucks that he's seen so much drama, but it looks like things could improve for him, since Topaz is willing to let him into her and their kid's life.

    1. As far as I know, Casey was not lying. And he does truly love Topaz so we'll be seeing how things go.

  4. Casey makes me lol. I love how he walks around with only a vest on and no shirt, even when he's trying to convince the love of his life that he's not a bum or the stereotypical good-for-nothing rock star. It's hard for me to see past that, cause if I saw a guy dressed like that irl (and not at a concert or something) I would have to do a double take. Haha, but it gives him character. =D

    But I'm assuming you meant his story? ;) Well, it's a nice story, and I guess he's telling the truth (although that's not a give in considering his history). However, I find it hard to swallow, as he's painting himself as the victim here. And, also, he didn't seem even a little bit heartbroken/upset when he first met Topaz. I find that *quite* suspicious. I mean, who has the capacity to love again so soon after your wife, the woman you promised to spend the rest of your life with, pulls something so horrible over your head? I really want to meet Eve now and hear her side of the story, although I doubt that's gonna happen.

    I don't forgive easily (as I'm sure you can see), but I do admire his determination to be with Topaz. He could have easily left and forgotten all about her and Z, but he didn't and that's laudable. I'm very eager to see how it all plays out! =)

    I think Prim's daughters are cute! And Cruz's shirt is hilarious. I dare say that the painted on overalls t-shirt suits him? Hehe, I approve.

    As for your pictures, I personally like big pictures, and if you adjust your width dimensions it doesn't break the blog layout at all. But, I do have a fast internet connection, so I'm not sure if larger pics would slow down loading times for those with dial up or whatever. However, I definitely don't think that they are too small right now. Not at all. =)

    Great update! (And sorry I wrote so much!)

    1. I like long comments. : ) It means I've hit you with some strong thoughts and/or feelings and that's what I strive for as a writer.

      I swear I TRIED changing Casey's clothes, but the rockstar outfit just suits him! Everything else looks lame on him! We most likely won't be hearing from Eve, even though Heaven still has her available if I want her.

      Cruz is a cutie pie. : ) Shame he's also a dummy.

  5. Unless it's something you can easily change that WOULDN'T break the blog layout, the pics are fine.

    Ahhh Casey. A dark tattoed troubled man with a history.
    Topaz is in trouble, maybe the good kind if Zahara is right. Out of the mouths of babes.


    had to delete my 1st comment....need more coffee, lol

    1. I think I'll try one chapter with extra large photos and see how that goes. And decide which size I want after.

      Babies are very observant creatures. : ) They see what we don't.

  6. I like your pictures, but I'll be equally happy if you want to make them bigger.

    As for Casey, he still should have told Topaz about Eve before he set about making her fall in love with him, it was wrong of him not to. *If* he's telling the truth about Eve I do feel kind of sorry for him, but currently I don't feel any particular inclination to just take him at his word. Oh and I don't think Topaz was unnecessarily rude to him, I think he thoroughly deserved her response!

    1. Topaz probably could have been ruder, but it isn't in her nature to say something rude without feeling bad about it later, even when she's in the right.

      As far as I know (as the all knowing Watcher), Casey was telling the full truth as he knows it.

  7. Hmm, wondering whats going to happen with Topaz and Casey, I'm not sure Casey is telling the truth, but I do think they love each other, but Topaz doesn't know it yet. Funny that Zahara does though ;)

    Happy for Prim. She deserves to be in her daughters lives :)

    1. We shall see what we shall see. The roll kind of screwed me over this generation, but I could always pull a switch-a-roo or something. *Shrug*

      The roll means nothing! WAHAHA!

  8. Iris sounds like she's going to be a handful! :)

    As for Casey, hopefully he has learned his lesson, but I guess time will tell. Topaz is smart to take it slow---make sure he's for real this time. :)

    I personally like larger pics, but with that said, since the pics you take are *close*, I've never really noticed the pic size too much.